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tModLoader Consolaria


This looks super cool! I've yet to try it, but the idea of reimplementing and redoing the console exclusives rather than just cutting them out is great.
However. There is one major sin in its design judging by the main page...

I see no mention anywhere of the single most important console exclusive:

That is all.
Nah but really great work!


The mythical wyvern keeps on spawning in random places such as the dungeon for no reason, at least for me.
Yeah, I also posted about that; no fix so far. I had to disable the mod because it would swarm me pretty often while managing my inventory at home, pretty far down from space. It even spawns on the underworld, and then proceeds to flee immediately since wyverns hate being below the surface. XD


1.0.5 update is out on Mod Browser!

- fixed Mythical Wyvern spawning everywhere but the place where it should spawn (lmao)
- added the Horned God set from Console version, requested by many of you! It can be bought from the Travelling Merchant in Hardmode.



Skeletron Prime
Is not being able to put the Mechanical Eye and Mechanical Skull in the Guide Crafting Box a bug? Or is there another way to make the Suspicious Looking Skull?

EDIT: Sorry, I found out the new recipe for Ocram.
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Hey again guys, are you planning on adding in the Japanese console items? This includes the white thread, Shiren set, Monokuma set, Monomi set, and Toro set. If so, that'd be awesome!
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