CC Creation Compendium #54

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    Hard doesn't mean impossible. :)
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  2. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    Thanks for the support you guys... You're the best!;(:D(tears of joy)
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  3. shobiwan77

    shobiwan77 King Slime

    @ComixTheNoob definitely deserved first place for the logo competition. As soon as I saw his entry I knew he had it. Congrats to you as well @CheesyPaninie, I loved the detail on yours. As for the compendium entries, there were many good ones this month, but I especially like the builds done by @BlueJay_T_Gaming and @Alliostra.
  4. Chiron Maximus

    Chiron Maximus Terrarian

    OK, how do I enter one of these? Is there a chat to read, rules to follow, or something? What do I do?
  5. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Rules and FAQ are in the main post
  6. Chiron Maximus

    Chiron Maximus Terrarian

    Where do I find it, since this is really my first time chatting and wanting to join this Compendium?
  7. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    In the main post!
  8. Chiron Maximus

    Chiron Maximus Terrarian

    ....Right. Got it.
  9. The Owl

    The Owl Terrarian

    Would a bunch of squares have a chance? It woukd be my best with respects to 'art' in terraria.
  10. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    All entries are accepted, as long as they follow the rules!
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  11. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    People thought the artwork of Piet Mondian was also just a bunch of squares.
  12. Wonder_Truffle

    Wonder_Truffle Steampunker

    Good job everyone!!! Congratz to winners!
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  13. rediniowa5

    rediniowa5 Cultist

    Congrats to everyone who won and entered!
  14. Tyrax Lightning

    Tyrax Lightning Terrarian

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