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CC Creation Compendium #82


Skeletron Prime
The master mode pet

Planero/ mud bud comes from zoologist after defeating Plantera

also mud bud is Reds favorite pet

DV Game

Hey Loki any reason why spazmatizm Optic staff doesn't breath fire o_O
just live with it. no one knows (except for developers) why optic staff spaz doesn't shoot cursed flame projectile. and... just. live. with. it.



someone that is bunny

Eater of Worlds
It's amazing to see how creative the community can get with their work! Whether it's in game art or fanart, I think the community does an amazing job with their work.
Like damn, that Dreadnautilus was cool

I wish I had the patience and time to do something like that :D
It really is amazing, j could never do this stuff
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