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The Destroyer
Welcome to the page for my mod,

This mod adds a new biome, the crystal biome, packed with fun goodies.
At 104 items, it is fairly big

Want to report bugs directly, ask about the mod, talk to the devs, or anything like that? Click below.

There once were 2 great powers that ruled the land, light, and dark. They lived in peace, until war broke out. Ancient creatures battled and fought, leaving only death.
The war raged on, until eventually, a dark being ventured, to trap the light inside an ancient beast.
When they succeeded, a great power burst out of where the light was, merging with the dark, forming magic crystals, that grew over the land, destroying what little remained of the light.

The souls of light and dark binded, and the great power was kept in a pool.
Millions of years pass, and because yin cannot live without yang, the dark dwindled into horrible, weak mutations, unable to think.
he crystals, however, grew underground, and became more powerful. Desiring to keep its current power, it locks the rest of the underground off.
These ancient crystals, overtime, attracted beings from the undergrounds. They drank from the pool, and lost their mind for power. They formed a tribe underground, spreading the fortune of the shining caves.
Realizing that the pool was going out of balance, favoring the light, the king of the tribe decided to sacrafice his soul to create an infinitely flowing fountain to keep the forces in balance.
Eventually, a man arrives in the world. A brave warrior he was, he set on a quest to defeat the dark forces, and slay the horrible beast that trapped the light.
Little did he know, however, that slaying the beast would only be the beginning of his journey

Dev team:
Graydee.png Graydee (Designer, coder)
SchmoIcon.png Some Schmo (Spriter)
Movildima.png Movildima (Coder)
Zygonic.png Zygonic(Spriter)
@thegamemaster1234 (coder)
Basic introduction:
As said above, the main focus of this mod is on the all new crystal biome
I noticed there weren't very many biome mods, so I decided to try one myself.

The mod has:
- 92 new items
- 8 new tiles
- 8 new NPCs
- 1 new biome

Capture 2016-06-03 10_19_30.png

Capture 2016-06-10 22_11_13.png

Update 6/10 - Added new lighting
Capture 2016-06-18 10_06_18.png

Update 6/18 - Added fountain in center.
Capture 2016-06-21 13_49_44.png

Update 6/21 - Improved textures and added radiant ore.
Capture 2016-07-24 08_02_10.png

Update 7/24 - Added trees and overhauled backround

Content (some of it):

Crystal spear. 1 shining crystal and 1 wood makes 5. Launches similar to javelin.

Crystishae. Dropped by crystal mimics. Launches in groups of 3.

Callandor. Dropped by crystal king. Arkhalis upgrade.

Crystilium Blade. Made with Crystilium. Launches crystal embers

Quartz spear. Inflicts a dangerous spreading debuff
Crystal edge. Found in crystal chests. Creates sharp crystals while being swung, that fall on enemies
Geode. Found in crystal chests. Low damage, but creates deadly crystals after a few impacts.
Prism Blade.png
Prism blade. Does very high damage, but consumes life.

Solar crystal sickle. Crafted with solar fragments and Crystilium. Launches 3 ever-slowing solar crystals.
Slamborite. Launches gems out.
Shining trigger.png
Shining trigger. Launches bullets with VERY high damage, but low velocity

Gemshot. Dropped by hardmode crystal mimics. Shoots 3 arrows that explode into crystals on impact
Crystilium bow. Just launches arrows (up for change)
G.E.M. (or geological extermination mechanism). Dropped by hardmode crystal mimics. Uses gemstones are ammo, each with different speeds, damage, and pierce.
Shining trigger.png
Shining Trigger. Dropped by Crystal King. Shoots slow moving, high damage bullets
Shimmer. Shoots out a burst of bullets in quick succession.

Sharpshot. Launches out crystals on use

Royal shredder. Drop from crystal king. Shoots out crystals like a mini-gun

Prismatic boomstick. Launches out a burst of bouncy prismatic bolts.

Crystilium Sceptor. Launches crystal bolts.
Crystal staff. Launches A giant crystal that explodes into shards.
Glowstrike. Found in crystal chests. Launches a mana stealing fireball.
Mana drainer. Launches a bolt that gives back 15 mana, but costs 10.


Enchanted gem staves!
EnchantedAmberStaff.png EnchantedAmethystStaff.png EnchantedDiamondStaff.png EnchantedEmeraldStaff.png EnchantedRubyStaff.png EnchantedSapphireStaff.png EnchantedTopazStaff.png
Each one has a different special ability. Crafted with 10 radiant prisms, 15 shining crystals, and the original staff, these staffs are very unique.

Enchanted gem staff. Crafted with all of the enchanted gem staves. Launches quick crystal fire at random speeds in quick succession.


TRUE gem staves. Crafted with enchanted gem staff, broken archmage staff, and Crystilium. Again, all have unique effects, that combine into...
Terra staff.
Dustbreak potion. Crits do 20% more damage.

Throwing potion. +10% throwing damage
Twilight potion. +7% damage at night
Crystal potion. Continuously drop dangerous crystals

Dragon potion. Gives you x5 damage for a few seconds, but costs life.

Crystal monocle. Dropped by crystal mimic. +10% magic and ranged damage.
Shining gemstone. Dropped by crystal dwellers. Material.

AmberRing.png AmethystRing.png EmeraldRing.png RubyRing.png SapphireRing.png TopazRing.png
Gem rings!
Crafted with metal and gems, these rings all have unique abilities, and are good early game accessories.
Also, diamond ring is now craftale, and worth a lot less (sorry!) and gives its own ability.
Elemental.gif CrystalArcher.png CrystalSlime.png CrystalZombie.png
Meet a few of the prehardmode crystal monsters. All of them drop shining crystals.


Meet a few of the hardmode crystal monsters.
The crystal mimic spawns post mech, and can drop the following:
Crystishae.png Gemshot.png Prism Blade.png GEM.png ManaDrainer.png CrystalMonocle.png QuartzBlade.png DiamondSceptor.png
Kingwave.png Slasher.png
I have awoken. Who has broken the ancient barrier between light and dark? Who let this chaos happen?! They will pay.
Meet the crystal king. Summoned at the fountain with the cryptic crystal. Spawns crystal cultists, and throws shimmering waves and crystal swords at you.
It's one hell of a fight, but totally worth it for the powerful drops.
Possible drops:
Shining trigger.png Shining trigger. Launches bullets with VERY high damage, but low velocity
Slamborite.png Slamborite. Constantly throws out damaging gemstones.
Shimmer.png Shimmer. Shotgun that sprays bullets fairly rapidly
Callandor.png Callandor. Arkhalis upgrade.
QuartzSpear.png Quartz spear. Spreads a debuff that makes enemies create crystals that do damage and spread the debuff.
Crystal wings. Drops crystals.
And a secret expert item

Also drops 10 - 15 Crystilium, which can be used to craft the following:



How do I get the key to open the crystal chests?
Crafted with golden key and 5 shining gemstones

How do I obtain the cryptic crystal?
Crafted with ectoplasm, crystal shards, and enchanted geodes.

I noticed a bug about this mod. How can I make sure it gets fixed?
Leave a comment, or for even higher chance, Private Message me about it.

What is an RPC?
Rocket propelled crystal, sold by the cyborg if you have a shatterrocket

When am I supposed to fight the crystal king?
You're technically susposed to fight him around duke fishron tier.

Special thanks:
Darkpuppey, pie57, TrueWyvern, Vox, and Ech0, for making some sprites
ColinAV516 for helping with crystal king fight
Grand python and willsm for AMAZING crystal king sprite.
Jenosis, for updating the mod to 0.9 tmodloader.
Phoenixblade for some sprites
LordCakeSpy, for amazing piece of music
Jopojelly, pie75, Alienmist, gorateron, and other members of the tModLoader discord for helping me with code
EchoNex for helping with sprites and this forum.
Hiccup251, for lettng me use his vortex ring code.
and, of course, the TmodLoader team, for making such a great mod.

Have fun!

Version history
9/13 - 1.1 Content and balancing update
Added crystalwood furniture
Significantly nerfed all crystal monsters
Completely Redid crystal king fight
Added crystalwood furniture
Added new recipe for crystal key (5 shining gemstones + golden key)

Added crystal king trophy and mask
Added 3 new ranger weapons
Added dust to crystal elemental
Buffed crystal chest look
Nerfed gemshot
Buffed prism blade
Increased size of hole around crystal fountain
Made crystal zombie shoot out crystals
Made crystal golem dropped enchanted geodes
Added bootleg fountain, crafted with radiant prisms and shiny gemstones. Placable, and looks like a fountain, but doesnt have the effects (regen, crystal water bottle, etc)
Updated to 1.3.3
Other random balance and polish tweaks

8/12 - 1.0.4 Balancing update
Significantly decreased biomes per world
Significantly decreased crystal elemental teleporting.

8/2 - 1.0.2 Hotfix update
-Fixed incompatibility with prefixes for enemies
-Fixed various grammar issues
-Fixed shatterrocket damage
-Added new sprite for crystal archer
-Buffed shining trigger
-Significant buff to crystal king (Not a small buff, shoudl be significantly less predictable now)
-Nerfed geode monster (should fix lag issues some people were getting)
-Buffed cryst
-Fixed crystal king in expert mode (Tell me if for whatever reason it's not fixed)
-Nerfed geode monster
-Decreased spawn rates in crystal biome.

7/26 - 1.01. Hotfix update
-Reduced filesize drastically (from 30MB to less than 8.)
-Made both the boss music and biome music quiter
-Fixed hit and kill sounds for all monsters (now shut up about it lol)
-Reduced geode hamaxe axe power drastically
-Enchanted ruby projectile now creates death particles
-Crystoshet is now a throwing item
-Shatterrocket and Crystilium bow now autofire.
-Crystal grenade now makes appropriate sound on explosion
-Vortex gauntlet has better sound effects
-Enchanted leaf now spins in the air
-Glowstrike steals more mana now
-Crystal king now drops greater healing potions
-Crystal spear now makes correct particles
-Buffed crystal king drastically

7/25 - 1.0 First version

Plans for the future:
Some of our plans for the future include
-More loot from geodes
-Loot from enchanted geodes
-Prism set
-More summoning items

Thanks for checking out my mod. I hope you enjoy it!
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As said above, it looks very promising. I wonder where it will lead and what mobs/structures(/Bosses ?) will be into the mod when it gets released.
I like what I see so far :)
As said above, it looks very promising. I wonder where it will lead and what mobs/structures(/Bosses ?) will be into the mod when it gets released.
I like what I see so far :)
Thanks! I might make 1 or 2 crystal bosses ;)
I also helped you a little bit, and I really like all of those weapons! They do some very cool things! Me approves
New biome update! I added a fountain to the center.
I also noticed the light changes which remind me a bit about the crystals in the hallowed biome.
I wonder how the biome would look if you added a little bit of green to the blue crystal lights (to look a bit like the background color) and getting the pink ones to be a bit more purple-ish, a bit like the armor of the skeleton or the chest.
About the fountain, while its ends are made of crystal why does its "body" seem to be made out of normal stone and not out of what we mainly see around (is the material's name Crystalstone :)) ?

What I suggest is only my opinion so it's entirely up to you to decide.
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