Drawings & Paintings Curly (Fry)'s Artworks!!

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    Hiya! Old time member here starting over with a new life! When I first began here, I could probably barely be considered an artist... but over time I've improved, and here I am now! Check out my works!!

    Katamari Damacy parody ft. my OC's

    A very fluffy prince of the dark

    Nya! I'm a not-so-sour lemon!!

    This is just a small sampling of my works, but a more complete gallery of my art can be found here!!

    Maybe I'll take requests sometime if people like my stuff... maybe...
    But for now, I hope you enjoy what you see! Feel free to give me constructive criticism as I am well aware my art is in dire need of improvement!!
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    This is some good stuff! I’m really happy that you managed to put on a whole new attitude that’s way different from years ago!
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