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Drawings & Paintings Milt69466's Fan art and stuff


A new year, a new Helena!

Now with more clothes, less armor, and new fancy hammer.

Basically this kinda goes with my realization that my characters...don't really go together too well together. We had very fantasy based designs with Helena and her sister Yun, more "steampunky" designs like Proto, and then highly sci-fi routed designs with Seth and the androids.

This kinda had to do with Terraria being Terraria, but I've moved pretty far away from pure Terraria. As such, kinda wanted my characters to look like they came from a similar universe :v

More will most likely follow and I'm open to ideas.


The Destroyer
Reminds me of some of the older Fire Emblem armors on female characters. Back from when they got actual armors :v. Anyway, I have a general rule of thumb, either more armor or putting armor with some nice clothes for style. You did the latter pretty well, even tho you could spare less armor near the hip and more on thighs, but I guess you wanted people to see what's she wearing.
In short: gr8 design m8.


Update time!

Revamped Seth, the good ole guy that I...rarely draw :u

And a "new addition" Takane! One of my older ocs, coming before Helena actually, and she's finally seeing the light of day again :y

And last but not least, the first gift wave of smols is done :3


mr e

The Destroyer
I'm surprised I never checked this (big) art thread... and I'm glad I finally did. These are amazing, and any talented pencil artist will get my support. +1 follower
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