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  • New NPC's

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=FFR= Osiris

The Destroyer
Decimation, mod title.png

Hello Fellow Terrarians! Welcome to The Decimation Mod!
This mod is currently unavailable and is indev


Home to the protector of the earths sealed core, built on dead earth, a material to be used for the cursed marrow furniture set
Defeating the lord of this molten shrine could greatly upset the balance of the underworld...
[This is currently accessible right after moon lord has been slain, but is planned to take place after the decimator is slain]
Arachnus is the gaurdian of the earths sealed core, created by Ra to protect the world from the Kightmare trapped within
Arachnus has two forms, Regular, And Enraged
Arachnus becomes enraged if the player attempts to cheese the fight by hiding behind walls or trapping the boss within a box.
When enraged: Speed increases, attack increases, defense increases Boss gains the ability to move through solid blocks, and the boss begins to emit solar energy which will singe the player on touch
The boss is summoned with the Molten Arachnid's Charm in the Shrine of the molten one
The molten arachnids charm is crafted with 3 solar fragments and 5 thermoplasm at a titan forge

-Molten arachnids charm
-Glaive weaver
-Chain stynger

The Bloodshot Eye

The Bloodshot eye is a boss encountered during a blood moon after the player has killed 3 Necro casters
(a semi-rare bloodmoon enemy). Alternatively the eye can be summoned at night using a bloodied maw.
- Bloodied essence:
Drops in high quantitites from the boss
-Bloodied maw:
Crafted with 10 bloodied essence and 1 lense at a demon altar, Summons the bloodshot eye
-Vampiric Shiv:
Acts as a shorsword. Low damage, but has a chance to steal life.
Turns arrows into siphon arrows, which pierce up to one enemy, and have a chance to steal life.
-Blood Stream:
Creates a short-ranged stream of blood, similarly to a flamethrower. Consumes mana.
-Necrosis Stone:
Expert Item. While equipped, respawn time is decreased by 50%. "This stone breathes life into once-deceased creatures"
-Treasure bag:
Guaranteed to drop a necrosis stone, and 35-50 bloodied essence

{anything listed as planned will be in first or second public release of the mod}
Current biomes/structures planned: Kight, Sky Dungeon, Dwarven city
Current biomes/structures implemented: Shrine of the molten one

Current bosses implemented: Arachnus, Bloodshot Eye
Current bosses/minibosses/events planned: Ancient dune worm, Eagle king, Ophiuchu, Kightmare, Haunted automaton, mask of insanity, Terror Bird, Durikotir The Old King

Furniture sets planned: Cursed marrow furniture, Blighted furniture, Dwarven furniture
Implemented furniture/crafting stations: Titan forge, enchanted anvil, chlorophyte anvil

Current potions implemented Commander potion, Enchanted mushroom, Warlock potion

planned armor sets: Multigrain, greatwood, titanite, Solar pharoah, Solar Scarab, vortex eye, nebular spider, stardust wasp, titanite

[the following bosses will be in the final version of the game]
Dimensional Spill
Durikotir, The Old King
Blighted Automaton
The Mask of Insanity
The Decimator/The Masticator
omnicious eye
iron curtain
skeletron maximus
The Heart of Cthulhu
The prince
Aquaila, The Eagle King
The celestial cultists
The Devistator of reality
(possibly)another lovecraftian diety instead of cthulhu

King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
Bloodshot Eye
Queen Bee
Durikotir, The Old King
Wall of Flesh
Ancient Dune Worm
Heart of Cthulhu
The Destroyer
The Twins
Skeletron Prime
Duke Fishron
The Prince
The Iron Curtain
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord
Mask of Insanity
Aquaila, The Eagle King
The Decimator
The Omnicious Eye
Skeletron Maximus
Blighted Automaton
The Celestial Cultists
The Devistator of Reality
Cthulhu (maybe, or another lovecraftian diety)
Dimensional Spill

Sky dungeon enemy variants: Hawlker(Similar to a harpy), Terror Bird(miniboss), Talonian ghost(similar to chaos elemental), Crazed Talonian(similar to a lihzard)

Talonian Citadel block types: Talonian Brick, Talonian Pillar, Tallonian brick wall

Dwarven Stronghold enemy variants: Undead dwarf, Durikotir(boss), Dwarven spider(like skyrim), Goblin spectre(ghost of a goblin caster)
Hardmode: Dwarven royal guard, dwarven scorpion(upgraded spider essentially)

Dwarven city blocks/ore: Denzium ore, Denzium wall, Dark stone, Dark stone brick, Dark stone wall, dwarven metal(like skyrim)

Upon defeating the Decimator/Masticator:

The Plague doctor (sprite to be remade)


What they sell

Always: ironskin, Featherfalling, antidote, thorns, crate, fishing, and battle potion (if the player owns the overdose or blutasauger: also sells needles)

On blood moon: Plague doctor vanity set and strange brew

On eclipse: The overdose (1 platinum) and the Uber saw (2 platinum)


"I hear in the underworld theres an infectious disease that spreads to earth rather than creatures much like the corruption. Oh what i would give to Sel- i-i mean 'study' it!"

"NEW: Venom antidote! Now with lead! 1 platinum each!"

"A lead ore per day keeps the plague doctor away"

"This potions got crushed up feathers in it, i swear it makes you light as a feather if you can chug it all in one go!"

On blood moon

"Come over here! i promise i will cure you!..."

"The Healing is not as rewarding as the hurting"

"Would you like a second opinion? You are also ugly!"

Upon defeating: the mask of insanity:


The Bird man
Sir Hootsalot
Hawk Hogan

What they sell

Always: All feathers and souls of flight

On blood moon: Sells broken wings and hawlker staff

On eclipse: sells birdman summoner set and shockmaster mask"


"I dont care what these lyrics say! not all birds are free and they can certainly be chained!"

"Got any seed or millet? being held prisoner like that can make a bird hungry"

"I dont think ill be flying anytime soon, that flight to this village was way more than i cared to bargain for"

On blood moon

"As long as theres no ducks out there were safe. T-there aren't any ducks right?...RIGHT!?"

"My gizzard doesen't feel so good"

"Youre really ruffling my feathers right now, you do realize not all birds are nocturnal right?"

Creator: =FFR= Osiris
Coder: Fyloz
Musician: Serial Dreemurr
Tester: UltimateKing
Tester: DR. Fork


Hello Fellow Terrarians! Welcome to The Decimation Mod!

Thanks to all the help and attention this mod has been getting, we expect to enter the testing phase relatively soon! (within a month or so at the least)
Currently we need only spriters skilled with large boss sprites, and coders

I have been given permission to use some of Blake Robinson's wonderfully orchestrated music in my mod, this will go into the new bosses mostly but i may use 1 or 2 tracks for a biome or event

I have also been given permission to use Eris Falling's remixes, please check out both of their channels, they makes some nice remixes

An Otherworldly voice whispers:
"You feel an evil presence watching you.....Thats where it always starts isnt it? No matter what dimension we veiw you in the first thing that really begins your descent into madness is that wretched wandering eye of the ancient one...Who are we? That is none of your concern, your bloodlust has grown to such a height that any challenge you find or build, you will take no matter the cost. No matter who has to and your wretched "Guide"....He urges you to kill the guardians of time and space, He convinces you to strike down the guardian of the underworld to let loose the spirits of old, You kill everything we try to stop you with, and NOTHING.....nothing, is sacred to you......after slaying our beloved heart of the jungle, killing the innocent denizens of the temple and slaying their golem, their protector, THEIR still seek have even gone as far as constructing twisted metallic mockeries of our noble guardians, in your blind quest for glory your sheer hatred for the living corrupts even the underworld itself! have slain the ancient ones brother, for that we cannot forgive will know monster..."


Many thousands of years ago in Terraria, Ra ruled the land, the people he created gave sacrifices to him, prayed to him for good fortune, and centered their lifestyle around him.
One day however, one man dared to defy Ra. He began the Euclidian Cult and devoted himself to Cthulhu, Lord of R'yleh. Ra soon discovered that the goal of this mysterious man was to unleash Cthulhu's wrath upon his peaceful world, Wreaking havoc upon his beloved people. Ra selected the best of his men to acquire the Euclidium tablet from the cult, the centerpiece of the cults worship. Upon it being taken from the cult, Cthulhu's rage grew, he breached the dimensional barrier and attacked the land, its people, and the innocent creatures. He corrupted areas that were once lush forest, he painted some of the world red with the blood of its denizens Crushing the peaceful giants into extinction. His corruptive power even effected the underworld, creating the dreaded Kight. Ra assembled his best men and his strongest creations to defeat Cthulhu. The battle went on for decades but Ra had triumphed. Cthulhu's corpse was thrown back through the dimensional barrier to R'yleh. The dimensional barrier sealed, Ra Created Monstrous beasts to protect both the barrier and his people, he created a monstrous worm to protect the orbs of coalesced, unreleased darkness within the corruption. He trapped the Kight within the earths core and Created Arachnis to keep it trapped within. He trapped the souls of the corruption and hallow within the underworld, as for the man who was responsible, he was cursed to forever guard the souls against his own will, he was given a disgusting monstrous form and was from then on known only as "The Wall of Flesh". However Ra's precious world had been given unrepairable damage. The bird men ravaged by a horrible machine conceived within the kight, some blood encrusted forests and caves forever marked with Cthulhu's wrath. Others forever cursed with the vile Corruption.

The few members of the Euclidian Cult able to evade Ra's Wrath formed the lunar cult to pray to the mighty moon lord, their leader driven insane after seeing Cthulhu for himself, allowed none of them to pledge loyalty to Ra, he killed anyone who dared to defy the moon lords will. They crafted a lunar tablet out of Meteorite and what small reserves of Euclidium they had left. Exiled to the dungeon, they created Skeletron with remains of a giant slain in the Crimson, and cursed an adventurer to guard the dungeons entrance for all eternity. Thousands of years passed and one by one each cultist lost their mind. Eager to appease their god they became machine-like in prayer to the lunar tablet

After the defeat of Cthulhu, Ra sensed something coming from beyond the barrier. Cthulhu was reviving himself. Ra couldnt be sure of it but he did the only thing he could do to avoid another catastrophe, he gathered 4 of his most loyal men and granted them immunity from aging, disease, and starvation, he blessed them with the 4 universal powers of the cosmos, Solar, Nebular, Stardust, and Vortex. He brought them to the once glorious sky dungeon and gave them one task: to pray to the Euclidium tablet to appease the vengeful spirit of Cthulhu, he hid them behind a veil of magic and protected it with the help of the Omnicious eye, Anubis, and the Sea Lord. Should 3 guardians fall the barrier will reveal the Cultists, of this plan Ra told noone and he made sure his allies wouldnt speak of it either by granting each of them a gift, to The Omnicious Eye he gave a brother, Ichorus. To the sea lord he gave full reign of the worlds oceans. And to Anubis he gave a magical Dune worm as well as control of the deserts

The Kightmare was not the only horror left in Cthulhu's wake. While the goblins and dwarves dominated the underworld, something else rested dormant. In a nearby dimension, there was a universe shrouded entirely in darkness. The scriptures of goblin sorcerers named this place the void. In this abyss, demons and souls of damned spirits swarmed, while an ominous presence slept in its center. When the dwarven war shook the earth, this presence began to stir. Years after Cthulhu's banishment, and while humanity scraped by in the ruins of the past, a darkness fell over the world. Finally, a rift in the underworld opened, and its presence awoke from it. A creature of unfathomable length tore a hole into the universe, and ravaged the underworld, leaving nothing but ash and fire in its wake, while the demons from its dimension swarmed out of the portal, turning the subterranean ruins into their feeding grounds. The creature began consuming the many suns of the galaxy, gorging itself with might of the celestial bodies, and assimilating a fiery metallic hide. It had quickly become the only thing that Ra feared, besides the elder being that was sealed away years ago. Ra knew that engaging the beast would leave irreparable destruction in its wake, so he instead shrouded the universe from its gaze, hoping that it would find other, lifeless dimensions to consume. Taking precautions, Ra created a guardian within the temple of the Lihzahrds, where it would protect the relics of the beast from falling into the wrong hands. If the beast were to consume these artifacts, it would be nourished with unfathomable power, enough to destroy reality itself. If only an unwary adventurer knew what they were unleashing...

When Cthulhu was slain, Ra reanimated his heart, and his brain to keep watch over the Crimson, he reanimated one of Cthulhu's eyes aswel to keep watch over the peaceful people of his planet, and to crush anyone who dared to defy him
The Eye of Cthulhu, one of Cthulhu's Organs, was been revived by Ra with the intention to take care of the peaceful people of his planet. But one day, a defiant "Hero" came and defeated the Eye. Ra found the eye's rotting corpse and decided to give it the breath of life once more. The Mangled, Bloodshot Eye was horrificly disfigured, but it was alive. Now, he had not only to protect the planet, but to defeat the one which defeated him.

Centuries ago, before the underworld was a fiery prison for the damned, two races dominated the deepest parts of the Earth: the furtive, witty goblins, and the once-grand dwarves. The two races were strong allies, and devoted followers of Ra, constructing great machines in the likes of the deity's creations. They relied on each other for machines and traded materials, and were heavily recognized by the humans that walked the surface. Overtime, however, their relations began to break down. The goblins, having discovered the arts of magic, saw less need for the hardware of the dwarven race. Having less of an income of ore from the goblin miners, the dwarven race lost the splendor that it once had. One night, however, this relationship finally snapped. Having been denied the hand of the dwarven king's daughter in marriage, the prince of the goblins was furious. Assassins breached the dwarven kingdom, and the king's throat was slashed. A war erupted, and the clash between the two forces was enough to make the underground tremble. Months later, the dwarves emerged victorious. Any remaining goblins were banished to the surface, where they left the island, building strongholds in far-away lands. There, they slaughtered anyone not of goblin origin, and shunned those of their race who created contraptions as the dwarves did. Though the dwarves rejoiced in their victory, they were unaware. Having exiled the goblin scouts, they received no news of the impending danger.
The next few days marked the beginning of Cthulhu's invasion. The great machines of the dwarves could barely keep the creature at bay, before Cthulhu twisted and corrupted them with vile sorceries, making them turn against their creators. Armed with only weak explosives, the dwarves were annihilated, only a few having retreated to the surface, where they wander aimlessly, looking for foragers to sell their wares to. The desolate kingdom was overtaken by the corrosive magic, inhabited only by possessed machines. These contraptions built more of themselves out of the corroded kingdom, while the city itself seemed to become self-aware, destroying any living being that attempted to come near it. This mechanical amalgam became known as the Kightmare, a blight among machines. Soon after, a group of its drones discovered the sky temple, where the Talonians resided. Seeing them as a threat, given their advanced technology, the construct escaped the underworld, and traveled to the temple. Ra, being in conflict with Cthulhu himself, was unable to aid his worshippers. From there, the massacre began. The warriors of the Talonian race defended the temple, while the more intelligent ones were sheltered within. Those who suffered a quick death were the lucky ones, and one by one, the numbers of the legion fell. Inside the temple, the other Talonians worked furiously, attempting to find a way to stop the machine. They began to build a construct of their own, which they hoped would be strong enough to combat the terror. They ran out of time, as the Kightmare had breached the temple, slaughtering the last of the race, all except one, who had survived the machine's wrath. Overtime, the corroded kingdom grew dormant in the underworld. But should the desecrated temple ever shine again, it would waste no time in finishing what it started...

Current items (Note: Sprites are not all final versions):

SOULS/Concentrated souls
Soul of life (Dropped by plantera) - "The essence of organic beings"
Soul of Time (Dropped by the Ancient Dune worm) - "The essence of Existence"
Soul of Spite (Dropped by the slime prince/queen) - "The essence of hatred"
Soul of kight (Dropped from Kightmare) - "The essence of the soulless"
Imported piskel (25).gif
Soul of Nycrite (Dropped by Skeletron Maximus) - "The essence of the Undead"
Terra Soul (Crafted with 5 souls of Life,Light,Sight,Time, and MIght) - "The essence of the earth"
Fallen Soul.gif
Fallen soul (Crafted with 5 Souls of Kight, Night, Fright, Spite, and Time) - "The essence of the damned"

Concentrated souls- these are comprised of 50 of their respective souls, they can only be obtained via crafting at an Occultic Shrine, or a rare drop from the boss listed next to it

Concentrated Fright(Dropped by Count Dracula)
Concentrated Might(Dropped by the Decimator)
Concentrated Sight(Dropped by the Omnicious Eye)
Concentrated Spite(Dropped by the prince)
Concentrated Night(Craft Only)
Concentrated Light(Craft Only)
Concentrated Flight(Craft Only)

Concentrated Kight(Dropped by Kightmare)

Wasp wings- dropped by the wasp queen

(Additional flaps based on an addition to the previous max flight of late hardmode wings for minion stats: see misc/pets)
+4 flaps
+moss hornet minion
+immunity to poison
+permanent poison flask effect

Crimerax wings- dropped by Crimerax

+4 flaps
+arch creeper minion, summons two additional if user avoids damage similar to beatles
+4% all Dmg, speed, and crit
+immunity to ichor
+ increased maneuverability in water

Euclidian wings- Dropped by Cthulhu

+4 flaps
+14% ranged dmg
+small chance to dodge attacks
+mini EoC minion

Blinding wings of Light- Dropped by Ra

+5 flaps
+15% melee dmg
+1 defense
+Grants inferno buff if user is at half hp
+creates light when flying similar to fairy wings

Bloodied Bewitcher - Grants "Demonically Bewitched"
(Crafted with bewitching table,an imbuing station, 99 ichor ,and 15 souls of night)

Slime Pool - Grants "Slimy feet"
(Crafted with 100 gel, a bucket of honey, 10 pink gel, and royal jelly)

Mystic Flame - Has better hp regen than camp fire, also regens mana slightly and grants a 5% speed increase
(Crafted with 1 camp fire, 5 demon torches, 5 souls of might, and 5 fallen stars)

Marksman's ammo box - grants a 35% chance not to consume ammo,and
a 5% increase to ranged velocity damage and crit chance (Does NOT stack with ammo box)
(Crafted with 2 ammo boxes, 1 endless quiver, 1 endless musket pouch, 5 lenses, 1 hawkeye potion, 15 souls of sight, and 15 souls of time)

Mage crystal - Increases magic damage and crit chance by 10%, increases max mana by 20, and increases mana regen rate
(Crafted with 1 crystal ball, 1 large diamond, 1 skull, 15 souls of light,time,sight, and fright, and a mana crystal)

Crafting Stations/Altars
Enchanted Anvil.png
Enchanted anvil
Crafted with: 1 mythril/Orchalicum anvil, 1 iron/lead anvil, 5 souls of life, night, and might at a adamantite forge
+Emits a faint glow
+Grants a slight hp and mana regen boost
+Higher chance to craft items with better prefixes
tooltip: "Fate smiles upon you."

Chlorophyte anvil
Crafted with: 1 enchanted anvil, 5 chlorophyte bars, 5 vines, 16 jungle spores, 5 souls of sight, life, time, and flight at a adamantite forge
+provides a greater hp
regen boost
+increases move/melee speed by 15%

Titan Forge
Crafted with: 1 adamantite/titanium forge, 1 autohammer, 1 titan glove, 1 bucket of lava, 5 souls of might, fright, sight, spite, and flight at a chlorophyte anvil

Terranium autohammer

Crafted with: 1 Chlorophyte anvil, 1 autohammer, 1 pwn hammer, 15 denzium, 15 souls of life, 15 terra souls, 16 spectral bars and 20 chlorophyte bars at a titan forge
+minor increase to all stats when within range

The Hawlker Altar
Used to craft some sky dungeon loot items, also used for summoning the eagle king

Skyware altar- used to summon the skyware golem

Pseudo Demon altar- Crafts demon altar items, also has unique recipies

Kiln-Furnace- Capable of crafting kiln and furnace items

Hell's Oven-capable of crafting hellstone furnace items and kiln items

Furnace of Aku- crafts adamantite forge items/kiln items
Tooltip:"Gotta get back, Back to the past..."

Alchemists shrine- used to transform ores/bars/plants via equivalent exchange

Master Alchemists Shrine- Used for creating hardmode ores/bars and more via equivalent exchange

Occultic Shrine- used to convert a wide array of items via equivalent exchange

Reclaimer- converts armor/tools/weapons/bricks back into their equivalent ore

Armor/weapon enhancement stations:

Casting station- creates molds of wooden equipment/ uses molds to create Rough armor/weapons/tools

Refinery- Smoothes out rough items, refined items are red hot and damage its user

Cooling Station- finishes the refinement process, adds stat boosters to items and removes the damaging effects of red hot items

Via alchemists shrine:
1 sunflower + 1 fallen star = 5 dayblooms
1 Tin = 1 Copper
1 Iron = 1 Lead
1 Silver = 1 Tungsten
1 Gold = 1 Platinum
1 ebonstone = 1 crimstone
1 rotten chunk = 1 vertebrae
1 shadow orb + 1 Tissue Sample = 1 Crimson Heart
1 Crimson heart + 1 Showscale = 1 Shadow Orb
5 mushrooms = 1 vileshroom or glowing mushroom
1 seed(any herb)+ 1 torch + 1 bottle of water = 1 moonglow or 1 Blinkroot

Via Master Alchemists Shrine:
5 Copper + 1 Cobalt = 1 Palladium
5 Silver + 1 Mythril = 1 Orchalicum
5 Gold + 1 Adamantite = 1 Titanium
1 Soul of Light + 2 iron bars + 1 gold ore = 2 hallowed bars
Also crafts all Alchemists Shrine Recipes

Via Occultic Shrine:
1 Soul of sight = 1 Soul of Might or Fright
1 Soul of Fright = 1 Soul of Sight or Might
1 Soul of Might = 1 Soul of Sight or Fright
10 Souls of light = 1 Soul of Sight
10 Souls of Night = 1 Soul of Might
5 Souls of Light&Night = 1 Soul of Fright
10 Souls of time = 1 Soul of Light, Flight, or Night
1 Soul of Flight, Light, or Night = 10 Souls of Time
1 Soul of Fright & Might = 1 Soul of Spite
5 Souls of Sight & Spite = 1 Soul of Life
1 quest fish + 1 soul of spite & time = another type of quest fish
Also crafts all Master Alchemists Shrine recipes

Antidote - cures poison/venom
To craft: 1 waterleaf, 1 moonglow, 1 bottle of honey at an alchemy station

Greater antidote- Cures poison/venom, Confusion, and avian flu
To craft 5: 1 antidote, 1 mana potion, 1 greater healing potion, 5 enchanted mushrooms

Enchanted Mushroom - Heals 90 hp, cures poison, increases move speed by 15%
To Craft: 1 mushroom, 1 glowing mushroom, 1 jar of honey, 1 fallen star

Bottled Glowing Honey- +140 hp, night owl buff, +50 mana, +5% speed

Bloodlust potion- ups melee speed by 15% melee dmg by 10% and melee crit% by 5%
To craft: 1 rage potion, 1 fireblossom, 10 soul of fright, 1 bottle of ichor at alchemy station

Hawk eye potion - ups bullet/ arrow velocity by 15%, ranged dmg by 10%, and ranged crit% by 5%
To craft: 1 archery potion, 1 lense, 10 soul of sight, 1 bottle of ichor at alchemy station

Warlock potion - ups mana regen, adds 50 max mana during duration, ups magic dmg by 10% and magic crit% by 5%
To craft: 1 magic power potion, 1 mana regen potion, 1 mana crystal, 10 soul of might, 1 bottle of honey at alchemy station

Commander potion - ups max minions by 1, grants +10% minion dmg and knockback, also grants +5% crit%
To craft: 1 summoning potion, 20 souls of flight, 1 vareagated lard fish, 2 magic power potions,2 rotten chunks at an alchemy station

Flask of Corrosium- Causes melee attacks to inflict "Corrosion"

Flask of Vile-flame- Causes melee attacks to inflict cursed flames and poison

Flask of Blight- Causes melee attacks to inflict "Slimed!","Corrosion",and poison

Flask of Slime- Causes melee attacks to inflict "Slimed!"

Flask of Electrodes- Causes melee attacks to inflict "Positively shocking!"

Flask of Crimflame- Causes melee attacks to inflict Cursed flames and Ichor

Omnicious ingot2.png
Omnicious Ingot (Crafted with 3 Omnicious ore)
Titanite Bar.png
Titanite Bar (Crafted with Adamantite and titanium bars)

Molten Ore (Dropped by the Decimator of Reality)

Crimsonite ore- crafted with 2 demonite bars and 2 crimtane bars at a pseudo Demon altar

Crimsonite Bar (Crafted with corrupt crimtane ore at a lihzard forge)

Corrosive Ore- found within the kight, creates a block of Corrosium (liquid) when mined

Blighted Ore- found within the kight, inflicts "Corrosion" on touch

Denzium ingot( 2 lumite,15 Crimsonite, 5 spectral, 10 hellsone at a lihzard forge, Crafts 10 bars)

Liquidium Bar(Crafted with 1 bucket of water, 1 denzium, 5 coral, 1 waterleaf, 5 shark fins, and 5 souls of time at a titan forge crafts 2)

Terranium ingot (crafted with 5 liquidium, 5 denzium, 5 copper/tin, 5 gold/silver, 5 iron/lead, 5 clorophyte, 15 acorns, 1 luminite, 5 crimsonite at a titan forge, crafts 3)

Euclidium Bar(crafted with euclidium ore at a Titan forge, Ore drops from Cthulu and any minibosses he spawns)

Greatwood Set
greatwood card.png

Each set piece is created using every other woodtypes version of that item (aside from pearlwood)

Greatwood Helmet
Crafted with: 1 wooden helmet, 1 boreal wood helmet, 1 shadewood(ebonwood) helmet, 1 palm wood helmet At a workbench

Def: 5

Greatwood Chestplate
Crafted with: 1 wooden chestplate, 1 boreal wood chestplate, 1 shadewood(ebonwood) chestplate, 1 palm wood chestplate At a workbench

Def: 6

Greatwood Greaves
Crafted with: 1 wooden greaves, 1 boreal wood greaves, 1 shadewood(ebonwood) greaves, 1 palm wood greaves At a workbench

Def: 4

SET BONUS: Slight hp regen, If attacked: spawns a friendly termite to attack enemies

The Greatwood Sword
Crafted with: 1 wooden sword, 1 boreal wood sword, 1 shadewood(ebonwood) sword, 1 palm wood sword at a workbench

Damage: 20
Use time: 25 (Average)
Knockback: 5.5 (Average)
autoswing?: yes
Crit%: 5%

Greatwood Mallet
Crafted with: 1 wooden hammer, 1 Boreal wood Hammer, 1 Shadewood(Ebonwood) Hammer, and 1 Palm wood hammer at a workbench

Hammer Power: 55%
Damage: 15
Use time: 30 (slow)
Knockback: 5 (Average)
Crit%: 3%
Autoswing?: yes
Bonus: +1 range and a 4% chance to confuse enemies

Multigrain set
Multigrain card.png

Multigrain Mask
Crafted with: 1 Greatwood Helmet, 1 Jungle helmet, 1 cacti helmet, and 1 pumpkin helmet at a loom

Def: 7

Multigrain Shell
Crafted with: 1 Greatwood Chestplate, 1 Cacti chestplate, 1 jungle chestplate, and 1 pumpkin chestplate at a loom

Def: 8

Multigrain Greaves
Crafted with: 1 Greatwood Greaves, 1 Jungle Greaves, 1 Cacti Greaves, and 1 Pumpkin Greaves at a loom

Def: 6

SET BONUS: Permanent thorns buff, Revenge termites, Slight hp regen, +15 max mana

Multigrain Sword
Crafted with: 1 Wooden Greatsword, 1 cactus sword, 15 pumpkins, and 4 vines at a Loom

Damage: 30
Use time: 26 (Average)
Knockback: 5 (average)
Autoswing?: yes
Crit%: 4%
+Fires a stinger with a 2 second cooldown, stinger has a 50% chance to inflict poison

Multigrain Hamaxe
Crafted with: 1 Greatwood Mallet, 1 Cactus Pickaxe, 10 pumpkins, and 2 vines at a Loom

Hammer Power: 67%
Axe Power: 65%
Usetime: 20
Knockback: 5 (average)
Crit%: 3%
Autoswing?: yes
Bonus: +1 range and 2% chance to poison enemies


Solar Scarab, Stardust Wasp, Nebular Spider, and Vortex Eye armor sets

Solar Scarab set:

Solar Scarab Helmet
Crafted with: 1 Solar flare helmet, 1 beetle helmet, 15 luminite, 5 souls of Might, Fright, and Spite, 25 solar fragments

Defense: 30
+Shines like mining helmet
25% increased melee critical hit chance; Enemies are more likely to target you

Solar Scarab Shell
Crafted wiith: 1 Solar flare breastplate, 1 Beetle shell, 20 luminite, 5 souls of Might, Fright, Spite, 15 living fire

Defense: 45
+Shines like mining helmet
+Immunity to knockback
25% increased melee damage; Enemies are more likely to target you

Solar Scarab Greaves
Crafted with: 1 Solar flare leggings, 1 beetle leggings, 6 luminite, 5 souls of Might, Fright, Spite , 1 bucket of lava

Defense: 20
+Shines like mining helmet
+immunity to fire blocks
20% increased movement and melee speed; Enemies are more likely to target you

SET BONUS: Scarab endurance buff,
+5% damage(all)
immunity to "On Fire!"

Stardust Wasp set:

Stardust Wasp Helmet
Crafted with: 1 stardust helmet, 1 bee helmet, 25 Beeswax, 25 Stardust Fragments, 15 titanite, 5 Souls of Life and time

Defense: 15
Increases your max number of minions by 2
Increases minion damage by 22%

Stardust Wasp Chestplate
Crafted with: 1 stardust chestplate, 1 bee chestplate, 10 Beeswax, 30 Stardust Fragments, 20 Titanite, 15 Souls of Life and time

Defense: 18
Increases your max number of minions by 2
Increases minion damage by 22%

Stardust Wasp Leggings
Crafted with: 1 stardust leggings, 1 bee leggings, 10 Beeswax, 15 Stardust Fragments, 10 Titanite, 5 Souls of Life and time

Defense: 10
Increases your max number of minions by 2
Increases minion damage by 22%

SET BONUS: Stardust Wasp Gauardian, Double tap DOWN to direct your guardian to a location, Guardian has a 50% chance to inflict poison to enemies

Nebular Spider set

Nebular Arachnid Hood
Crafted with: 1 nebula hood, 1 Spider Helmet, 15 Spider Fangs, 15 Nebula Fragments, 10 denzium, 15 souls of Spite, and Fright

Defense: 17
Increases maximum mana by 60
reduces mana usage by 15%
7% increased magic/Minion damage and critical strike chance
+1 max minion

Nebular Arachnid Robes
Crafted with: 1 Nebula Chestplate, 1 Spider chestplate, 30 Spider Fangs, 15 Nebula Fragments, 15 Denzium, 15 souls of Spite, and Fright

Defense: 20
9% increased magic/Minion damage and critical strike chance

Nebular Arachnid Leggings
Crafted with: 1 Nebula Leggings, 1 Spider Leggings, 10 Spider Fangs, 10 Nebula Fragments, 5 Denzium, 10 Souls of Spite, 5 Souls of Fright

Defense: 15
10% increased magic/Minion damage
10% increased movement speed

SET BONUS: +1 max minion, Hurting enemies has a chance to spawn buff boosters, pick boosters up to get stacking buffs.

Vortex Eye set

Imported piskel (10).png

Crafted with: 1 Vortex Helmet, 1 Omnicious Lense, 1 Eye of Cthulu mask, 1 Twins Mask, 15 Omnicious Ingot, 5 Liquidium, 5 souls of sight

Defense: 17
16% increased ranged damage
9% increased ranged critical strike chance
+Night owl buff

Imported piskel (11).png

Crafted with: 1 Vortex Chestplate, 1 Energy Focuser, 1 Cultist Robes, 15 Vortex Fragments, 20 Omnicious ingots, 5 Liquidium, 5 souls of sight

Defense: 30
15% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
25% chance not to consume ammo

Imported piskel (13).png

Crafted with: 1 Vortex Leggings, 1 Spectre Leggings, 25 Vortex fragments, 10 Omnicious Ingots, 5 Liquidium, 5 souls of sight

Defense: 20
10% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
15% increased movement speed

SET BONUS: Double tap ▼ Down to toggle stealth, increasing ranged ability and reducing chance for enemies to target you but slowing movement
+5% chance not to consume ammo
+10% increased Arrow/bullet velocity

Cobalt/palladium/Mythril/Orchalicum/Adamantite/Titanium/Hallowed Crowns
Jeweled Copper/Tin armor set
Jeweled Iron/Lead armor set
Jeweled Silver/Tungsten armor set
Jeweled Gold/Platinum armor set
Beast armor set
Mothron armor set
Cosmic armor set
Cosmic moth armor set
Titanite armor set
Solar Pharoah Armor set
Deenergized Decimator Armor set
Energized Decimator Armor set
Deenergized Solar decimator Exosuit
Energized Solar decimator Exosuit
Tectonic Armor set
Euclidian Armor set
Galactic Armor set
Megaminer set
Terra armor set
Terranium armor set
Ethereal Set
Thermite armor set
Demon armor set
Armor of the sun set
Arachnid Exoskeleton set

Gilded Sickle.png
The Gilded Sickle
To craft: Sickle.pngx1 +
x5 + Soul_of_Time.gifx5
Crafted at:

Damage: 20
Knockback: 5 (Average)
Use time: 14 (Very Fast)

Tooltip: Allows the collection of hay from grass
Imported piskel (4).png
The Hamsickle
To Craft:
Gilded Sickle.png
x1 +
x1 +
x10 +

Crafted at:


Damage: 35
Knockback: 8 (Very Strong)
Use time: 20 (Very fast)
Tooltip: Can smash demon altars and harvest hay

Titanite Mallet
Titanite Waraxe
Titan Hamaxe
Terranium Mallet.png
Terranium atom Splitter(axe)
Terranium molecule Cleaver(sickle)
Terranium Hamsyckle.png
Terranium Pickaxe.png
Kightmare Pickaxe
Corrosium Pickaxe
Blighted Pickaxe
Blighted Skull Smasher(hammer)
Corrosive bone melter(hamaxe)

Vampiric Edge V1.png
The Vampiric edge
Fires a projectile which has a 1.2 second cooldown, the projectile can steal enemy hp
Vaampire tooth.png
Tooth Projectile
54 melee dmage
6% crit chance
Knockback: 4.5 (average)
Use time 20: (Very fast)
Autoswing?: yes

The Blutsauger
Crafted with: 1 ubersaw, 1 overdose, 5 fallen souls and 5 terra souls

34 ranged damage
5% crit chance
speed: 7 (insanely fast)
Knockback: 3 (Very weak)
40% chance not to consume ammo
Successful hits heal the user
Has a 0.05% chance to grant the ubered buff to the user on a successful shot

The Lightning blade
Dropped by the nimbus lord
Has a 50% chance to stun targets and deal 1dps for 5-10 seconds

The Bunny Slasher


Damage: 20
Use time: 25 (fast)
Autoswing?: Yes
Crit%: 4%
Knockback: 7.5 (Very strong)
Tooltip: "Strong as a rabbits kick!"
Dropped by: Owsla General

Owsla's Edge.png
The Owsla's Edge
Crafted with 1 bunny slasher, 1 lucky rabbits foor, 1 drumstick, and 15 souls of time


Damage: 38
Crit%: 4%
Knockback: 8
Autoswing?: yes
Use time: 25 (Fast)
Tooltip: "Knock 'em silly!"
10% chance to confuse

The Corrupted Sunrise
"The power of the sun infused with the strength of the Corruption"
(works like the daybreak, upon striking a target, inflicts daybroken and cursed flame, shoots out tiny eaters on impact, tiny eaters inflict "On Fire!" debuff)

Crafted at a Titan Forge
Ingredients:daybreak.pngx1 +Scourge_of_the_Corruptor.pngx1 +
x15 +

The slimer2.png
The Slimer
"Doesnt hurt, but this stuff is sticky!"
Shoots a stream of sticky slime
100% chance to inflict "Slimed!"

Ubersaw by Osiris.png
The UberSaw
Sold by the plague doctor on a eclipse for 2 platinum
Damage: 185
Crit%: 20
Use time: 30 (Average)
Knockback: 6 (Average)
"Random crits are fair and balanced"
Has a 1% chance to grant the Ubered buff on hit
Can steal enemy hp

Lightning blade.png
The Tazer Blade
Dropped by Mecha N.I.M.B.U.S 3000
Has a 80% chance to stun targets and deal 5dps for 8 seconds

Imported piskel (26).gif
The Hellraiser
Damage: 98
Crit%: 15
Use time: 30 (Average)
Knockback: 6 (Average)
Has a 100% chance to inflict "On Fire!"
has a 10% chance to inflict "Singed"
tooltip: "A blade of Hatred and Fear"
Crafted with: 1 Fiery Greatsword, 50 living fire blocks, 1 fire feather, 15 souls of spite and fright, and 15 corrupt crimtane bars at a Chlorophyte anvil

The Timekeeper
Crafted with: 1 Phoenix blaster, 5 smoke bombs, 20 souls of time, at an anvil

28 ranged dmg
Use time: 11
Average knockback
80% chance to inflict slowness
Velocity: 12

Unfinished weapons
Jet Mallet.png
The Masticator.png
Imported piskel (27).gif
The Seasonal blade
Blade of legends.gif
Titanite BusterSword
Titanite Repeater
Titanite Trident
The Eagle kings blade
Sky Blade
Super Blow Gun
The Deadly Disc(yoyo)
The Destroyer(yoyo)
The Decimator(yoyo)
The Fallen Disc(yoyo)
The Amplifier(Sword)
BioGenetic blade
Blade of Life
Poison Switchblade
Fatal Impact(melee weapon)
Decrepid BladeFist(melee weapon)
"Sasha"(ranged weapon)
S.A.W.(ranged weapon)
The Sling(throwing weapon)
Mecha-Sling(throwing weapon)
Ultra Sling(throwing weapon)
Shot-Put Glove(throwing weapon)
Destruction Disc(throwing weapon)
Omnicious Tri-Javelin(Throwing weapon)
Waspade(upgraded beenade)
Lihzard Spikey ball
Plasma grenade
Terranium Excalibur.png
Energized Terranium Excalibur
Terraniaum Proto Claw.png
Terranium particle accelerator(gun)
Terranium ProtoDisc(boomerang type weapon)

Endless Pouch of Life
Crafted with: 25 Chlorophyte bars, 1 energy focuser, 1 endless musket pouch, 50 souls of sight

+Endless musket ball pouch effect, but grants chlorophyte bullets instead of musket balls

Buckshot- Fires 7 bullets with a large spread

Slingshot/Sling ammo:
Sling and slingshot ammo.png

(From top left to right)

Granite Pebble- inflicts confusion, higher velocity than a pebble and higher knockback

Crystal marble- arcs like an arrow, shatters into 6 shards on impact, has a higher velocity than a regular Marble

Pebble- Arcs like an arrow

Marble- Arcs like an arrow, Shatters into 4 shards on impact

Steel Ball- Fires straight like a bullet, has a 10% chance to confuse

Chlorophyte coated Steel Ball- homes in on targets

Undescribed ammo:
Tazer Shot
Solar Shot
Vortex Shot
Nebular Shot
Stardust Shot
Terranium Fragmentation Round
Decimation Round

New Piskel (1).png
Crafted with: 3 chains, 10 copper bars, 1 gold, 1 ruby, 3 iron
+5% crit chance
+5% ranged damage

New Piskel (2).png
Enchanted Focuser
Crafted with: 1 focuser, 5 fallen stars, 15 wire, 5 copper, 1 blue candle
+20 max mana
+mana regen
+10% magic and ranged dmg
+2% crit chance

New Piskel (3).png
Energy Focuser
Crafted with: 1 Enchanted focuser, 1 Focuser, 15 souls of light, and sight, 40 pixie dust
+hp and mana regen
+20 max mana and max hp
+4% melee damage
+10% ranged and magic damage
+5% critical strike chance

Ranger's Quiver.png
Ranger's Quiver
Crafted with: 1 Magic Quiver, 1 rangers emblem, 5 souls of sight

+25% chance not to consume ammo
+10% Ranged Dmg
+15% arrow velocity
+5% aranged Crit chance

Jesters Quiver.png
Jester's Quiver
Crafted with: 1 Rangers Quiver, 1 Rangers Pouch, 25 souls of sight, 5 souls of fright, 15 fallen stars
+Turns wooden arrows into jester arrows
+15% ranged dmg
+15% arrow and bullet velocity
+20% chance not to consume ammo
+5% ranged crit chance

Deadeye's Quiver.png
Deadeye's Quiver
Crafted with: 1 jesters Quiver, 15 Souls of kight, sight, and fright, 1 endless pouch of life, 5 red thread, 5 flasks of ichor, 3 black and red dye
+Turns wood arrows into ichor arrows
+16% ranged dmg
+15% arrow and bullet velocity
+15% chance not to consume ammo
+turns musket balls into Chlorophyte bullets
+2% ranged crit chance

Wasp nest (wasp queen drop, Grants thorns buff and a 50% chance to poison attackers)

Wasp Necklace (Crafted with sweetheart necklace and aa wasp nest at tinkerers workshop, Grants wasps instead of bees increasing dmg, also grants a 15% chance to poison attackers)

Veil of Vengeance (cross necklace,star veil, and wasp necklace effects)

Crusaders Charm (+7% DMG, +7 Def, +50 max hp, and grants all veil of vengeance effects)

Imported piskel (15).png
Dracula Pendant
dropped by "Count Dracula" Miniboss, turns user into a vampire, inflicts damadge to user when in the sun

Alucard Pendant (Crafted with Dracula pendant, 15 holy water, a cross necklace, and 50 souls of light, Grants vampire effect negates sunlight dmg)

Unfinished/Will be given proper description and recipe later:
Boots of the Hare
Geo Boots
Cursed Gauntlet
Tesla Coil
Expert Yoyo Bag
Speed Drum
Solar Panel
Cobalt Shield of Cthulhu
Obsidian Shield of Cthulhu
Leaf Shield
Titan Sheild
Sheild of horus
Titanic Shield of Horus
Buddha Pack
Geo Bat
Energized Wader
Geo Boot
Energized Geo Boot
Energized Geo Skate
Super boots
Anti Gravity Sandals
Speed Focuser
Mega Boots
Bracelet of Healing
Celestial Knuckles
Philosophers Emblem
Terrarian Power Bracelets
Celestial Focuser
Celestial Terrarian Focuser
Heartache Crystal

"Vampire!" - All attacks gain a 30% chance to steal 1-5 hp, +2 Def, Attack and move speed increased by 4%

"Werepire!" - grants both vampire and werewolf effects

"Slimy feet!" - Negates fall dmg, allows "Bunny hops" like boots of ostara, slightly increases jump height, grants water walking

"Demonically Bewitched" - Grants 1 extra minion, a 5% minion dmg boost, and a 2% minion knockback boost, Does stack with "Bewitched"

"Ubered!" - ups defense by half for 8 seconds

"Scarab Endurance" - grants beetle endurance with a charging abillity, attackers are given the "on fire" debuff

"Mystic Flame" -Grants hp regen, minor mana regen, and a 5% move speed increase

Planned Debuffs:

"Singed!"- burns target for 8 seconds, slows target by 5%, lowers targets defence by 5% and prevents potion use for 5 seconds

"Slimed!"- Slows target by 20% for 10 seconds, deals 2 dmg every 5 seconds, and increases jump height
On Players: Blocks potion use for 5 seconds in addition

"Enveloped!"- inflicts "on fire!" and "chilled", lowers targets attack by 5%, lowers targets crit% by 4%, lasts 5 seconds

Piercing Gaze.png
"Piercing Gaze"- Lowers targets defence and attack by 8%, slows target by 15% lasts 5 seconds (10 seconds on expert mode)

Infernal Gaze.png
"Infernal Gaze"- Lowers targets defense and attack by 10%, inflicts cursed flames, lasts 5 seconds(10 seconds on expert mode)

"Discombobulated?" - inflicts confusion regardless of debuff preventatives, also lowers targets speed by 5%, lasts 8 seconds (12 on expert mode)

"Avian Flu" - Deals 3 damage every second, lowers jump height, lasts 10 seconds (15 on expert mode)

"Hyperthermic!"- Blocks mana potion use, lowers targets defense by 10%, lowers targets speed by 5%
Tooltip: "Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.."

"Corrosion" - Lowers defense by 25% , also poisons target, lasts 10 seconds (15 on expert)

Misc: (Pets and other miscellanious items"
Imported piskel (9).gif
Intense orb of Shadows
Crafted with: 1 shadow orb, 5 cursed flame, 5 souls of night
+Provides more efficient light than a shadow orb

Moss Hornet- summoned via wasp wings

Direct upgrade from hornet minion stats
+5 to hornet base dmg
+10 to hornet crit%
+2 to hornet knockback
+20% chance to poison foes
+fires stingers more often than hornet
+ Doesn't effect minion count

Arch creeper- summoned via Crimerax wings

Blocks 4% of all incoming damage, prolonged avoidance of damage grants two regular creeper minions adding 2% each for a total of 8% dmg reduction
+ doesn't effect minion count

Mini EoC- summoned via the staff of sight

Same AI as spazmatism minion
15 summon dmg
6% crit chance
Average knockback
(if spawned via Euclidian wings, Doesn't effect minion count)

Corrosive Cog- summoned via the staff of corrosion

-Direct upgrade to the deadly sphere staff
+10% chance to inflict corrosion
+35% more dmg than deadly sphere minion
+Corrosive Cogs occasionally fire a spike at enemies dealing 30 damage

Mini Destroyer- summoned via the destruction staff

Has worm type AI
+Occasionally fires a laser at enemies
+Additional uses ups the minions dmg and adds segments

Mini Decimator- summoned via the decimation staff

+Direct upgrade to the destruction staff
+fires lasers with a 10% chance to inflict "piercing gaze"
+55% more damage than destroyer minion

Mini DoR+Crawltipede- summoned via the staff of devastation

Direct upgrade to the Decimator minion
+Summons a mini DoR and a Crawltipede, additional uses lengthen both minions
+DoR fires lasers with a 10% chance to inflict "infernal gaze"
+Crawltipede minion is unaffected by gravity
+Both minions count as 1, just like the optic staff

True BoC- summoned via the All Knowing Tendril

Effect: Provides light, shows the location of enemies

Eye of Ra- Summoned via the Blinding tendril of light

Effect: provides immense light, ignites enemies if touched, occasionally shoots a homing fireball

Mini Eye of Decimation- summoned via the transdimensional tendril

Effect: provides light, fires lasers at enemies with a 15% chance to inflict "piercing gaze"

Shrouded eye- summoned via the Euclidian tendril

Effects: provides light, occasionally shoots a shadowflame fireball at enemies, shows the location of treasure

Omnicious eye/ichorus- summoned via the shrouded optic staff
-direct upgrade to optic staff
+ichorus shoots ichor bullets
+Omnicious eye shoots shadowflame fireballs and charges into enemies

Upon defeating the decimator:

The Plague doctor


What they sell

Always: ironskin, Featherfalling, antidote, thorns, crate, fishing, and battle potion (if the player owns the overdose or blutasauger: also sells needles)

On blood moon: Plague doctor vanity set and strange brew

On eclipse: The overdose (1 platinum) and the Uber saw (2 platinum)


"I hear in the underworld theres an infectious disease that spreads to earth rather than creatures much like the corruption. Oh what i would give to Sel- i-i mean 'study' it!"

"NEW: Venom antidote! Now with lead! 1 platinum each!"

"A lead ore per day keeps the plague doctor away"

"This potions got crushed up feathers in it, i swear it makes you light as a feather if you can chug it all in one go!"

On blood moon

"Come over here! i promise i will cure you!..."

"The Healing is not as rewarding as the hurting"

"Would you like a second opinion? You are also ugly!"

Upon defeating: the mask of insanity:

The Bird man
Sir Hootsalot
Hawk Hogan

What they sell

Always: All feathers and souls of flight

On blood moon: Sells broken wings and hawlker staff

On eclipse: sells birdman summoner set and shockmaster mask"


"I dont care what these lyrics say! not all birds are free and they can certainly be chained!"

"Got any seed or millet? being held prisoner like that can make a bird hungry"

"I dont think ill be flying anytime soon, that flight to this village was way more than i cared to bargain for"

On blood moon

"As long as theres no ducks out there were safe. T-there aren't any ducks right?...RIGHT!?"

"My gizzard doesen't feel so good"

"Youre really ruffling my feathers right now, you do realize not all birds are nocturnal right?"

Upon defeating Anubis:
The Egyptian cultist

What they sell

Always: sun staff, Orb of light, ankh charm fragment (if player has beaten Golem: sells solar tablet fragments)

On blood moon: Solar cultist vanity set, pharaoh vanity set, sandstorm in a bottle

On eclipse: Sun mask, magic carpet, Eye of horus


"I want a pet cat, why don't any of these mortals sell them!?!"

"Ra's eye watches us all"

"Im really not much of a dog person, thanks for killing Anubis"

"Praise the sun!"

On Blood moon

"I TOLD you to feed our dead to the crocodile, But noooo they had to be buried like some kind of pharaoh!"

"I cant find my pet scarab anywhere!...i feel like this is going to be a terrible night"

"Maybe if you fools would worship with me once in awhile this wouldnt be happening!"

Upon defeating: any boss
The Skeleton

Comet Sands
Jeff Skullingtin

what they sell
Always: the summoning item for any defeated boss, Bones, skulls, and tombstones
On blood moon: skeleton vanity set (if plantera has been defeated, also sells ectoplasm"
On eclipse: Sells souls of defeated bosses and The Blue Coat
If Skeletron Maximus has been defeated: sells "The Gun"


"The skeletons underground are kinda stupid, they use themselves as ammunition!"

"I used to know a girl named Lisa, she tore me apart!"

"i did not hit her it is not true i did not hit her i did not!.....oh hi [Player name]"

on blood moon

"i feel like i'm going to have a bad time"

"i've got a bone to pick with this "Cthulhu" guy!"

"Please dont rattle my bones! it took me a long time to arrange them like this"

"Everybody betrayed me! I'm fed up with this world..."

Rabbits foot - Summons the Owsla Invasion
The Mysterious Vial of Goo - Summons The Prince

Pink Slime Crown - Summons The Slime Queen

Pink Parfoo - Summons The Princess
The Cybernetic worm - Summons the Decimator
Haunted Cog - Summons the Haunted Automaton
Warhead - Summons The Iron Curtain

Lunar Tablet - Summons a Full moon
Bloody Lunar Tablet - Summons a blood moon
Cursed Wind Vane - Summons The Nimbus Lord

Mechanical Cloud - Sumons Mecha N.I.M.B.U.S. 3000
Mangled Eye - Summons the Bloodshot eye of Cthulhu
Crimson Death Worm - Used with Fishing rod to summon Crimerax
A ball of flesh - Summons the Ball of Flesh
Energy Encapsulator - Summons Skeletron Maximus
Imported piskel (21).png
Unholy offering - Summons Count Dracula

Skeletal Voodoo Doll - Summons the Wall of Death
Imported piskel (10).png
Otherworldly eye - Summons the Omnicious Eye
Solar worm - Summons the Decimator of Reality

Sacrificial Lamb - Summons The Negative One
Petrified feather - Used at a hawlker altar to summon the Eagle King
Skyware power cell - Used at a skyware altar to summon the Skyware Golem
Euclidian Sigil - Summons Cthulhu
The GigaDrive- Summons The Processor

Suspicious looking Hive - Summons the Wasp Queen
Bottle of salt - Summons the sea lord when dropped in the ocean
Corroded soul of the soulless - summons kightmare
Cursed Pharoah's Mask - Summons anubis
Egyptian Sigil - summons Ra
Molten amulet of the spider- summons Arachnis
Desert Dessert - Summons the Ancient Dune Worm

Planned bosses/enemies
Current Planned Boss Progression

Owsla Invasion
King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu
Bloodshot Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
Queen Bee
The Heart of Cthulhu
Sea Lord
Ancient Dune Worm
Wall of Flesh
Ball of Flesh
Nimbus lord
The Princess
Queen Slime
The Destroyer
The Twins
Skeletron Prime
Wasp Queen
Wall of Death
Mecha N.I.M.B.U.S. 3000
Count Dracula
Duke Fishron
The Prince
The Iron Curtain
Lunatic Cultist
Moon Lord
Mask of Insanity
Skyware Golem
The Eagle King
The Decimator
The Haunted Automaton
The Omnicious Eye
The Processor
Skeletron Maximus
The Celestial Cultists
The Decimator of Reality
Dimensional Spill

Enemys/boss servants:

Arch Creeper (there is a "arch" variant for all new creeper types)
Imported piskel (13).gif
HP: 1000
Defense: 40
Attack: 20
These stats are the same for all base creepers, however other "Arch" variants gain a +10 attack and a +5 defense

Slime Creeper( Has a 10% chance to inflict "Slimed!", Arch variant is spiked and occasionally fires spikes like a spiked slime)
Slime Arch Creeper.gif

Ichor Creeper (has a 50% chance to inflict ichor on touch, Arch variant fires ichor spikes)
Ichor Arch Creeper.gif

Lunar Creeper

Shadowflame snatcher ( Attacks Via shadowflame tentacles, spawns in hardmode surface corruption inflicts slowness(100%) and shadowflame(29%) )
Imported piskel (15).gif

Lunar Creeper

Spawns in with the Mask of Insanity and the Shrouded eye of Cthulhu

Lost Probe (spawns naturally in the underworld and the sky dungeon)

Kight Spirit (Spawns naturally within the kight, Can be summoned by enemies)

Corrosive spider (Spawns naturally within the kight, can scale walls and inflict corrosion aswel as poison)
Armored Probe
Twin Probe
Mechanical Leech
Mechanical Corruption tower
The eye of Decimation
Blighted Worm
Corrosium slime
Corroded cog
Dungeon Crawler
Bone harpy
Twin hydra skull
Red Mech Creeper
Yellow mech Creeper
Blue Mech Creeper
Glitched Creeper
Ultima Probe

Now with all of that out of the way let me explain a few things about how both these new biomes, and bosses work

This Early game invasion can be started by using the "rabbits foot" a 5% chance drop from any bunny (normal,corrupt, etc)
The invasion consists of rabbit enemies

Rabbit Soldiers (faster than the average bunny and deals decent damage, overall not much to worry about)
Hares (act like slimes but jump much more often) - Drops the Lucky rabbits foot (5% chance)
Owsla Gaurds (armored rabbits that move slightly slower than rabbit soldiers but can take more hits and deal more damage)
Owsla Captain ( faster than guards and slighty stronger, deal the most damadge of all the rabbits) - Drops the Drumstick (10% chance)
Owsla General (Rare enemy, slower than guards, But much stronger, deal the second most damadge, but have the highest defence and hp) - Drops Bunny Slasher (50% chance)

The Bloodshot Eye of Cthulhu
the bloodshot EoC is a post EoW/BoC Boss that acts much like the eye EoC
When not in expert mode the boss behaves much like the EoC does in Expert mode, but with a few new attacks
(More fight info will be added here soon!)
Bloodied Essence

100% chance to drop, Drops about 20-35 on death (35-40 on expert)
Vampiric Shiv
-20% Chance to drop (can also be crafted with bloodied essence and either a blood butcherer or lights bane)
-Shortsword that deals low dmg, but has a chance to steal enemy hp
-20% Chance to drop (can also be crafted with bloodied essence and either a tendon bow or demon bow)
-Turns wooden arrows into siphon arrows, which have a chance to steal enemy hp
Blood Stream
-20% chance to drop (can also be crafted weeith bloodied essence and a vilethorn or crimson Rod)
-Consumes mana; creates a stream of blood similarly to a flamethrower. Short-ranged, but pierces infinitely.
Expert Mode Treasure Bag
100% chance on expert mode

Necrosis Stone
-Drops only from expert mode treasure bag
-decreases respawn delay by 33% (grants enough time for bosses to despawn). Useful for those pesky respawn delays in expert mode.
-grants a 2% chance for attacks to inflict necrosis
Tooltip: "This stone breathes life into once deceased creatures"


The Ancient Dune Worm
The Ancient Dune worm is a Prehardmode boss best fought just before the wall of flesh
Dune worm title card.jpg

AI Type: Worm
The Ancient dune worm is summoned within the desert using the item "Desert Dessert"
The dune worm will very rarely fire lasers from his different segments and will not spawn "Probes" or split like the destroyer or the eater of worlds.
The dune worm will increase in speed as the fight progresses Capping at a speed of 1/4th his starting speed
Whenever 15% of the ancient dune worm's hp is lost an Ancient tomb crawler will spawn in
If the player is hit by the dune worms head there is a 20% chance the player will be given the "Hyperthermic!" debuff

On expert Mode:
Dune worms speed caps at 1/2 rather than 1/4th
Lasers fired by the dune worm inflict "On Fire"
The head has a 50% chance to inflict "Hyperthermic!" rather than 20%

Ancient tomb Crawlers:
Moves faster as hp is lost capping at 1/5th

On Expert mode:
Caps at 1/3rd rather than 1/5th speed
Has a 5% chance to inflict blindness on hit

Dune worm drops:
-15-25 souls of time (100%)
-2 gold coins(100%)
-3 to 6 fossils (50%)
-The Hour Glass (Expert Mode Only)
-dune worm mask (15%)
-dune worm trophy (8%)

The nimbus lord is an early hardmode boss that can be summoned using the "Cursed Wind Vane" item
When spawned in the message "The Nimbus lord has arisen" will display
The nimbus lord has two forms
Tier 1
Note: this will be atleast the size of the eye of Cthulhu and this is definitely not a final design
Nimbus lord concept.gif
In this phase the nimbus lord hovers over the player, emitting rain and occasionally lightning bolts which have a 10% chance inflict "Singed!"
during this phase he will also summon a regular angry nimbus whenever 150 hp is lost
Tier 2
Nimbus lord concept 2.gif
Upon entering phase 2 the nimbus lord will open the eye on its stomach and begin firing a beam of electrical energy (Much like the martian saucer) he will also spawn two Servants of the nimbus lord which share the AI of harpies but are invulnerable and therefore cannot be killed, they will automatically despawn upon defeating the nimbus lord
Lightning is no longer shot at the player but the nimbus lord also no longer hovers directly over the player and behaves more like the martian saucer, swiping from side to side and continuously spewing rain wherever he goes
Once slain the message "The nimbus lord shall fly no more!" will appear


Lightning blade.png
The Lightning blade (40% chance)
Treasure Bag

Count dracula is a post plantera "miniboss" and is summoned using the Unholy sacrifice item in the corruption/crimson or in the underworld
On summon the message: "Count Dracula has Arisen!" will appear

Phase 1

In phase 1 dracula will summon scythes in which act like demon scythes, but do not need time to spin up and spawn in random locations around him
During this phase he is almost entirely stationairy but has very high defence adn very high attack power, he will enter phase 2 whenever he successfully deals 50 or more dmg or the player damadges him by 5000 hp
Phase 2

In phase 2 Dracula will rapidly teleport around the player occasionally stopping and spawning in a vampire bat whilst he spawns 4-5 vampire scythes which upon hitting the player can heal him for 1000 hp, he will repeat this 5 times then reenter phase 1
cv2 drac phase 2.gif

This boss is a direct reference to Castlevania 2: simon's quest

on defeat the message "Count dracula has been vanquished!" will appear


-Dracula Pendant
-Vampiric Edge
-Dracula mask
-The Reaper's Scythe
-Vampiric BoomStick
-Condensed Fright

Anubis is an early hardmode boss that is summoned using the Cursed Pharoah's Mask in the desert during the day
Anubis is an early hardmode boss in the sense that he is best fought before skeletron prime
On spawn the message "The sky Darkens and laughter eminates from the shadows" will display, waait 5 seconds then "Anubis god of the afterlife has arisen!"
He has skeletron base AI, However he has a few different attacks unlike skeletron
one of his attacks he will hold both arms away from the player and attempt to fire beams of darkness capable of leeching the players hp, whilst doing this attack the head is invulnerable

He will occasionally swat at the player with his hands, this attack will have a 20% chance to inflict "Bleeding"
when he is at half health his eyes will begin to fire purple beams towards the player capable of inflicting Necrosis with a 5% chance
he will occasionally spawn in Ancient desert spirits to aid him which act much like Ancient Vision's that the lunatic cultist summons

Anubis Head.png

The heart of cthulhu is a early hardmode boss meant to be fought after the Ball of Flesh
its behavior is reminiscent of the brain of cthulhu and queen bee
Very much a work in progress, more will be written here soon!

The Prince is a very Late game slime boss, he has two stages, the first being an armor clad seemingly mechanical slime with a probe like eye in the center, upon summon he will spawn with 4 slime arch creepers, and will fire lasers at the player whilst jumping around towards the player, His lasers have a 5% chance (10% on expert) to inflict "Singed!"
He occasionally spawns in regular slime creepers as well as Spiked mother slimes to aid him in battle

Fight Music:
Treasure bag
-The Coil
-Slime Eye staff
-Spiked Saddle
-Slime Shield

The Skyware golem is a sky dungeon boss, he is summoned using the hawlker power cell at a skyware altar
He acts much like the golem however, occasionally he can spawn in Ancient wyvern's to aid him, his laser attack has a 10% chance to inflict "singed!", and his fists have a 2% (10% on expert) chance to inflict "Discombobulated?"
he has two phases that act very similarly to the regular golem however he is slightly faster and when the head detaches it moves much quicker and fires much more often
instead of shooting fireballs the golem head will fire electricity at the player with a 15% chance of inflicting "Positively Shocking!"

The Omnicious eye is a post moonlord Version of the Eye of cthulhu/the twins
The omnicious eye is spawned using the item The All seeing Eye

-On spawn: popup message saying " I have been watching you since your very birth, Now you dare challenge me?" wait 5 seconds "Foolish child, you are weak and i WILL end your existance", wait 2 seconds "The omnicious eye has arisen!"

Tier 1

Spawns with an omnicious Guardian, Occasionally charges towards player, fires green lasers tthata ahave a 5% chance to inflict "piercing gaze"
(expert mode): expert EOC adasha ttack when health is at half, lasers have a 10% chacne to inflict piercing gaze
on defeat: popup text "you will kneel before me, ICHORUS, destroy this pathetic worm!" enter tier 2

Tier 2

Omnicious eye becomes invincible, player must first kill ichorus
After ichorus is defeated: "FEEL THE WRATH OF THE OMNIPRESENT" enter tier 3

Tier 3

Spawns with tier 2 ichorus anda second omnicious guard
omnicious eye now spews unholy flames at the player with a 100% chance to inflict "Infernal gaze"
on defeat, popup text: "You fool, you are tearing the universe apart!", "The omnicious eye can see all no more"

Omnicious Eye Drops:
-Shrouded Lens
-Omnicious Ore
-Omnicious Eye Mask
-Condensed Sight
-Vortexian Wheels

Ichorus Drops:
-Ichor Cannon
-Ichorus mask
-Ichor Core

Dont know how the proportions got this messed up but the omnicious eye should only be about twice the size of ichorus
Imported piskel (8).png

The Processor

On spawn: "Warning: Malicious software detected!"
AI: BoC, Dracula, Lunatic Cultist, mothership
phase 1
-Materializes above player, spawns 20 Glitch probes and is invincible until they are all defeated
-BoC expert mode AI
-Occasionally fires out blue bolts of electricity

Phase 2
-Spawns an Ultima Creeper, is invincible until it is defeated
-swipes across the screen firing many lasers below it

Low hp:
-Teleports around player like Dracula,
-summons Infected dooms
On defeat: "ERROR//:Hardware_Malfunction....PROCESSOR.exe has stopped working"
On expertmode: lasers fired by the processor have a 5% chance to inflict GL1TCH3D, also spawns 30 probes instead of 20

Glitch Probe: fires 2 blue lasers with a small spread, has a 5% chance to inflict discombobulation

Infected Doom
Acts like ancient doom
On death: becomes a Virtual Anomaly

Virtual Anomaly
Acts like dungeon spirit, if it manages to hit the player it will inflict electrocution

Ultima Probe
Phase 1
Retinizer T2/EoC AI
-Summons Mecha probes instead of servants
-Fires a green laser in bursts of 3 shots
Phase 2
-Expert mode EoC AI
-fires green lasers in bursts of 4
On expertmode: phase 2 laser has a 3% chance to inflict piercing gaze


Crimerax is a pre iron curtain version of Duke Fishron (but can be faught post duke fishron for an extra challenge)
He is summoned by fishing with a Mongolian Death Worm in the ocean
The mongolian death worm will spawn in underground desert after Duke Fishron has been defeated

He will have two phases being Crimerax and Wrath

essentially this is a harder variant of duke fishron, Spawning blood tornadoes that spit out Ichor Arch Creepers rather than sharkrons

When entering phase two the skin around Crimerax will deteriorate much more and he will begin dripping crimson rain dealing damage to the player if under him
During this phase he will also increase in speed and damage (and gain a few other unique attacks which i will list here as soon as i can

All bubbles spawned by Crimerax and Wrath are able to inflict ichor with a 15% chance

Ichor Arch creepers spawned by Crimerax and wrath will turn into Ichor Spirits when killed

-Crimerax Wings
-Congealed Ichor
-The Spleen
-Expert Bait
-Crimerax Mask


Arachnus is the gaurdian of the earths sealed core, created by Ra to protect the world from the Kightmare trapped within
Arachnus has two forms, Regular, And Enraged
Arachnus becomes enraged if the player attempts to cheese the fight by hiding behind walls or trapping the boss within a box.
When enraged: Speed increases, attack increases, defense increases Boss gains the ability to move through solid blocks, and the boss begins to emit solar energy which will singe the player on touch
The boss is summoned with the Molten Arachnid's Charm in the jungle temple
The molten arachnids charm is crafted with 3 solar fragments and 5 thermoplasm at a titan forge
Glaive Weaver: Fires an arching solar blade when swung
Infernolizer: Fires heat rays in a spread of two
Chain Stynger: Fires inaccurate styngers at very high speeds

The Iron curtain is a pre Finale wall of flesh
Music during the fight:

The iron curtain is summoned using the Warhead in the underworld

This boss is capable of sumoning many minions to fight you with and has 3 different eyes

Eye 1:
Fires 4 lasers in a shotgun like blast
Occasionally fires a ball of energy that passes through solid blocks

Eye 2:
Fires a cursed flamethrower continuously forcing the player to keep their distance, can also spawn a mechanical leech, and occasionally fires a cursed fireball

Eye 3:
Occasionally fires a focused beam of energy that it swipes up and down the screen, has saws at the base of the eye making this eye deal the most melee dmg, if the player falls behind the boss this eye will fire a grapple beam at the player and yank them back infront, this grapple has a 35% chance to inflict singed (100% on expert)
(More will be added here soon!)

Skeletron maximus is an endgame post moonlord version of skeletron
Music that plays during the fight:
Maximus is a metallic golem with 4 arms and a skull for a head
He is summoned using the item "Ancient Power Cell" at a lihzard altair or Hawlker altar
on summon a message appaears saying "The Sky darkens and fear seeps into your very soul..." wait 15 seconds then spawn the boss displaying the message "SKELETRON MAXIMUS ACTIVATED, TARGET AQUIRED" (on Expert mode the boss spawns in with two twin probes)
Tier 1
-head occasionally fires a death ray at the player dealing massive damage like the moonlords head laser
-the 4 arms continuously shoot out towards the player much like the golem
-after two arms are destroyed and an invulerable version of both the primesaw and the prime cannon spawn in
-once the remaining two arms are destroyed the head will detatch and a message will pop up saying "EFFORTS TO ELIMINATE TARGET INEFFECTIVE, INITIATE PROTOCOL B"
Tier 2
-the two arms are all immune to any form of attack until the torso is destroyed
-the head visually is propelled via jets of flame coming from its back facing downwards, likewise if the player comes into contact with these flames they will be given the "On Fire!" debuff
-in this stage the torso continuously fires a beam out of its neck straight upwards, preventing the player from jumping over it and avoiding taking damadge The torso also regenerates two arms
-once the torso is destroyed enter tier 3 popup message "VITAL SIGNS STILL DETECTED WITHIN TARGET, FOCUSING ALL FIREPOWER ON LIFEFORM 1452-B"

Tier 3
-upon entering tier 3, maximus gains both of primes other arms (being the prime laser and the pincers) however he also gains two NEW arms
Both new arms
Bio cannon - The bio cannon trys to stay away from the battly and evades the player whilst constantly spitting out poison, every time 10k hp is lost from either the bio cannon itself or Maximus' skull the cannon will spawn in an Ichor arch creeper, whenever 50k is lost from the main head, a twin probe is released

Maximus Blade- much like the pumpking bade, however this has a chance to 15% chance to inflict "Singed!" amd a 5% chance to inflict "confused" regardless of debuff preventatives

All prime arms deal more damadge and have more hp as well as being renamed Maximus saw, Maximus laser, etc, etc

When Maximus' head is spinning, the spikes have a 10% chance to inflict venom (20% on expertmode)
on defeat the message "Skeletron_Maximus.exe has stopped responding" will display

-Maximus Edge
-Shadow Flamethrower
-Soul of Nycrite
-Maximus Mask
-Maximus Core

The decimator is a post moon lord version of the destroyer, Visually the decimator is a half robotic, half organic enemy and is summoned using the "Cybernetic worm" item
Music during fight:
Compared to the destroyer, the decimator is faster, and larger, as the decimators health is depleated it will gradually fire lasers more often, starting at about the same firerate as teh destroyer,
Once summoned the message: "the earth trembles and voices from underground scream for mercy" will appear, after 5 secodns the maessage "DECIMATOR ACTIVATED, INITIATE GLOBAL DESTRUCTION" will appear
Whenever 1500 hp is lost from the decimator it releases a twin probe
Whenever 3000 hp is lost the decimator will release a mechanical leech
when at half hp the decimator will begin to move faster and will fire a continuous beam of energy from its mouth whenever its head is not below ground level and it will spawn a Mega Leech
Which is about half the scale of the destroyer
Upon defeat the message "Decimator deactivated!" will display

-Destruction Core
-Condensed Might
-The Destroyer
-Cybernetic Chunk
-Broken Probe
-Decimator Mask

The Decimator of Reality is one of the 3 final bosses of the Decimation mod
Music that plays during the fight:
Compared to the decimator, it is bigger, faster, stronger, and overall better, it is spawned in using the "Solar worm" item
on summon the message "You feel as if the world is about to end" after 5 seconds the message "You dare challenge me? i have the power to erase you from time itself, noone will even notice your gone...that is if your puny world can even survive my wrath!" wait two seconds then spawn the boss displaying the message "THE DECIMATOR OF REALITY HAS ARISEN"
Unlike the destroyer and the decimator, this boss does NOT release probes
the decimator of reality instead releases Mechanical Crawltipedes whenever 30,000 hp is lost
the DoR has three tiers starting out as a massive flaming worm coated in black armor
Decimator of reality head.png
Decimator Body.png
Lasers fired by the decimator of reality have a 5% chance to inflict "piercing gaze"
After deafeat of the first form, popu message: "You thought it would be that easy? After i rip you apart atom by atom you can kiss your puny little dimension goodbye!"
Tier 2
Body cracks and white hot flames seep through cracks, spawns in the eye of decimation
shoots lasers more frequently
sky darkens
Tier 3
"popup text: "ENOUGH! now see the TRUE power of space and time!"
Sky turns into an inferno, spawns in a mechanical corruption tower
Popup message "This will be the last time you will ever beleive you have the power to overthrow a god!"
decimators speed increases, spews flames from mouth every now and then, is invincible til the mechanical tower is destroyed

On death: " much as it may seem... i was not the evil put your entire dimension in perilous danger just for the sake of proving yourself, and for what?...?" wait 5 seconds " nothing but your self righteous desire to be the most powerful being in sicken me....your world will suffer for your Mistakes"

Notes: melee dmg in tier 1 has a 1% chance to inflict singed tier 2 has a 5% chance, and tier 3 has a 10% chance (on expert it is 5%,10%,15% respectively)

-The Triple threat
-The Decimator
-Decimator of Reality Mask
-Transdimensional Tendril
-Molten ore

The Celestial Cultists are Four cultists which spawn in the sky dungeon entrance after defeating the omnicious eye, the decimator, and Skeletron Maximus
The archer fires Corrosive arrows
Euclidian Tablet.gif
Imported piskel (6).gif
Imported piskel (4).gif
Imported piskel (5).gif
Imported piskel (5).png
Upon the death of all 4 cultists the fight will actually begin displaaying the message "YOU WILL NOT HARM THE ANCIENT ONE, FEEL OUR WRATH MORTAL!"
Then 4 different cultists will spawn in Soalr, stardust, Vortex, and nebular, the solar cultist is immune untill all the other three are killed

When the vortex cultist dies a message will appear reading "WE WONT LET YOU DESTROY THIS UNIVERSE" and a true eye of cthulhu spawns in to fight alongside the remaining cultists
When the Nebular cultist dies a message will appear saying "You Fool, you know not what you do..." and a Mechanical corruption tower will spawn in to aid the remaining cultists
When the Stardust cultist dies a message will appear saying "WE WILL DESTROY YOU MORTAL!" and an ancient stardust serpent will spawn in to aid the remaining cultists
The player must kill the mechanical corruption tower before the solar cultist may be fought
When the solar cultist reaches 500 hp, he will slowely descend to the ground and kneel upon arrival, despawning the true eye of cthulhu and the stardust serpent
then a message will display reading "Please...stop...Before its too late...I beg of you, dont unleash the wrath of the ancient one! will die and so will reality itself!" wait 5 seconds "I am the last thing in this dimension protecting the Dimensional barrier, if you slay me, reality as we know it may come to an end." remove immumity from cultist and the player can either talk to the cultist or kill him

If talked to
"Thank you for choosing the right choice [Playername] we have been watching you, while we gripe at your seemingly insatiable hunger for power we know the ancient one could destroy you aswel as this dimension as we know it, you and i are the only two things standing in his way seeing as how youve slain all of our mightiest guardians, please take this as a token of our appreciation for not ensuing the death of terraria" the player receives a celestial cultist robes and mask as well as either the celestial staff or the celestial blade

If slain
initiate a solar eclipse until nightfall at which point display the message " you feel yourself slipping into insanity" wait 5 seconds then "an otherwordly voice whispers: you fool.....youve doomed us all..." spawn Cthulhu

Music during cultists fight:
Note: there may be a fifth cultist added in the future this will be the "Cosmic" cultist as there will be a Cosmic celestial tower geared towards throwers

RA title.png

Ra is the final boss of the Decimation mod, he has 4 phases much like The Negative One
i will not be listing his attack patterns until i have perfected the sprite for Ra
Phase 1: The Eye of Ra
Phase 2: Ra
Phase 3: Amun-Ra
Phase 4: The Godhead
Ra head V2.png

The Dimensional Spill is a post Cthulhu event that is summoned upon Cthulhu's Defeat, The dimensional spill has 15 waves, the 15th being a single boss-The Negative One
There are 4 Enemy themes in this event: Underworld, Corium, Galactic, and Ethereal

Ethereal Eye
Skeletron Diabolus

Molten Berserker
Corium Soldier
Corium Knight
Corium Scout
Corium Mutilator
Corium Golem
Pure Corium
Cosmic Rogue
Cosmic Beholder
Cosmic Voyager
Cosmic Infector
Ethereal Hydra
Ethereal Devourer

The Mind
The Negative One

The Negative One
The Negative One is a 4 stage boss that spawns on the final wave of the Dimensional spill, his defeat ends the event, they can also be summoned via the Sacrificial lamb

Stage 1: Disskord
-Can summon the lord of
the rift
-Concussive, gravity
distorting attacks

Stage 2: Thanatos
-Shadowflame attacks
-Summons shadowflame

Stage 3: Apophis
- summons serpents
- venomous, Gravity
distorting attacks

Stage 4: Abbadon
- Summons demons &
Pagan gods minibosses
- Frigid , life stealing

Serpent types:
-Flying Cobras
-Tunnel snakes
-Chaotic wyverns

Shadowflame warlock:
-act like a diabolist but the
attacks are of shadowflame
and they drip with dark shards
-increases def of main boss
when alive, dies if main boss
dies as well as if the player kills
the warlock

Lord of the rift:
-Can open vortexes (3 max),
vortexes summon random
celestial enemies, active for 1
minute unless killed
-Occasionally teleports
- fires a random celestial
fragment, each inflict different


-Can teleport like BoC
-Fires concussive discs
-(expert)Can summon flying

-Can summon lesser demons
(And red devils on expert)
-Has a large sword on a chain
attached like a flail(inflicts
bleeding, 5% chance)

The Goddess:
-Can hex the player
-Sometimes fires a beam of
purple energy at the player
-Can fire a skinny beam of light
at the player that latches on to
leech hp


All demons occasionally fire scythes

-Can create a ring of
Shadowflame around enemies
making them burn the
player on touch and reducing
the damage shielded enemies
can take

-Golem fist style ball and chain
That can inflict
discombobulation (5%)

-Can vomit blood on the player
Inflicting slowness (10%)
-Occasionally charges the
player, 10% chance to inflict

From Disskord:
-Chaos Sphere(Expert)
-Condensed Souls of the fallen(50)
-The golden apple(34.67%)
-Delirium orb(35.46%)

From The Lord of The Rift:
-Riftwalker boots(100%)
-the pulsar(50%)
-Lord of the rift trophy
-lord of the rift mask

From Thanatos:
-The book of shadows(33.37%)
-Black mirror(33.37%)
-Condensed Souls of the

From Apophis:
-Serpent staff(68.56%)
-Condensed Souls of the
-Cursed flail(34.87%)
-66 Gold coin (100%)

From Abbadon:
-Condensed Souls of the
-The Godhead(Expert)
-The 7 deadly amulets(13% per)
-The Grimstone(Expert)
-The blade of knowledge (54%)
-Sacrificial lamb(100%, summons
The Negative One on use)
-Negative One mask
-Negative One trophy

From pagan gods:
-The mind(100% from: Osiris)
-The body(100% from: Set)
-The soul(100% from: Astaroth)
-The celtic knot(100% from: Belial)
-The pentacle(100% from the
-Arch demon wings
(100% from azazel)

Cosmetic drops
-Goddess robes(50%)
-Belial's horns(50%)
-Azazel's chains(50%)
-Astaroth's hooves(50%)
-Osiris' eye(30%)
-Set's curse(30%)

Cthulhu title.png

(im going to be holding back some info on this boss as i know alot of people want a true cthulhu fight, and i dont intend on spoiling unique tibits therefore some of this may seem alittle vague)

Cthulhu is one of the 3 final bosses of the Decimation mod and has 3 phases just like the Decimator of reality and Ra
Tier 1
Cthulhu will spawn roughly 15 seconds after the message "You feel yourself slipping into insanity..." appears, unless summoned via the celestial cultists
In tier 1 cthulhlu will use ai similar to the moon lord, but will have some unique attacks
When the eyes in Cthulhu's hands are destroyed, a Shrouded Eye of Cthulhu will spawn in
Upon the third eyes defeat, a normal true eye will spawn
Upon the defeat of the 2 shrouded eyes, his core will become vulnerable
upon the cores defeat cthulhu will enter tier 2

Tier 2
In tier 2, Cthulu's body will explode violently, releasing the True Heart of Cthulhu and the True Brain of cthulu to attack the player, whilst the True Core acts much like a celetial tower with a barrier defending it from attacks
Upon the brains defeat the heart will enter tier 2, ripping open like the brain of cthulhu and revealing an eye on the inside, once the eye is defeated the boss will enter tier 3

Tier 3

Upon entering tier 3, the True Core will lower its shield, and Cthulhu's skull will reanimate itself (metaphorically, as it will jsut spawn in his skull) and begin attacking the player relentlessly
Whenever 20,000 hp is lost from the core, a true eye of cthulhu will spawn in making the fight become increasingly more difficult as it goes on
Upon the cores defeat (if spawned via the cultists) the message "Insolent child, why must you disobey the will of the gods?" will appear
Upon the cores defeat (if spawned via spawn item) the message "Cthulhu, Lord of Ry'leh, has been vanquished"

Cthulhu will spawn in with a euclidian cultist, this cultist is invulnerable and will stay alive until the fight is over

Shrouded eyes of cthulhu will spawn with 4 lunar creepers each

The true brain of cthulhu will summon 2 ichor arch creepers whenever 15k hp is lost

the true heart will spawn with a euclidian arm which will ahve skeletrona arm AI

-Lovecraftian Tome
-Euclidian Core
-Euclidian Wings
-Euclidium Ore
-Cthulhu Mask
-All Knowing Tendril

Shrouded eye of cthuhlu-0.png

Planned biomes/structures:

The Sky Dungeon
The Kight (underworld biome)
Shrine of The Molten One (underworld "temple")
"Terrifying Shrieks Eminate From The Sky"
The sky dungeon is a structure that will generate with the world on either side, it blocks access to one of the oceans and the entrance is at its highest point just under space level.
The Entrance is guarded by a Bird man, he acts muych like the old man at the dungeon and must be freed of his curse before you can enter the dungeon, upon activating his curse it will summon the mask of insanity.
BOTH the Eagle king and the Skyware Golem bosses will be summoned withing this dungeon, if entered prematurely Dungeon guardian maximus will spawn in to kill the player, unlike the dungeon guardian, even staying out of his range can kill you as he has ranged attacks
Sky dungeon music:
Please note that the demon altar will be a special summoning altar much like the lihzard altar, the reason i didnt simply just place a lihzard altar was due to the fact that in the lowest room of the sky dungeon, theres a second altar for summoning the skyware golem

"A Horrific Disease Spreads Through the Underwold"
The Kight is a underworld biome, it is a twisted mockery of all things mechanical, the waters here are acidic and will inflict the "Corrosion" debuff, this is a VERY late game biome
BAckground Music for the Biome:
Note: this biome will most likely not use the blocks depicted, however this is as close as vanilla terraria can look to what is intended

Much like the corruption,crimson, and hallow biomes, The Kight will spread throughout the underworld overtime, however the wall of flesh, the wall of death, and the iron curtain may all be summoned in the underworld regardless of the amount of kight. However both the Possesed Automaton, and Kightmare must be summoned within the kight

Serial Dreemurr - Musician
Fyloz - Coder
a cats - Part time Coder

Osiris - Spriter/Coder/Concept ideas

Discord Chat: Join the Decimation Discord Discord Server!

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The ideas sound cool, but the sprites are lacking. Try using 2x2 pixels. Also, you should show how to get the items, and go into more detail about the bosses, biomes, and invasions.

Hope I helped :)

When i created this i just didnt have the time to put alot of things in as it was getting late, however i just included some info on maximus, the owsla invasion, and the sky dungeon, and i know my sprites are lacking, i havnt sprited in a long time, do note that those sprites are not likely to be in the final version though. thanks for the tips ! :dryadsmile:
In sky dungeon will be boss or not?:)
[doublepost=1472562905,1472562586][/doublepost]And when first realise will be?

Thanks for the sword sprite:dryadhappy:, ill be sure to use it ,i can re-use the sprite i made for another weapon in this mod that i havent listed yet!

The sky dungeon will have 3 bosses to fight in it, The mask of insanity Guarding the entrance is activated like skeletron, with a Bird Man NPC who will move in afterwards and sell Souls of flight,All feathers, and a Hawlker staff

the second boss is the skyware goelm who will be spawned at the skyware altar in the lowest level room of the dungeon

The final sky dungeon boss is the Eagle king, he is summoned at the Hawlker Altar in the first room as soon as you enter the dungeon

As for first release, I still need some people to help me code, my coding skills are subpar at best%:sigh:
However if you wish to create any other sprites for this mod just ask and i can give yous omething to sprite or to resprite
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I would just like to say I love how much effort you are putting into this mod! That alone is enough for me to support the mod! Hope to help out a bit more once i move into my house but until then keep up the great work! :p
I would just like to say I love how much effort you are putting into this mod! That alone is enough for me to support the mod! Hope to help out a bit more once i move into my house but until then keep up the great work! :p

Thanks man! :dryadhappy: and there still plenty to be done i have many notes i have yet to write down here yet, sprites to make, and hopefully alittle coding, im a dreadful coder but i have high hopes for this project due to the good amount of positive feedback ive been getting. Cheers!
Here is new yoyo it cals [sun cultist]
[doublepost=1472610786,1472610521][/doublepost]I have tons of my sprited weapons!!!:)


  • New Piskel.gif
    New Piskel.gif
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Lightning Blade.png
Little re sprite of the lightning blade. I was gonna re sprite the Hamsickle but my spriting isn't that good yet and wasn't too sure where to go with it. I might just change the lightning blade some more since i didn't really like the way it came out

Plan on doing more work even in the situation i'm in. although i do not have the net at all times i'm still just sitting in a hotel room, I have plenty of time on my hands to sprite and try to improve on it as well :p
[doublepost=1472612454,1472612216][/doublepost]Can you resprite more my weapons?


  • Creepers flail.png
    Creepers flail.png
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  • sprite_0.png
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  • sprite_0.png
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[doublepost=1472612454,1472612216][/doublepost]Can you resprite more my weapons?
Sure thing! but i'll show you the results in a private message when done since i don't wanna go too off topic with other things not involving this mod and they might not be done today as it is 11 and i gotta start getting my sleeping back on track since school starts next week and waking up at 6am is gonna be a pain :p
Also they may not be the best. I just started spriting about a month ago but i'm not too bad :p
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