Design The Dungeon

I cheat and Murder them all in a meeting.

Floor 1863 has.... um.
*checks notes*

Nothing! Now, I don't mean your regular type of nothing. I mean there's a bunch of outlines for things that should be present, but were removed due to budget cuts.
I turn reality into the phinneas and ferb episode wherer dofinshmerts takes over the world and children are all kept in giant test tubes until the age of 18.

floor 1866 is an endlessly time-looping car crash impact
Well, being a dragon, I simply fly over it and to the door, as it neither stated the severity of the crash nor any way in which it affects me.

Floor 1867 is a normal living room, except with bars cutting the room in half and blocking the way to the exit. These bars seem indestructible, but, nothing else on the floor is. Based on evidence around the room however, it seems like the room is normally crossed by various slime type creatures, which can simply change their shape to fit between the bars. And the bars are large enough that a cat could fit between them.
I pull out my transmogrifier from calvin and hobbes and turn into a cat to fit through the bars.

floor 1868 is president of the US Andrew Jackson’s mouth
I brought a few dozen Splash Potions of Healing.

Floor 1872 has 30 indestructible boxes bouncing around the room at high speeds.
I don't know what that is so I use a debug item to skip the floor.

On Floor 1876, Albert Spalding invests $800 to start sporting goods company, manufacturing first official baseball, tennis ball, basketball, golf ball and football.
I crash the stock market, causing the 2nd great depression even worse than the 1st one.

floor 1877 is a wasteland filled with zombies that live in small crude wooden shacks
Enters the battle scene using Inferno fork like this:

and all zombies burn away

Floor 1878 is a million of these
I blow it up with nuclear fission.

Floor 1880 is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, but you only have Stupefy and you're fighting 25 spiders and 25 Death Eaters that all have Expulso.
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