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Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins

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While DTG: Terraria and DTG0 are indeed related to each other (both in canon and in gameplay), and me and Crystal (DTG: Terraria's GM) do know each other well, this doesn't mean that they're basically the same game on two different threads. DTG0's setting is different from that of DTG: Terraria, both spatially and temporally; as such, items from one game DO NOT effect the other, and events/entities on one thread. In addition, DTG0 and DTGT: Terraria do in fact have different rules and mechanics-subtle, but existent, so for any interested players of one game that are already playing the other, PLEASE, read the rules!


One day-you’re not quite sure when-you decide to get onto Minecraft Multiplayer and scroll your listed games, when something catches your eye-a server that seemed to just glitch in and out of existence right in front of your face. Out of curiosity, you selected it and logged into it while it was there.

The result kind of screwed with your computer’s clock a bit, setting it to sometime in Novemer, 2011, but that was practically a footnote (at the time) as you could change that whenever: You found yourself in one of the most heavily modded servers of all time! A quick look at everything told you that this place was quite unlike anything else. Your X/Y/Z coordinates told you that you were approximately 5000 in the Z direction (whichever that was). Off in the distance, you can see a beautiful and absolutely massive tree, at the absolute fringe of your view distance.

The other thing is, two figures were kind of staring each other down. Both are the basic player skins modified: One is a Steve? Skin with washed out clothes, an impressive beard, and a tattered red Minecon cape. The other is an Alex? Skin with a red shirt, red eyes, a black jacket, and a lot of bloodstains and a smirk. Both of them wore gloves: The Steve? Skinned one wore a blue glove with a lowercase gamma on it, while the Alex? Skin wore one with a golden Omega on it, as well as one with a red Alpha on the other hand. Above the head of Steve was the username Godmodder477; above the head of Alex? Was the name of UserZero.

UserZero: ah, yes, the typical n00b cavalry!
UserZero: you’ll be dead soon enough, be a bit patient on the imminent demise, but first, this joke!

Godmodder477: I am NOT a joke!
Godmodder477: I witnessed the war against Psi!
Godmodder477: I’ve been around before even you have, learning the trade!
Godmodder477: I've battled Notch head-on!
Godmodder477: And I’ve been ranking up as well!
Godmodder477: I'm not just some joke, I'm the absolute best in the world, and all that's between me and glory is YOU!

UserZero: talk talk talk, and yet who’s wearing the omega plus glove?!
UserZero: who’s the only one here!?
UserZero: first.
UserZero: last.
UserZero: and ONLY.

At least some of you decide that this is quite frankly not your business and attempted to log off immediately. Of course, as it turned out, your attempts to log off of this server immediately failed.

UserZero: ah, thinking of leaving, were you? yeah, can’t let word get out that easily!
UserZero: anyone who gets on stays on until i say otherwise, and i can do quite a bit more than you’d think with a few mc avatars!
UserZero: soooooo, just sit tight there and we’ll get this trash all worked out in a jiffy, and then i get to find where you live and add to my corpse collection!
UserZero: seriously i need a few more anti-godmodders to round out the collection right now!

She can’t possibly be serious.

Godmodder477: You think I’m that weak?!
UserZero: well, you are challenging someone twice your rank’s strength, so i really do think you are over your head!
UserZero: plus, even if you won you wouldn’t get omega plus, you have to go about killing the other godmodders with the imminently higher rank! killing me gets you nothing!

Godmodder477: Wait, what? You, you're just-but, wait-augh!
UserZero: but of course, you clearly didn’t know that's what that old rule actually meant until right about now, so the instant you saw me log onto here, you couldn’t help but try to ‘ambush,’ me, right?
UserZero: of course you couldn’t!
UserZero: you’re just so dumb!
UserZero: i have been on here a long while, plotting out defenses and the like, just for this moment!
UserZero: And of course, there’s what I’m doing in the big tree, but that’s not important!

OK, whatever is going on, the big tree in the distance is important.

UserZero: what IS important is that this is MY WORLD!
UserZero: and the price for trespassing is death, haha!

Godmodder477 backs up.

UserZero: so, yeah!
UserZero: i’m gonna reckon you’re pretty dead!
UserZero: you have no friends, no allies, and mano-a-mano i am straight-up better than you!
UserZero: now, i know the answer already, but are we going to do this the EASY way…
UserZero: or the HARD way?!

You swear that the Minecraft Avatar is grinning like a psycho killer menace, when previously she was only smirking. That really shouldn't be possible, this is just Minecraft (though some of you already know better than that). Certainly it's all just a game and this is some kind of weird RP server, right?


Godmodder477 looks around wildly, trying to think of a way out of this one as far as you can tell. That’s when he notices you all, clustered together.

Godmodder477: Well, you just heard what she said, right?
Godmdoder477: She’s going to honestly just gut us!
Godmodder477: I mean, seriously, you must have already noticed how many mods there are on here and how they just got magically installed onto your computer without a second of lag!
Godmodder477: OK, the real truth of the matter’s kind of complicated, but you realize that she is trying to ACTUALLY kill you all, right?!
Godmodder477: She can certainly find out where you live with her skills!
Godmodder477: She can certainly go there and do you in! Can’t respawn from that much!

UserZero: waitaminute, you’re not seriously-oh, you ARE seriously?!
UserZero: hahaha! man, I never thought you’d stoop this low, tuba boy!

Godmodder477: …Don’t let her get to you, Richard…

Huh. So his name is Richard.

UserZero: seriously, is this what it’s gonna come to?
Godmodder477: YES! Yes it has! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I will not back down!
Godmodder477: I can’t log off anyways! And all that aside, even you knew I was gonna go for the hard way!
Godmodder477: Did you THINK I was going to make it easy!?

UserZero: eh. good point.
UserZero: you’re too big of a coward and a wimp to actually fight me head on anyways, so i guess it could only make sense that you’re gonna team up with the wimpy anti-godmodders, after all!

Richard stands his ground, looking back angrily at UserZero. The fight was practically begging to start.

UserZero: …but i can appreciate getting both of you over and done with at the same time!
UserZero: ok i would prefer it if we did this one at a time but who cares!?
UserZero: let’s rock, n00bs!


(credit to TT2K and TwinBuilder for making these games, as well as TwinBuilder for the to-be-present banner! You guys rock!)​




0: In order to ultimately win, you must do the titular and Destroy the Godmodder.

1: Godmodders can block nearly every attack, but an attack that is creative enough is bound to do damage to them. You could also counter-godmod one of his/her blocks, but if that stretches on it will become ineffective.

2: If the godmodder is damaged by something, the godmodder will do something to make sure it never works again. This is known as the Curse of Repetitiveness™. This applies most obviously to attacking the godmodder, but it also works on attempts to do anything else.

3: You don’t have to just attack the godmodder to defeat him/her; you can summon Entities, Weapons, extreme attacks, and more, from almost any source you can think of. More on that is below in other sections.

4: You get two posts per round. A round is counted as a GM post that includes all the attack responses and the End-of-turn Battle, or EoTB.

5: If you only post once, your action will be considered ‘Focused’ and have much greater impact on the field. However, doing multiple actions in a single post will make every action weaker.

6: Please follow the forum rules. I mean, this should be obvious.

7: Do not argue with the GM. You can critique me and you can point out flaws and errors, but please do not argue with the GM.

8: This game is NOT a Roleplay. Hop in whenever you would feel like, there’s no need to sign up.

9: Have any questions? Ask the GM! I don't bite. Want to discuss something in private? PM me, and we'll see what's up.

10: Any post made before the EoTB is finished and announced is now null.

11: Rule 10 is unconstitutional. Ignore Rule 10.

12: You can do almost anything in this game-exceptions will be made clear as they come. Granted, most of what you'll need to do something amazing requires Great Effort and henceforth cooperation between players, so be prepared if you want to really shake up the status quo.​


0: This game is a prequel to Destroy the Godmodder and Destroy the Godmodder 2, and it is about how the current Godmodder, Godmodder477/Richard, achieved his ultimate rank of Omega Plus from UserZero, the first Godmodder. Hence, there are four sides a player can join: Anti-Zero, the default alignment and those allied with Richard; Pro-Zero, given to those who would ally with UserZero (willingly or otherwise), and Neutral, for those not interested in either. There has also been a new faction, made to oppose both Richard and UserZero: The Gottestoters, or Godslayers (I know that's not precisely correct spelling in the translation, German-speakers).

1: The default alignment is Anti-Zero, because UserZero wants all of you kicked out of the Staying Alive club. You can join the other factions, but Richard is your best bet to survive this war. Let's be clear: Yeah, she really CAN kill you.

2: Picking a side means you have to stick with it. To change sides, you have to do something sufficiently surprising. You also can't switch sides willy-nilly, as having Chronic Backstabbing Disorder wouldn't make betrayal very surprising.

3: The godmodders cannot stop you from betraying them, but they can take countermeasures.

4: The titular says to destroy the Godmodder. The question is, which godmodder? Anti-Zero players want to see UserZero destroyed, while Pro-Zero players want to see Richard destroyed. The Godslayers want BOTH of them dead. If one of those three are accomplished the game ends.​


0: UserZero and Richard/Godmodder477 are not the only two godmodders, though they ARE two of the most potent. Others can and will appear, either as unfortunate independents or lackeys of UserZero.

1: Godmodders are tough customers. Their one limitation is that they cannot be healed by any player-attempted means, period. However, they are stronger and more evasive than any other type of enemy, and more unpredictable at that.

2: Richard is only so strong, but killing stronger godmodders allows him to rank up, which is kind of part of the game's plot; if he kills a godmodder who is exactly a rank above him, he will gain that godmodder’s rank. Anti-Zero players need to be on the ball on this, because…

3: If Richard ranks up, he gets 10 Max and current HP on top of more godmodding power. This is really important to keeping him alive. UserZero's veritable amounts of defense on-server means that, if Richard goes, even for a second, you are almost certainly doomed.

4: Richard and UserZero are particularly skilled/powerful godmodders. The others are nowhere near as hard to injure, but they can still be dangerous.

5: Beware! Godmodders are prone to doing INSANE maneuvers upon hitting low HP. This can run the gamut from an ultra attack to a full heal to mass summons to outright fleeing to mass brainwashing, or all of that at once, and more. Make sure you finish them off quickly!

6: Small bit of exposition for your sake: There are ten godmodding ranks plus an unofficial one. In order of weakest to strongest, the official ranks are Alpha, Alpha Plus, Beta, Beta Plus, Gamma, Gamma Plus, Delta, Delta Plus, Omega, and Omega Plus. The ranks are symbolized by a greek letter, with the regular ranks getting the lowercase letter and the Plus ranks getting the uppercase letter. This letter will be beside the godmodder's allegiance so you know what you're up against. The exception is UserZero: As the only Omega Plus godmodder in existence (right now), she has the special title of Godmodder, proper noun.​


0: Yggdrasil is a massive tree at the center of any and every Minecraft world. No, really. It’s there. You just need to open your third eye all the way. That’s kind of hard. But in any case, UserZero has nefarious designs going on in there, secretive in nature and presumably evil in design. Anti-Zero and Godslayer Players have it as a secondary goal to get there, while Pro-Zero players want to keep them away.

1: In order to change the distance to Yggrdasil, you must do well in the battle: Every entity kill and hitpoint of damage on the godmodders will change the distance-closer for Anti-Zero and Godslayer players, and farther for Pro-Zero players. (Well, except when you damage Richard; He’s invested all too heavily in knockback protection for that.)

2: If one side has a glaring entity advantage, they can use this to push the other side back bit-by-bit every turn. the AZ and GS sides push forwards while the PZ side pushes back, natch.

3: UserZero wasn’t lying about having a huge amount of defenses here. Aside from a wave of entities that will surely come to her aid if she is in need of them, there are a series of powerful bosses beyond all reason known as the Gatekeepers. They will block all progress towards Yggdrasil at a certain point until they are defeated. Be wary, the Gatekeepers are insanely powerful!

4: This game is about freedom and creativity, but there is a noteworthy exception: Do NOT try to skip the Gatekeepers. UserZero will react…Badly if you somehow manage it, and that's gonna be complicated no matter how you dice it anyways.​


0: As you are not on a static battlefield and you need to get somewhere while you're doing all of this fighting, this means you will inevitably traverse various locations in order to progress.

1: Yes, you can alter the general area’s terrain, either through player-induced antics or just moving the battle somewhere else. It appears that the Biome settings for this world make them somewhat small…

2: No, you cannot stay in a certain terrain if the fight moves to a different one-you must stay where the main fight is, and that will have one terrain on it. There are no zone mechanics in DTG0.

3: The various Terrains each have different effects on the battlefield and its inhabitants, and the Terrain itself is extremely varied, ranging from the tame plains biome to the extreme weirdness that are anti-gravity temples with spikes and lemonade channels.

4: Weather can also get involved, and yes, it can stack with Terrain. Most rules that apply to Terrain also apply to Weather.

5: If you want an Entity to NOT be affected by Terrain, slap on an Airborn passive! It'll nullify any terrain shenanigans, positive or negative. On the other hand, weather can still effect Airborn entities.​


0: In this game, a staple mechanic is the ability to charge actions as well as do a regular action in a post. Charged actions are generally more powerful than regular ones. Summons become stronger, attacks become stronger, and so on.

1: The charge cap is 50. You can’t make the charges’ maximum value top that alone. Attempts to loophole this will fail-if something is charged it cannot be stronger than 50. The lone exception is if others help you.

2: You can have three charges at once.

3: You can only raise a charge by 1 every post, unless you got assists. Trying to raise it more than one per turn will nerf it.

4: You can give out three assists per post. An assist is basically an extra plus one. You cannot assist yourself, however, only other players, and you have to specify who gets the assists (IE, +3 to Tazz; +2 to TT2K, +1 to TwinBuilder; +1 to NumberSoup, +1 to crystalcat, +1 to Tabbune).

5: Nothing and no-one can subtract or nullify your charges.

6: Spamming charges over and over again will nerf them as per the Curse of Repetitiveness™. You counter this by not spamming them.

7: You cannot ‘store’ charges for later. You must use them within three rounds after you have completed them to use them, otherwise the charge goes stale and won’t work. (If you can’t/don’t post for a turn I won’t count that turn for purposes of staleness, because that would be rude to make your charge be worthless if you’re not there.)

8: In all of their myriad forms, Charges do have a weakness: Charged attacks have a much lower chance to damage godmodders than a regular one-shot attack would.

9: In addition, every-so-often you can find Charge Tokens! Each Charge Token equates to a 10-post charge, and can be applied to whatever charge you wish! However, one charge token is one-use, can’t break the charge cap, and they aren’t very common either!

10: If anything crops up that requires Great Effort, the best way to kickstart the herculean task ahead of you is to pair up with buddies to charge up something. this can SERIOUSLY shake the status quo and get you VERY far ahead.

11: Due to the Curse of Pact Preventation, you cannot charge beyond 200 points of charge for any entity unless you are a member of the PZ or Neutral faction. Any entity beyond 200 points of charge in this manner is always a boss, and while they may not be a member of your faction, they cannot be a member of the AZ or GS faction, period.​


0: Returning from DTG2 is the marvelous machine known as the Alchemiter! The Alchemiter is an incredible device that allows the combination of multiple items into a singular item, without consuming anything. It holds vast creative potential.

1: The Alchemiter works in two relatively simple ways at its basic form: && and ||. && Combines two items together into a new item (IE: Spoon && Fork = Spork) , while || Takes the form of the item on the LEFT side and gives it the functions of the item on the RIGHT side (IE: Broken Glass Bottle && Steel Sword = Broken Steel Bottle).

2: You can name and describe whatever goes into and out of the Alchemiter. If it's not obvious as to what it is or fall under a non-indicative name, it might help to do this for GM convenience. However, I am obligated to give you a name and description for whatever goes in if you don't give it one.

3: The Alchemtier works on a Level system. The bigger the level, the bigger the Alchemy, but it also takes more time to make a higher-level Alchemy. An Alchemy's creation time is it's level divided by two (rounded down), then +1 (so a Level 5 alchemy would take 3 turns to make). Unlike regular Charges, the creation of Alchemy CANNOT be boosted by assists or otherwise sped up. In addition, if an Alchemy goes over the Level cap, it can't be made. You CANNOT determine an Alchemy's level, that is strictly the GM's business. The Alchemiter's current level cap is 20.

4: The Alchemiter can be upgraded with player made modules, allowing for even more complicated Alchemies. In addition, you can upgrade the Level of the Alchemy, but you can't use Charges for that; every-so-often you will find a rare Alchemiter upgrade. They're usually hoarded by powerful beasts for whatever reason, so look for those.

5: Alchemies are fairly powerful. Each one comes with a damage bonus: +200 damage per attack per level of the Alchemy.

6: You can have three Alchemies going at the same time as three Charges. However, as described above, Alchemies cannot gain assists and must be done one post at a time.

7: I will keep a list of Alchemies available, but it should be practical to say that you should also keep a list for your own purposes. Not a hard rule, but it would be preferable to you and I.

8: You can raise the level of an Alchemy outside of the Alchemiter with charging, but you can't funnel more than 50 points of Charge into it, and the Level will NEVER breach Level 25, the maximum.

9: In case you have Alchemies from previous games: No, they are not valid. At BEST they are random pieces of flavor text that I won't heed for damage bonuses. If you want the damage bonus from an Alchemy, you have to make it yourself, in this game.

10: You can use Charges to summon Alchemies as well. Granted, because they can be assisted, a 5-post charge might not generate a level 5 Alchemy.

11: A note. The Alchemiter is not unlimited. Any weapon exceeding its level cap straight-up cannot be created under any circumstance.​


0: Entities have been a staple of DTG games. These are, in essence, beings from any source you could feasibly grasp, with no exceptions-ranging from Pop culture to amazing literature to historical figures to your own imagination, and anything in between!

1: There are a few exceptions to the above: You can’t use stuff from other forum games as entities. A few reasons why: It’s shameless advertising for the other forum game, it won’t make sense without playing that forum game, and it makes it extremely complicated to try to use other forum games as canon in the world of DTG in general. Plus, helps you be a bit more original. Any entity which breaks this rule will be banned from existence forever.

2: Entities can be instantly summoned or charged. Godmodders can brainwash uncharged entities, but this isn’t a guarantee, especially not early on.

3: If an Entity leaves the battlefield, either through an order, death or something else, it cannot come back, ever. It is dead for good. Exceptions are extremely rare.

4: It’s important that you keep up the Entity game! The godmodders are easier to hit with an entity advantage, and if you don’t’ have enough then the godmodder (and their entities) can start causing your attacks to fail! And of course, the godmodders can summon Entities of their own, sometimes much more powerful than a regular Player could.

5: Entities can be as complicated and creative as you can think of, with whatever crazy mechanics you can slap on being legal as long as they can be understood. Complicated/creative entities are usually more powerful, in fact, but THIS refers mostly to their mechanics.

6: Creativity goes beyond the summon! If your entity’s actions are creative enough, they can get damage boosts just like players!

7: Barring unusual mechanics, Entities can only act during the EoTB, and thus can act only once per Round.

8: In addition, there are other entities that don’t belong to the standard player alignments: [H] Hostile Entities are chaotic, powerful forces that are not aligned to any side and will attack anything on the field (if this sounds like Neutral, Hostile entities will ONLY ever attack others) while [???] Unaffiliated Entities have simply chosen no stance in this war, or may be part of some mysterious new side altogether.

9: You can summon an entity of any alignment, even one opposing yours if you feel like it. Your actual alignment won't matter (though it would still be counterproductive to summon PZ entities if you are AZ). These include entity-only allegiances. The Exception is bosses: They must be in the faction who has the most summoners. The exceptions to this will be handled on a case-by-case basis.​


0: Bosses are special entities, and usually cannot be summoned by players. They are MUCH stronger than regular Entities and can unleash devastating attacks! However, if they are defeated, they will damage the godmodder they are allied to! (If a Neutral boss bites it, the killer decides which godmodder gets damaged). The death of a boss is a method of damaging either godmodder 100% of the time, and the Curse of Repetetiveness™ can’t stop it as well!

1: If a boss dies, it drops a Spoil of War, given to whoever killed it.

2: A Spoil of War is a powerful artifact that can be used to turn the tide of battle! Their effects are extremely powerful. However, they all have recharge periods, where they cannot be used.

3: A Spoil of War can do anything, from straight-up damage to buffing entities to debuffing entities to healing entities to doing something insane. You get the idea.

4: Spoils of War cannot be traded except at special opportunities. They can’t be stolen either.

5: A comprehensive list of Spoils and who owns them is below, in Spoilers.​

The Colegmerate: The Power Cleaner. Wielder: Bomber57.
A wooden mop that cackles with electricity. It was the mop of the late Colegmerate, but no more. Upon activation, it becomes the epicenter of a massive orb of lightning which you can then direct onto a single entity for massive damage. Cooldown: [||||]

Charles Barkley: The Zeroth Ball. Wielder: Insert_Generic_Username.
A pure-blue Basketball, made of pure Slamicite and Jamicite. its powers make it so incredible that every dribble produces substantial B-ball energies. However, Basketball is a TEAM sport, so it's best used with a team. Upon activation, the user and four other entities/players of choices can minicrit for that turn only! Cooldown: [|||||]

The Soul of the Core: Traho. Wielder: The_Topazian.
A chestplate with the image of the stars in the night sky brilliantly. It feels of unmatched gravity majjyks, and its wearer can sustain almost any blow through deflection or density...Assuming they can wear it for an extended period of time. Using this, a Player can face-tank all damage for up to 3 entities for one turn, and gain extreme amounts of armor to do so! They can still die, however. Cooldown: [||||]

Phantom Walker: Mask of Agony. Wielder: Hezetor.
A mask worn by the late Phantom Walker, worn and torn, with black stains running down from the eyelids...Wearing this makes you feel like you're being tortured, ever so slightly. Activating this Spoil will cause you to go into a frenzy, allowing every attack you make to activate Agony stacks! Agony Stacks up to 3 times; the 1st and 2nd stack lower Damage and Defense by 10% each, while the 3rd expends them all for a massive damage attack! This lasts for 3 turns, whereupon all existing Agony Stacks will wear off )dealing small damage). Until then, Agony Stacks do not decay. Cooldown: [|||||||]

The Chief: Decaying Heart. Wielder: crystalcat.
A greenish heart locked in a state of near-rot by various machinery dotted along it, this was ripped from the chest of the late Chief. It stinks, BAD. This spoil will temporarily change the Terrain to Decayed Land, which will cause any entity killed while it persists to turn into an allied Tombstone, which will persist until death. Decayed Land overrides any other Terrain types. Decayed Land lasts for 2 turns, whereupon it changes to Purified Land, which has no effect. Tombstones will last until death. Kills by UserZero and Richard do not create Tombstones. Cooldown: [|||||||]

Twitchy, the Hivemind Incarnate: Alchemical Symbol. Wielder: insert_generic_username.
A black symbol glowing a dim red, this ever-shifting symbol rapidly switches between every alchemical symbol ever to exist, a reminder of Twitchy's ever-changing and ever-random form and power. The use of this spoil summons a Disembodied Heart, a powerful entity that can also summon weaker entities as well as attack! It will last until killed, at which point any summonlings will also expire. The Disembodied Heart's cooldown does not resume until it's dead. Cooldown: [|||||||||| ||||||||||]

The Hyperstorm: Weath Ray. Wielder: battlefury13.
A sleek black, simplistic space cannon-looking thing, between its barrels lies a maelstrom of spatial energies. When fired, a tight cylindrical stream of microscopic portals is ripped open, cutting through almost anything like a hot knife through butter. Upon use, this spoil will deal very high damage to a singular entity, ignoring all defensive passives it may posses, except Evasion. It has a 5% chance to do five times its total damage on hit. If the action to use it is Focused, it jumps up to 20%.
Cooldown: [|||||||]

Chef-Class Imperator Titan: Cutlery of the Cooking gods. Wielder: battlefury13.
A set of cutlery, brimming with the brilliant force of the trifecta of cooking gods: Gordon Ramsay, Alton Brown, and Emril Lagasse. They give whoever wields them an unnaturally savvy insight into all things cooking. Upon use, the wielder will create a divine feast, granting not only a moderate amount of healing to two entities, but also giving them the well-fed buff, which improves damage by 10,000 points.
Cooldown: [||||]

Omega Flowey: The Golden Aster. Wielder: Jyanpu.
A simple Aster, golden in petal color, that would appear totally ordinary to any other. However, within it resides the leftover residue of the powerful merger of six souls that was Omega Flowey. Upon use, the user becomes completely vulnerable and will take minicrit damage, but all damage they deal will be critical. When it wears out, the player returns to invulnerability even if they were wounded.
Cooldown: [|||]

Chara, the Angel of Genocide: The Locket. Wielder: Hezetor.
A very simple circular locket. A faded image is within of two figures, with the words 'Best Friend Forever' faintly engraved upon it. It carries the leftover DETERMINATION of its former owner, and with it their ability to defy death. Upon use, the user or Entity of choice will become ABSOLUTELY invincible for that turn only, capable of surviving ANY blow, no exceptions. It goes into effect immediately, but wears off at the end of the turn. However, any attacks that are instant-kill in nature will force the entity to take damage.
Cooldown: [|||]

The Paradox Casino: The Devouring Eight. Wielder: ConsumerOfAll.
A purple set of 8d8, possibly used in Gambling in the Paradox Casino-though since the Red handed these to you and you didn't find them in the Paradox Casino itself, who knows? They occasionally crackle with Paradox energies. The dice are activated upon rolling, and their effect is based upon the results rolled, with higher rolls having more beneficial effects. It might backfire if a roll is low. In addition, if used on the turn a Paradox is created by anyone other than the wielder, the potency of the effects is increased.
Cooldown: [||]

The Caster: The Spectral Bow. Wielder: Pionoplayer.
A bow that the Caster wielded; it is constructed entirely of an ethereal material. Magical power of a necromantic sort emits from it, but this bow shows no sign of impurity of purpose, making it safe to wield and command. Upon use, the user will fire a single arrow at the target, summoning a legion of Elite Skeletons; these skeletons will assault the target for high damage. They will then persist as an invincible summon for two turns, allied to the use and immune to brainwashing.
Cooldown: [|||||]

Flumpty Waalumpty: Waluigi Thyme. Wielder: Pionoplayer.
A simple cylindrical container, packed with a small sampling of Waluigi's secret spice. The scent of it is extraordinarily spicy for its origin, and the power of the Thyme itself is apparent even when not directly exposed. When used, it directly interferes with the Plot forces and causes a game-changing event to occur, typically by the infusement or ingestment of Thyme into another being to empower the entity to extreme heights. However, in most cases, the Thyme also causes extreme madness and/or uncontrollable surges of power-extensive preparation must be taken care of to make sure that the benefactor does not go insane, typically in the form of preparing it alongside a worthy meal.

This Spoil of War is different from the others. Instead of a cool-down period, this Spoil has 18 separate uses that do not replenish, which may be expended either individually or three at once. Each use must be applied to anything other than a Player or a previous beneficiary of the Thyme (for reasons of balance). A single use is temporary and weaker, while three is permanent. This Spoil of War fluctuates heavily with the creativity of the wielder; a failure to properly prepare for it will likely have your attempts with this spoil backfire, while a sufficiently creative post can control the powers of the Thyme successfully. Either way, the power is sufficient to elevate items and peoples to an extraordinarily powerful status, so be careful on who or what you use this on, and be doubly careful as to how you give it to them. Invincible super-Entities aren't fun if they're trying to kill you-and you have no way of knowing how, exactly, the Thyme will react to them. Once you run out of Thyme, you're never getting any more again. In other words, Waluigi Thyme will be over.
Uses: [|||]W[|||]A[|||]A[|||]A[|||]A[|||]A

…And that’s all I have in terms of rules! Now, are you ready to Destroy the Godmodder?


Terrain: Plains (No effects)

Weather: Clear (No effects)

[AZ-γ] Godmodder477: 50/50 HP

[GM] UserZero: 150/150 HP

Distance to Yggdrasil: 5000

|||| The Power Cleaner: READY. Owner: Bomber57 [AZ]
||||| The Zeroth Ball: READY. Owner: Insert_Generic_Username [AZ]
|||| Traho: READY. Owner: The_Topazian [/color][AZ]
||||||| Mask of Agony: READY. Owner: Hezetor [AZ]
||||||| Decayed Heart: READY. Owner: crystalcat [AZ]
|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| Alchemical Symbol: READY. Owner: Insert_Generic_Username [AZ]
||||||| Weath Ray: READY. Owner: Battlefury13 [PZ]
|||| Cutlery of the Cooking Gods: READY. Owner: Battlefury13 [PZ]
||| Golden Aster: READY. Owner: Jyanpu. [AZ]
||| The Locket: READY. Owner: Hezetor [AZ]

Terraria DTG Discussion Thread Lonk, for all your nullpost-worthy needs.
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Charging: ultra nuke 9999899901826201u27921sia8oqgs91go2uapfge jo wt ch pi w b ey1gid8101 u 3702725491/1
i span ulta nook an intsa kll booth g0dmoddddars an blo u ygavgs hd gagddrasil


It already looked ominous, if simple enough. The current Omega Plus Godmodder, UserZero, challenged you (the players) and the then-Gamma ranked Godmodder Richard to a fight to the death, with the only oddity being the heavy fortifications surrounding Yggdrasil. UserZero was a bloodthirsty lunatic and Richard, while almost certainly an egotistical snob, was also infinitely more reasonable. Sure, there were disagreements when the Gottestoters-or Godslayers-formed, believing that Richard would turn into an even worse threat than UserZero, but at the very least the stakes were reasonably low-key.

Then, Charles Barkley, The Big Man and the first Gatekeeper to Yggdrasil was slain; Star, one of the Anti-Zeroes, was possessed by an unknown entity in his offensive against him, and thereafter UserZero revealed to have an as-of-yet unexplored link to this entity, which she used to temporarily reduce the players to a vulnerable state. It was reverted by a later fight against a godmodder. Then sans, a Gamma Plus godmodder appeared, holding a major grudge against UserZero. By the time the group had reached Twitchy, the Hivemind Incarnate and the second Gatekeeper, UserZero had made a threat; back off the war and leave Richard to die, or she'd press the detonator, which was hooked up to something. Given that she had insisted upon killing you all after dealing with Richard, you naturally refused to listen and offed Twitchy.

The detonator was linked to Earth. Your world. Or at least, world to many, including the creators of the game. Suddenly, the Zeroth Server was flooded with confused people and new Godmodders, and UserZero pinned the blame of it all on Richard. And yet, you continued to fight on.

Of course, some of you seemed awfully...Desperate. While Richard fought against Sans was going on, another Anti-Zero by the title of The Scribe happened upon Flowey the Flower, who offered him a deal-deliver unto him six souls and they would become a god. Not realizing that this was going to suck for all of the victims, the Scribe agreed and gathered the five other sacrifices, and slew each other just as Richard slew sans and claimed his rank to create the dreaded Omega Flowey. Omega Flowey did not live long, thanks to UserZero, but Omega Flowey's impact was nevertheless massive; his sheer apperance sundered space-time by creating a Savefile for 0rigins, a process that would usually be extremely strenuous on the fabric of time, and the fabric of time was often said by the GM to be rather...Frail. It didn't help that the war seemed to be Paradox city. Yggdrasil, or something from within Yggdrasil, summoned six powerful Coffins in response, intending to kill Omega Flowey-though they didn't do anything of note as UserZero killed Omega Flowey before they could attack, and in his expiration, so too did they expire. Finally, UserZero summoned Chara, the Angel of Genocide and the third Gatekeeper Boss. Their ferocity and power was matched only by their DETERMINATION, so extreme it could undo death itself. Not too long afterwards, in an effort to root out an infestation of the Dark Carnival on her Server, UserZero forcibly summoned one of their buildings, the Paradox Casino, a fountainhead of Paradoxes.

While you fought Chara, UserZero told the story of how she managed to accure his aid. In short, it was brainwashing through the link she had to them as the player of the game, coupled with torture by endless sans. In doing so, sans became aware of the time-looping nature of the world and the curse impacted upon Chara, and the real nature of the being himself; and in doing such, UserZero intervened directly. This ended poorly for everyone present then. With this information, coupled with the knowledge that UserZero had directly Cursed Chara, Hezetor shoving chocolate into his mouth to break this curse freed Chara, who promptly killed themselves.

Just before this kill, however, the works of three players finally sprung into Fruition, and they had finally created a planet large enough to serve as a substitute earth, with sufficient terraforming. Alas, unable to leave the battlefield and lacking the extreme power needed to put it back where it was before, they had no choice but to summon it directly over the battlefield; the consequences of which are still ongoing, but in short, with very few beyond the battlefield aware of what it really was, UserZero declared it some form of attack and planned on exploiting it by using it as a fieldwiping tool.

Meanwhile, the Paradox Casino, still alive, was slain by the joint effort of basically everyone. However, upon the defeat of the Paradox Casino, Jokefkera was nowhere to be found and Dimentio left a cryptic threat before vanishing himself. It was this turn that the repetetive temporal anomalies sundering the war finally came to a head, apparently, and DTG0 suffered a fatal error. It would have been Game Over and death by glitch, had not an unknown entity appeared, who explained the situation and vowed to fix it, and until then had managed to get everyone to Aetheria.

It has been several days since then, and while lulls in the fighting have been nothing new to you, it was nice feeling like nothing was about to suddenly kill you. Of course, this world-that of Terraria-was already a land involved in a Godmodding war (and specifically that of a potential future's war-most of you didn't get any details beyond the fact it was against an Omega Plus and not Uzi), and could not bear to have your fight in it. Plus, what of the fate of Minecraft, and the innocents lodged within, and Earth 2.0?

A few minutes ago, you recieved a message in chat, jointly, all at approximately the same time. "Ihave Come. Meet Me At Aetherian Central." You still did not entirely trust this guy, but what choice did you have? Thus, you are now at the heart of Aetheria, the voidcity you have been teleported to for the duration of this...Bugfixing. I'm there as well-the guy with hair to shield his eyes, that would be me, yes. I'm just in the corner, here. Please don't mind me. And don't bother trying to kill me, you know how this place works with its anti-lawbreaking thingamabober...Oh.

A blotch of purple lighting and distortion tears into the local space-time in front of the majority of you, and everyone present turns their heads, before a man steps out of it. He was a very short man, almost dwarfish in stature, and just as thin. His electric blue eyes and fiery red hair didn't quite match his rather sad, irritated face, as if he's been through quite a lot. Wrapped around his left hand is some kind of...Err, rope? I guess it's a rope, though it is black as pitch in coloration, a bit of a contrast from all the red he's wearing. Honestly, altogether he looks like a bit of a Ringmast...er.


You draw weapons, immediately, as do I. I believe that we've found, uh, the
Red. That guy. Purple Lightning, plus All Red, plus a Ringmaster's look? Can't be a coincidence altogether like that.

"Given The Nature Of Aetheria, Ido Not Think You Will Be Very Successful. Please, Stand Down. We Have Some Time Before That Infernal War Restarts." Says the man who is unambiguously the Red. As the Distortion clears, you notice that, hovering behind his head, almost like a halo, is the core of a Paradox. It fritzes and glitches and does all the Paradox-y stuff but it refuses to actually do anything of note...Like it's being Controlled...It appears the hype about this guy, little as it has been, has been completely real.

Half of you have a mind to start tearing into this guy immediately, but are either stopped by the other half or recall Aetheria's quirk with anyone with homicidal intent. There's definitely a lot of shouting, though all at once the
Red snaps his fingers and everyone, except me perhaps for purposes of transcription, suddenly finds making sound a massive challenge.

"Nevertheless, He Is Correct. Iam The One Known As The Red, 'Mirthful Messiah.' Dimentio Has Said Much Of You To Me," The Red says. "In Any Case, Guardian, Ihave the Mostly-Repaired 0th Disc Here," He adds, pulling from his pocket a black disc emblazoned with a red zero. It looks almost totally fine, bar the faint, scattered lines-though the number of them tells you that the 0th Disc was completely broken and not merely scratched. I reach over and grab it with the care of a man handling fine china. I do NOT trust this guy. "Fair Enough," He responds. "The Technical Leaders Of The Dark Carnival Are Its Princes, Of Which Jokefkera and Dimentio Are But Two. However, To The Mirthful Messiahs They Will Slay Themselves, So I Suppose Iam In Charge. Ishould Also Briefly State that The Dark Carnival Is Not In Fact The Actual Name Of The Ones Who Seek To Exploit Paradoxes In Undoing Reality. That Was But A Mocking Name Given By Older Cultures, Donned In Pride-Back When They Were Known Only As The Miasmists. But Enough Of That, It Is Irrelevant Trivia."

"While You Are Not At Fault For The Destruction Of The Zeroth Disc, Or Rather, Not All Of You," He says, glaring at a select few of your number, "I Must Nevertheless Remind You Of The Fact That, No Matter What You Do In This War, Any Action You Take Will Chip Away At The Structure Of Space-Time, Already Running Thin. I Must Warn You That If The Hexahedron Ever Breaks Again It Will Be Beyond Repair. Ergo, Take Haste In Ending This War As Soon As Possible, First And Foremost." The Red says. "It Would Be Terribly Difficult If Not Impossible To Undo Such A Calamity."

'If' not impossible? If you're saying it'll break for good, then I'm not sure we can survive that! It's the Source Code of Reality we are talking here! Kind of hard to live without!

"There Are Ways To Undo Even That And Start From Scratch. The Plot Forces Have Exploited A Location Within The Multiverse Known As The Exception Which Only Has The Base Of Existence, With The Fabric Of Reality Ending And Beginning At This Location. If Someone Were To Go There, With The Blessing Of One Of The Four Great Powers-The Two Plot Forces, A Terminae, Or An Unfantomable One-They Could Effectively Reset The Entire Space-Time Continuum, With Everything In It, And Create A New, Blank Slate Of Reality. However, This Is Not Possible."

...Why did you explain that knowing it wasn't possible?! ((Quick note, an Unfantomable One = Horrorterorr = Major Eldritch Abomination, IE Nyarly.))

"It Would Be Possible If Not For UserZero," He says. "She Will Not Rest Until Every Precieved Threat To Her Life Is Unable To Exist. She Threatens You Not With Death But With Existential Annihilation And Nothing Short Of It. She Has Gone Mad, But Not With Bloodlust. Or Not Entirely With Bloodlust. Only When You Are Annihilated Will She Consider Her Work Done. Of Course, If This Is Allowed To Continue, The Dark Carnival Will Finally Win Their Eons-Long Crusade Against Existence And Put Everything On The Line For A Paradise Not Even Icould Predict Nor Generate Myself. Not Coincidentally, You Descendants Are Absolutely Vital To Reality For Multiple Reasons. I Cannot State Any But One: What She Would Do Would Obliterate Not Just You But The Power That The Narrative Has Given You. The Sheer Amount Of It Does Not Seem Like Much To You, But Compared To Almost Any Other Being It Is Effectively Godlike. If This Power Is Suddenly Destroyed, Then The Loss Would Be The Straw That Broke Existence's Back. Only If You Fell Into A Hope-Obliterating Despair Could Your Deaths Not Cause The End Of Fiction-In Such Despair You Will Have Lost The Determination And Hope That Makes You Descendants. This Is The Only Reason Ihave Not Opted To Solve The Problem By Way Of Wiping You All From Existence By The Way. Well, That And I Am Strained Trying To Keep The Tears In Space-Time In Check," The Red says.

That is absolutely wonderful to hear, Mr. Red, That certainly hasn't made us all on-edge of how much you'd be willing to gambit and your intentions.

"Ihave Not Been Able To Honestly State My Actual Intentions For A Long Time Now," The Red says. "Back To the Problem At Hand, And How We Shall Solve It. Again, Iwill Be Unable To Lend Direct Aid To You To Keep Time-Space From Unexpectedly Dying, Which Leaves You To Solve The Core Of The Problem. UserZero Is Likely To Be Aware If Idirectly Mention The Cause But Ican Say That It Lies In Yggdrasil. I Must Also State That While Normally It Would Be Terribly Unwise To Do So, You Must Destroy What Is Lurking In The Depths Of The World Tree." The Red states. "It Is The Only Way At This Point. Once That Is Done, A Multiversal Reset Can Occur. Ido Not Know Where The Exception Is To Perform It Myself, But Iknow That UserZero Knows. Sadly, Its Location Is Perhaps The Best-Kept Secret In Existence As Even The Omniscient Cannot Scry It, Given It Is Lacking Basis In Reality."

"I Will Have Business Of My Own To, But It Will Be A Bit Of A While Before Imust Leave To Take Part In It. Ask Me Questions If You Must, But Discreetly. Iwill Only Have My Ears Available For Two Turns Before Imust Concentrate Fully At My Own Tasks," The Red states. "Before Igo, However..."

"Consumer, You Have Been Made Aware Of Certain States About UserZero. Iwould Prefer That Information Remained At The Very Least Amongst You Descendants, And As Insurance To Make Sure Of Such, I Grant You This."

The Red walks up to Consumer, and hands him a set of dice, 8d8 to be precise. Generic looks on with a certain envy as ConsumerOfAll receives the Paradox Casino's Spoil Of War: The Devouring Eight! A simple set of powerful 8d8 colored purple, upon activation the user rolls them to determine one of what is quite frankly a near-unlimited array of attack options takes effect, some of which could backfire while others could be spectacular. In addition, if they are used on the turn a Paradox occurs and you are not the cause, the effects will increase in power (for the better). Because of its random effect and potential to backfire, it has a short cooldown of only two turns.

While Consumer admires his new Spoil, A similar effect to before occurs, more crackling of Paradox energies, before a very familiar figure appears. Dimentio.

Dimentio: Ah, Mirthful One! It is time! Oh, hello.
Dimentio: Ehehehe, if you're expecting an explanation, then you are as empty handed as an Undead Dandy!
Dimentio: I will say, however, that I am Dimentio, Master of Dimensions and Pleaser of Crowds, and what Crowd-Pleaser is not without his masks?

"Oh Hush." The Red says. Dimentio looks taken aback but says no more. "If Icould Have Used My Powers To Bring About The Paradise These Clowns Wanted Iwould Have Done So Already To Get Them Away From Me. But Let It Be Said That Iwill Not Tolerate Their Total Annihilation, As Iam Just As Important As You Are In Keeping Space-Time Alive, And Those Cops Would Not Care For It At All If It Meant Iwas Dead. But Enough. I Have Said Too Much, And Will Take Leave Before Much More," The Red says.

A click of his fingers, and the duo are gone in another flash of purple. Voice returns, and I cheerily filter out every word of lesser standing. Or really just all of them. Without ado, I inspect the disc on a deeper level-my powers should allow me to, you know, see it on a different level...Hrm...Yeah. It checks out. The damage has been minimized.

Battlefury, as it was ultimately your hand that caused the 0th Disc to shatter...If ever again your judgement calls state that allowing a mindless god of chaos to break this disc again is a good thing, I will personally curse you with a special curse while I get SOMEONE to beat you over the head with a massive hammer. The Curse in question is the Curse of Being Hated By All Dogs And Dog-Related Powers Unconditionally. Guess what that entails, and guess what that's gonna mean for you and your favorite abilities? I can't stop everything you do but I will kick your hindquarters if it happens again and you're responsible. This goes for anyone else as well. Do NOT touch that disc again, its too important to lose now.

...With that said, let's not do any more lollygagging. With all the temporal-spatial glitches you've all had plenty of time to relax. I plug in the 0th Disc and immediately teleport you all back to the Zeroth Server, right where you were before.

You briefly experience the feeling of being only able to move a very short distance before snapping backwards. This feeling, however, quickly eases away into nothingness as the 0th disc reboots. I'll save you the rebooting sequence. It's mostly just the Update Terminal Doing fact-checks...99% stability...Projected 1% decrease in...OK, as far as that is concerned we have plenty of time. However, with all that has just been revealed said, if this disc breaks again we're officially screwed beyond salvation. clear?

As everything starts to turn back to normal, you witness UserZero and Richard guarding. Right, they were bracing for the thing that had just occurred. Of course, for now, all that occurs is...Well, nothing really. It already occurred. The duo look around nervously-UserZero somewhat more so than Richard-before resuming their endless dance without a word.

Good to be back, you suppose.


The Itinerary:
[GS]: De-corrupt Crusher's Evidence! It's crucial to proving UserZero detonated earth! (Great Effort!) (Crystal ready! One more player needed!)
[GS]: Defend Earth!
[GS]: Reach Yggdrasil!
[GS]: Destroy Godmodder477!
[GS]: Destroy UserZero!

[AZ]: De-corrupt Star's Evidence! It's crucial to proving UserZero detonated earth! (Great Effort!) (Crystal ready! One more player needed!)
[AZ]: Defend Earth!
[AZ]: Reach Yggdrasil!
[AZ]: Defend Godmodder477!
[AZ]: Destroy UserZero!

[PZ]: Stop anyone from reaching Yggdasil!
[PZ]: Knock Earth off course!
[PZ]: Defend UserZero!
[PZ]: Destroy Godmodder477!

Terrain: Desert (adds heat!) Current Heat: 80 celcius, adds 20 degrees of heat (in celcius) per turn, adds an Obelisk per turn. Obelisks: 3.
Weather: DARUDE Sandstorm. 10% chance of friendly fire; Airborn entities take DoT; Evasion lowered by 10%; 1,000 DoT to non-AZ entities; 10% chance of PZs losing action to song.

[???] The Every-Dimension Portal: Infinite HP. Ideas: Almond Milk Elemental (3 votes); A Giant Bedrock Hamster Ball That Is Also Transparent And Is Containing One Million Bulls All Running Cooperatively So That The Ball Can Keep Rolling Without Any Interruption From The Inside And It Can Also Fly Somehow (0 votes); Dodecahedral Potato wielding a Laser Gun (0 votes).

[???] Booster Rings: 199,000/200,000 HP x2. Doing nothing.

[H] Anomaly: Failure. 58,000/60,000 HP. 20% dodge. Adaptions: Ignores all dodge.

[N] Sandfall &mpersand: 107,000/240,000 HP. Can mind control near everything! Can't dodge but will always counterattack. Struggle Counter: 0 (b/c transform resets) Zodiac: III. Pyramidon: III. Obelisk Objection: III. God Complex: IIIIIIIIII.

[N] Genesis Dog: 80,000/180,000 HP (+4,000 regen). Stock: 2. Machines: 1. Bullets: 0. Dog Power: 6/100. Custmoners: N/A. Rapid Redoggening: III. Dogsong. IIII. Doggening: IIIII. Second Dog: IIIIIII. Drain Of Dog: IIIII. Oh No, The Dogmanity: IIIIIIIIII. Reload: II. Marked for Death! Frozen!

[N] Refurbished Protector Ship: 100,000/100,000 HP. Protects Earth, nothing more. 33% chance to bodyblock. Airborn. +10,000 HP to Protectorate Shield while alive. Cannot Do Anything Else.

[GS] The Avenger: 109,000/200,000 HP. Airborn. Spawns 10 Rookies every turn. Docking Bay: Empty. Elite Squad Drop: III Alien Clone Drop: III Scientific Progression: III Defend This House: III PAUSED, NOT SHOT DOWN.
Redshirts: 1/1 HP x10.
Specialists: 7/10 HP x1. Gremlin can buff or heal. Restoration: III
Rangers: 7/10 HP x1; 7/10 HP x1. Burn on Sword use (hit grounded targets). Reaper: III
Psionics: 7/10 HP x2. Mind Control: IIII Stasis: III Insanity: III
Andromedons: 5/8 HP x2. Free 'respawn.' Acid Lob: III

[GS] Schrodinger's Ultron: 2/5 HP. 4 Armor. Has a 50% chance to actually follow orders, but is surprisingly powerful!

[GS] Frankenstein's Pokemon: 250,000/350,000 HP. Flexibility: 10%. Regen: II. Missing Numbers: III Judgroarof Renforced: IIIII

[AZ] Ultra Greed, the Saint of Clutch: 67,500/150,000 HP. At 3/4 health, takes 3/4 damage. At 1/2 health, takes 1/2 damage. At 1/4 health, gets 2 attacks and takes 1/4th damage. Dodges all Splash Damage. Mildly Evasive (10%). Bank: 23/150 Pennies. Purchases: Wrath of Greed, Hangar Bay, Bling Cleansing, Bling Volcano, Double Down, Trancendence, Bumbo, Investment. Keepers: 6,500/7,500 HP x4. Bumbo: Invincible! 2 turns remaining.

Captain Falcon: 110,000/275,000 HP. Upon death, Star is pulled from the [DATA EXPUNGED]QUEST. Show Me Ya Moves: IIIII Come On! Yes!: III FALCON PUNCH!: IIIIIIII

[AZ] The Informant: 49,000/75,000 HP.

[AZ] Hezetor: 13/20 HP. 3 Armor. Hyper-Evasive (50%). Capable of Copying Deceased Entities! Copied: Zarod (Strangle: III (note: blue = no charge! red = charge!) ), 1st ESFB (Super-Evasive), Crocidibli (Levitator Enforcer: IIII (note: blue = no charge! green = charge!)). AGONIZER: II

[AZ] Talist: 10/25 HP +1 Regen per turn.. Mood: N/A (2/3 Mind.).

[AZ] crystalcat:
0/20 HP. +1 Armor from Guardmail.

[AZ] Toast: 13/20 HP.

[AZ] The Golem: 13/20 HP. +1 Armor from Temmie Armor.

[AZ] Pricey: 14/20 HP.

[AZ] Bomber57: 20/20 HP.

[PZ] Vargas: 145,000/200,000 HP. Improves Damage of Specials and increases attack power as HP Lowers! Ragna Break & Helios Vanguard: III>II. Ardent Flare Ride: IIIIII

[PZ] Selena: 120,000/220,000 HP. Can prevent fatal blows! Doubles charge and grants +10,000 Regen to all PZs! Estreal Bloom & Crystal Laviena: III>II. Mercurious Blade: IIIIII

[PZ] Lance: 135,000/210,000 HP. Negates Crits and Minicrits for PZs, and gives them 1/2 Damage Reduction when damage taken in one turn exceeds 50,000 HP! Mystral Night & Earthbond: III>II. Starglow Escudo: IIIIII

[PZ] Eze: 155,000/180,000 HP. All damage on hitting the same foe multiple times (entities only) gets Crit Damage! Fulgor Caelestis & Varze Superbia: III>II. Supreme Bolt: IIIIII

[PZ] Atro: 155,000/190,000 HP. Leaves 2 Charge Points when Charge is expended! Innocent Regelus & Veritas Reve: III>II. Transcendent Sky: IIIIII

[PZ] Magress: 195,000/240,000 HP. Negates Defense and Evasion for PZs while alive! Sidereal Blackness & Dark Demise: III>II. Judecca: IIIIII

[PZ] engie_ninja/Walker: 3/20 HP. Has 1 Armor.

[PZ-a] ConsumerOfAll: 4/20 HP. Has Alpha (5) Armor. Collected Passives: N/A. Collected Actives: Sniper Rifle Railgun (III)

[AZ-G] Godmodder477: 29/60 HP.

[GM] UserZero: 103/150 HP.

[???] Earth 2.0: Infinite HP. Airborn. Ascension: IIIII. [AZ]: 0/600,000 HP. [PZ]: 40,000/600,000 HP. [GS]: 0/600,000 HP. [H]: 0/600,000 HP. Hard-Light Barrier: 15,000/15,000 HP. Boulder Field: 5,000/5,000 HP. Giant Chocolate Egg: 1,000/1,000 HP. Intensified Force Field: 6,000/6,000 HP. Protectorate Shield: 5,000/??? HP. Bubble Wrap: 5,000/5,000 HP. FIDBC: 15,000/15,000 HP. Blanket: 10,000/10,000 HP. Flame Heynard: 15,000/15,000 HP. Star-Charged Metallic Meteor: 30,000/30,000 HP. Bucket Shield: 20,000/20,000 HP (75% chance of working). 10% Dodge chance (until successful dodge). 5% Damage Reduction. 25% damage reflection. Shields: 6.

Distance to Yggdrasil: 3155

The Discussion thread, for all your nullposting needs!

|||| The Power Cleaner: READY. Owner: Bomber57 [AZ]
||||| The Zeroth Ball: READY. Owner: Insert_Generic_Username [AZ]
|||| Traho: READY. Owner: The_Topazian [/color][AZ]
||||||| Mask of Agony: READY. Owner: Hezetor [AZ]
||||||| Decayed Heart: READY. Owner: crystalcat [AZ]
|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| Alchemical Symbol: READY. Owner: Insert_Generic_Username [AZ]
||||||| Weath Ray: READY. Owner: Battlefury13 [PZ]
|||| Cutlery of the Cooking Gods: READY. Owner: Battlefury13 [PZ]
||| Golden Aster: READY. Owner: Jyanpu. [AZ]
||| The Locket: READY. Owner: Hezetor [AZ]
|| The Devouring Eight: READY. Owner: ConsumerOfAll [PZ]
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Ultra Mega Uber Super Grand Hyper Terrific Dynamic Epic ????? Attack:
================================================== 9/50(+1 from Twin/Scribe)

name not found :
================================================== 3/50

Gravity Magnagun:
===== 5/5(+2 from Twin/Scribe)
+3 to Twin/Scribe

The ground shook a little bit as what seems to be an unpowered gigantic gravity gun on a stand rose from the ground, requiring a good amount of earth to be cracked as its ascent occurs. Suddenly, tiny crackles of energy came out as the entirety of the gun lights up, and after doing so, aims into the skies. Gravity Magnagun summoned.


Name: Gravity Magnagun
Health: Tazz's decision
Description: A gravity gun the size of a pyramid resting on a stand large enough to hold it. The gun seems to be releasing a purplish light. The whole thing seems to be immobile.
Purpose: Pull any attacks(entity or projectile, it doesn't matter) directed to Earth 2.0 and into itself, taking the damage. In other words, it's not a barrier but gameplay-wise, it acts like one.
Special: (If too not op) 10% chance of pushing attack away instead of pulling it. In other words, 10% chance to negate an attack.

Daz Alkremies:
Kusarigama && Handheld Dark Energy Generator && Kusarigama = Noctem Dreadmill 5/??
Arm Cannon || Supercharged Gravity Gun = Arm Gravitizer 3/4

Why the initial distrust on Red?...and how did I end up raising a weapon at him?....meh whatever LET'S GO!

I stare at Selena in a threatening manner. Once she notices me, I then...

...look away and started thinking about what else I can do, looking as if I am ignoring her and not thinking of her as a threat at all... or so she thinks because what she is looking at is just a realistic hologram of me and the real me just grabbed her by the head and is now looking for a good spot to smash her head into...

...and I couldn't find one so I just put down an anvil of my own and started reshaping her head into a sword with a hammer(because cartoon logic yayyyyyythisisn'tevenacartoonbutwhatever). Selena's Head Sword acquired!

Selena's Head Sword: Selena's head molded into a sword on top of a regular anvil with a regular hammer. Surprisingly sharp. Also her body is still connected and being dragged along with it, with the neck functioning as its handle.

With this new sword, I now embark on a new quest to defeat Faihnulbus the Dark Royal Lord of All Evil. Traveling through the kingdom ruled by this dark lord, I fought against his minions with the sword I have, and all of them had a skin of either a type of rock or steel. What's with this guy and hard stuffs?

Anyways, after grinding for 999 hours, I now have enough levels to take on Faihnulbus. Upon reaching his throne, I finally saw what he looks like; a giant that has a skin made of the strongest material in existence! I now take him on, attacking him with the sword and blocking with it too. After another 999 hours of fighting him, I figured out that swords are not effective against him, so I discarded my sword into the pits that surrounded the arena that we were fighting in. At the bottom of the pit, I can see very sharp spikes made of the same metal as Faihnulbus and there is definitely no spot that is not filled with spikes. Once I threw away the sword, I then pull out the same anvil and hammer I used to reshape Selena's head into a sword. Holding the anvil as a shield and the hammer as my weapon, I rush at Faihnulbus AND........

....poked him with the hammer.

All of a sudden Faihnulbus explodes into millions of coins made of the same material as him and all of them....fell into the pit. I now walk into the sunset as the castle of the former Dark Royal Lord of All Evil collapses behind me.

If Selena is dead, same thing happens except replace Selena with Lance and replace any female pronouns of her into male pronouns.
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b][/b]===== ooc =====

Big Book && Storywriter's Pen && Scrolls of Knowledge && Forgotten Tome && Adventure's Journal && Collection of Myths = 7/9 The Book of All Adventure (Level 8:
(Torch && (Magetear Droplet && Concentrated Avaritine)) && Amethyst Flame = 1/? The Refiner's Fire (suggested by erelye. no the name not the recipe)
Vision Eightfold && (Magetear && Amethyst Flame) || Eye = 1/? ??? (choo choo all aboard the look like vriska train

I telefrag ultra greed with ultra greed

20/20 rip topaz 1+ engie

I proceed to toss a orb at the alchemiter. it proceeds to gain two new amazing upgrades.
One, of course, is the ability to produce alchemy's at double speed.
The second is the addition of the codex. (enter code, get fitting item)

===== to be crafted
The Hero's Sword && Villains Edge = Storylines Edge lv. 25
The Hero's sword && Undyne's Spear && Determination = Undying Lv. 2

====== semi-useful junk. =======
ITEMS IN NEED OF DESCRIPTION: TRUE HEROS SWORD (Hero's sword && master sword), UNH0IING (The Hero's Sword && Detemmieation)
The Saints row [7]
Gemblade [8?]
Life-Drain spellbook [5]
Gravity Gauntlet [7]
Brutal Boss Buster Breaker Basher or BBBBB lvl 8
bATTLEFURYS tEMMIE aRMOR?!!?!?111 11/11 lvl 10 Passive: 1+ armor
Falls [9] >fine of the Gravity Gauntlet
Wright [7]
Gambler's Gredideir [5] Special: Rolls a dice to determine the number of rockets fierd
The Hero's Sword [10][/p]
The True Hero's Sword (Level 15: 16/16).
Concentrated Avaritine: A bizarre burning golden fluid composed primarily of pure greed essence, and molten gold. The fluid, when vaporized, emits ancient refiner's fumes, which elevate the value of anything they touch, transmuting it into a higher state of being. Level 9.
Augustan Seed: A round, knotted ball of a particular type of ancient hazel wood. Cracks are dotted along the surface, emitting an unearthly amethyst light. The seed is unusually warm to the touch. Level 20 as well.
Amethyst Flame: A swirl of ever-morphing flame that takes on the hue of infinite shades of violet. The stuff radiates an immensely potent aura, that of knowledge incarnate. They occasionally flicker with an inky darkness. Level 10.
Magetear Droplet: A compressed drop of pure magetear, composed of a full bucket's worth. The formless substance glows with a cosmic background, peering into the stellar realm beyond the mortal world. Level 15.

20/20 rip topaz 1+ engie
14/50 The Campfire

2+ to Engie
1+ to consumer

[p]Charge Pool: The Dog will use one 1+ from each plus, and use it to charge an ability. The rest will be given to random players, or converted into extra dog-only Stock[/p]

Stock: Starts with 1. Start[/p]
Machine part: Starts with 1.[/p]
Bullets/bombs: Starts with 0.[/p]
All immunitys are temp. or can be surpassed with a strong enough debuff.[/p]
Fast Clock. Immunity to slowing or time-based. effects granted to target. Requires a "stock"
Regeneration Potion. Give target regen. 1 stock.[/p]
Poison Potion. Poison Target. 1 stock. Will only use if told via costumer.
Dispenser: 2 machine parts. Provides healing, and provides 1+s to one entitys charge.
Level Two: 4 parts. Heal two targets, and 2+ one entity, or 1+ two.
Level three: 6 parts. Provides minicrits, in addition to 3 healing targets, and 3+/1+x3
Antidote. Grants basic damage over time resist. Including such things as burning, oddly. Alternately, remove one stack of a strong enough debuff. Needs one stock. Does not cure mark of dog.[/p]
Minisentry: 1 Machine Part, attach a 5000 HP minisentry to the target. Minisentrys die with the target, and attack with 25% of the target's attack.[/p]
Sentry: 2 machine parts, 10000 HP, attachs to target. Same as mini sentry, except with 30% of targets attack.[/p]
[p]Level Two Sentry: 4 Mach. parts. Attachs to target. Same as above, except 20000 HP and 35% of targets attack.[/p]
[p]This will be expanded later.[/p]
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Walking Turret 8/10
Fancy Baby Velociraptor 5/7

I begin to do my usual thing and have no idea what to do to kill a thing that is currently existing in my presence, or even what to murderize. I look across the battlefield, scouting for a target, and finally I find Lance. After reading that he can make me murderize existing entities less, he is pretty good target for me to attempt to killerize. I rush onto the battlefield wielding a pair of maces (not the spray) and riding on a dilophosaurus for no a reason since that won't will come into play later, but actually not. Once I'm within a 900 ft. distance I jump off the dilophosaurus. Once I'm jumping off the dinosaur, I get back on it once I'm on the ground, realizing I'm not the original Superman and only managed to jump a measly 1 inch from my steed. The ride to Lance has already proven more than I could handle, but it shall be worth it to do very little damage to him him. The thought of being able to attack entities again with very little debuff given to me gives me the courage I need to travel to him. Once there, the dilophosaurus spits in Lance's face and I hit him on the head with my maces. Immediately after he is stricken with my maces, the top fall off revealing that there is 5 bottles of the spray Mace inside of each mace! Before I use mace in his eyes, I swiftly set up a stand that has a flame on top, building off of Lance's chest and is in a perfect angle to his eyes. I then proceed to use the mace which subsequently catches the spray on fire and burns his eyes with fire and pepper spray! As soon as all the bottles are empty, I poke him in the eyes and shove glasses onto his head, which just so happen to make fire turn into baby dragons that will now live inside of Lance's eyes for all eternity.
I then run away, since Lance can probably break my everything with one punch, but not before I mercy kill the dilophosaurus from myself.
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Reverse Von Karma 25/50
6-[53]-8-16-16-8-23-[23-53] 6-{7}-[8]-{7}-[7]-53-'22-39 8/50
Collectionism 7/50
Hamilton OST && Dueling Pistols = Ten Duel Commandments DONE (Level 10)
The Mindwalker && Indigo Flame && Eye of Providence = Line of Sight DONE (Level 13)
Vampire Knives && Railgun && Stopwatch = Scarlet Devil DONE (Level 10)
16,000/125,000 Lv. 3
I shrug. It's another octet. I've got like a bajillion of them. I've got my own things going on. Speaking of which, I finally use the Alchemical Symbol, summoning the Disembodied Heart behind all of Earth's barriers.
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Sukard is at Aetheria.

"I swear a minute ago I was playing on 2b2t! What is this place?"

>Future Mardek: Appear.
"I'm your son from the future. No time to explain. There's still a few good cards at the place Twitchy died. The High Priestess may reveal something. Also, Tai Lopez has a mailbox of KNAWLEDGE. Go there."

"And remember, it's not a won run yet."

>Future Razihel: Call Sukard.
Sukard's phone was left at 0riginCraft! No tachyonic antitelephony for you!

>Sukard: Activate teleportation pack.
Just gotta turn a dial, and then press a button, and...

<[AZ] Sukard accidentally teleported to the realm of gorilla-y fanfics and instantly died.>

Mardek turned the dial. Of course he did.

>Sukard: Try again.
Dial, button, teleport before Mardek can troll you.

"Bye, son!"
Sukard spawns near the Every-Dimensional Portal. He votes for the Giant Bull-Powered Flying Bedrock Hamster Ball. No way in Limbo is he going to type out the whole name.

He then grabs a Maple Wood Table out of a conveniently-placed abandoned house, and then puts it in his inventory.

He runs into Selena. He readies his Ircucvci and Face Exploder^3, with Aequo Animo equipped.

Sukard uses Time-Merge^69. This empowers him with the glorious power of Lenny.

Sukard then summons a Stand Arrow out of nowhere, stabbing it into his leg.


Time is stopped. The Time-Merge multiplier is increased to 420, upgrading the Face Exploder^3 into something more MLG.

Sukard impales Selena with Ircucvci, causing incredible time-merge damage, and he noscopes her with the Face Exploder^3. Once every frame.

The noscopes per second unstably fluctuate due to too many bullets slowing down frame rate and too little bullets increasing it.

The air around Sukard flares up a bit. The memes are too much. Time-Merge multiplier: 1337



The memes condense into a ball in Sukard's hand. Selena is still being noscoped with FE^3, which is somehow shooting while airborne.

Sukard jumps.

"G E T D U N K E D O N !"

Sukard lands the shot on Selena. She explodes with sheer euphoric maymays. The area around her turns into a puddle of toxic Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew.

"Is she alive?"

Selena has been memed on.

if entity.Selena down select entity.Lance
+1 Pricey
+1 Crystal
+1 Hezetor
Ircucvci (Level 10)
Aequo Animo (Level 10)
Face Exploder^3 (Level 5)
Not a Won Run Yet [???]: 12/50
Into The Shard (for realz) [LEVELING SYSTEM/VULRENABILITY]: 2/50
Milky Ways [AZ]: 2/33
Diamond Sword && (Trickster Essence && Grimdark Essence) = Diversity (5/11) (Level 10)
The true unification of light and dark.
Bone Pickaxe && Chlorophyte Pickaxe && Molten Pickaxe && Nightmare Pickaxe && Pickaxe Axe && Broken Hero Sword = Terra Shatterer (3/12) (Level 11)
Botania FTW!
Spell Tome || Zork 1 && Zork 2 && Zork 3 = Grue-moire (1/?) (Level ?)
It is pitch dark. Original name: Grimoire for Summoning Those Who You Are Likely To Get Eaten By.
(Diamond Armor && Frost Cores && Lava Buckets = Obsidian Armor) && Lesser Reality Titan Essence && Lesser Meta Titan Essence && Lesser Space Titan Essence && Lesser Time Titan Essence = Reality Breaker Armor 0.1 (0/?) (Level ?)
It's made of lesser titan essences, so it's balanced.
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> Boot up.
> Booting up computer
> Initializing Pegasus T-13
> Pegasus T-13 booted up successfully.

Welcome, Thartler to Zero Server!
ERROR: You can't log out.

Dangit... I guess I'm on my own now... Wait... Factions? Oh well... I pick Godmodder's447 side...

> RPG Systema booting up:
> RPG Systema booted up!

Charges & Summons:

[1]: Swarm of Pikachus (1/30)
[2]: Summon Goblin Army (1/15)
[3]: Combo Attack (1/16)



[1]: Bramble Shot && Tendon Bow && Aquatic Shooter && Molten Fury || Bee Knees && Hellbat Bow && Slime Staff == Night's Resort (1/??) (Lvl ???)
[2]: Iron Armor && Gold Armor && Shadow Armor && Mythrill && (Soul of Night && Titanum && Technetium) || Chainmail == Dark Mythrillum Chainmail (1/???) (Lvl ??)
[3]: Turtle Shield && Turtle Armor && Frozen Turtle Shell && Everfrost Essence && Quantum Essence && Obsidian Shield && Ankh Shield && (Soul of Light && Cthulhu's Shield) == Holy Durable Turtle Shield (1/??) (Lvl ??)
"Ah well... I need seriously to catch up..." I decide to pull out Temporary Weapon TM and shoot the Walker out the nowhere, surprising him. As he goes, I pour lava at him...


Welp, +3 Pricey


I have a Spoil. Yes, finally. FI. NAL. LY. I mean, I still have no entity kills, but whatever. I spin the Devouring Eight around in my hands, doing a few tricks with them as the Paradox energies, before realising that I'm not sure whether I should aim them at Earth or the Informant. I spin around in game, and switch to my Discord tab. You know, since I moved from Pesterchum a sort while back? No. That's because I did it while in Aetheria.
ConsumerOfAll: Hey, so I have these dice that I got from a major force of reality, and I want somebody to use them on. There's a giant ball of rock threatening to kill everybody that the Anti-Zeroes are protecting, and also some informant guy.[
nightmareDiscontinued: Aren'tthereusuallymoreAnti-Zeroes?
ConsumerOfAll: I mean there's Captain Falcon, and Ultra Greed but Captain Falcon can waste my charged attack which is annoying and Ultra Greed is a tank who gets better as he loses HP, which is also annoying.
Insurrection: he's probably going to do that anyway
Insurrection: don't worry
Insurrection: also nightmare just fix your typing already
nightmareDiscontinued: No.
ConsumerOfAll: So, who do I dunk with my dice?

nightmareDiscontinued: Dunk the Falcon.
Insurrection: execute the bird

ConsumerOfAll: :/
ConsumerOfAll: Do I have to?

nightmareDiscontinued: Pleasetheaudience,please.
ConsumerOfAll: But what if he wastes my charge?
nightmareDiscontinued: Do.It.

ConsumerOfAll: That's an objectively bad idea, and you know it. I'm just going to throw the dice at Earth and hope that this works.
Insurrection: traitor
Somehow, I get the feeling Insurrection / Tattle is making a smug smirk, but ignore it, and spin the dice for a while. I then aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, at, at, at, at, at, at, at, at, Earth. Earth.
Don't doubt.
I stop. I aim the Devouring E-.
Throw, hit, aim.
Why can't I do this? I think back to, perhaps, about a month ago? Time shenanigans prevent me from viewing the few times, but I remember my small hand in this. Assisting Star for this project, and being supportive. It appears that I've dropped the Devouring Eight. I reach down, and collect the octet. I spin it around, again, and again, letting the Paradox energies accumalate, before rotating it, again, and again, and again. It flies into the air, before the paradox or whatever energies this uses harness sheer Probability, or whatever you call the element. The area around it destabilises, and I watch everything that can happen, to me, and to my target.
Do your morals really matter to you? I hope not.
ConsumerOfAll: Wish me luck, I guess.

The eight die fly over, a purple streak in the sky marking their descend upon their target. They slam into Earth 2.0, releasing a blast of whatever type of energy the Devouring Eight use, before whatever effect that's supposed to happen manifests upon the opponent.

Have Faith In Uzi:
I consider what to do with a charge name like this, apart from have faith in Uzi and also destroy the giant, floating rock to spite Richard. I think for a bit, before noticing a very large problem.
> Selena is powerful, being able to prevent a few deaths, and also speeding up our specials, and heal people who are not me due to my godmodding.
> The AZs are and few Neutrals want her dead because of that.
> This is a Very Bad Thing.

With a trollish grin on my face, I decide that Selena needs armour. A lot, of armour. A stream of water bursts open, before covering Selena with a thin layer of armour, infused with godmodding energy. Killing Selena is rude. Please don't do that. Thank you for listening to my inner thoughts.

(+4 from Best Godmodder)
Have Faith in Uzi, People 30/30 ====== COMPLETE!
Memories of a Dreamer 17/40 ======== (+1 from Battlefury)
Openly Sourced 7/50 ==========

Saurite && ESP Railgun == The Unworthy (Level 20: 3/11)
+1 to engie_ninja, Battlefury, and TT2000

I use the Devouring Eight on Earth 2.0, and grant Selena 3 armour. This post is Focused.



ESP Railgun (Level 4), Coin Launcher (Level 3), only my railgun (Level 8), Grief Railgun (Level 15), Replica of Homura's Shield (Level 10), Reliance (Level 13)
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As most of you already know, this is CobaltShade on the Minecraft Forums before the move.


Gula Warded Jar && Rune of Gluttony && SCP-1133-1 && Glass Bottle = Bottle of Beelzebub (11/7) DONE!
Bottle of Beelzebub: A glass bottle that glows slightly red. Able to impart a disease known as the Gula Disease onto anything, causing them to begin eating anything in sight.
Superbia Warded Jar && Rune of Pride && SCP-1133-4 && 4x Magic Mirror = Four Mirrors of Lucifer (6/7)
Luminite && Empty Interlocking Cubic Module = Cubic Light Module Mk. II (3/5)

Project M12-The Typographer (43/50)
Project M14-The Speedcuber (11/50)
Project M15-%appdata% (23/30)
+3 to TwinBuilder

I begin to horribly destroy Magress's existence by first forcing him into a cage made of Roflican-made tacosteel. Tacosteel is incredibly durable against anything that isn't Microsoft Sam, and Microsoft Sam is busy fighting against the Angry German Kid's army, who has joined forces with Downfall Hitler to wage a meme war against the United Lols of Roflica on Earth 44.

Next, I begin to play high quality rips into the cage. As the familiar tunes of Snow halation, and Meet The Flintstones, screamed at EAS Tones intensities, reverberate throughout the cage, Magress begins to get really tired of this gorilla and manifests Leomurg from the deepest reaches of his pocket dimension, using it to cut open the cage. He gets one nanometer through a bar before Leomurg explodes on him, destroying his face and demanifesting the tacosteel cage.

Next, I begin to force him to play his own game. I pit him against 20,000 copies of a really aggressive Al-mi'raj armed with SCP-585-a level sharp teeth. Due to type combination, they tear into each other and generally have a grand time. While that happens, I begin to pump nuclear waste into the room, mutating the Al-mi'raj into giant Diarrhea Infested Toilet Monsters and Cream Cheese Filled Filing Cabinet Monsters.

These monsters proceed to absolutely wreck Magress with their ridiculously pungent stench, which is also a horrible cognitohazard that murders his ability to manifest anything except by inserting fluoroantimonic acid canisters up his nose, one per atom manifested.

I then insert 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 fluoroantimonic acid canisters up his nose, creating a small block of highly compressed Telekill that is spawned with such a velocity that it cuts into his chest and lands in his stomach. I then summon a million mind-controlled Reuniclus armed with an infinite supply of Elixirs to spam Psychic on the Telekill, causing the Telekill to expand so hard that Magress explodes instantly. I desummon the Reuniclus and summon a giant block of sodium chloride on top of Magress' remains while he somehow reforms.

This sodium chloride block promptly falls on top of Magress, before I pull out the Gans 35.5 and perform a PLL Time Attack, causing the chlorine to drag along the sodium and forcibly enter Magress' respiratory system before separating. I then drown him and watch the sodium party. Holy Frank Morris I love sodium parties.

Next, I haul Magress out of the water and feed him to a giant Quest Giant. The Quest Giant's alimentary canal is considered an incredibly dangerous zone, because it is nothing but forced death quests. The quests include, but are not limited to, fighting off trillions of sentient nuclear bombs armed with a potato only to be backed off a cliff that is also the Quest Giant's esophagus, where a 50,000,000-km long dropper map with lasers and portals to /dev/null awaits him, followed by attempting to swim through 50 km of fluoroantimonic acid which is also the Giant's gastric juice. Terrified by the idea of what could possibly be the large intestine and beyond, Magress attempts to teleport out and is teleported directly there. The goal is to avoid fainting while running through what is essentially the inside of Microsoft Sam's Diarrhea Infested Toilet.

After escaping through a random portal, he finds himself in front of a computer, tied down with indestructible shackles. The computer is running Windows Jacksonville, Florida and is showing videos of The Nutshack, only it's filled with deadly cognitohazards that cause, but are not limited to causing, transmutation of gastric hydrochloric acid into magic acid, transmutation of eyeballs into inward-pointing lasers, transmutation of clothes to fluoroantimonic acid secreting ununoctium sheets that emit particles but never seem to decay, and last but not least the desire to eat tacos but the inability to do so on pain of death.

He then escapes from the shackles after realizing they're gone 50 hours after they disappear, due to the crippling effects of the cognitohazards, and proceeds to walk to the kitched to prepare tacos. However, all he can find in the fridge is suicide putty and thick cooking oil. He decides to cook Suicide Putty instead, before realizing that's a horrible idea. However, the Suicide Putty decides to cook itself and force itself down Magress' throat, killing him instantly.

Or not. He revives in the land of Gehennom, where he is forced to undergo Mays-ination. Mays-ination is the process of being turned into a Billy Mays product. Zombie Billy Mays rises from his grave once more as his God of Pitchmanry form descends from heaven to revive him. Except that doesn't happen in full, as Zombie Billy Mays simply gets a giant Bug Bazooka and blasts dead bugs at Magress.

It is then the Ancient Joke Police, on patrol, sees Magress, who has just been forced into a shirt with the words "Microsoft Mike talks like a lady" on it. The Ancient Joke Police promptly rushes in, but commits suicide on the way, their corpses crashing into Magress at approximately 0.19 c.

He is then teleported back onto the Battlefield, where he is injected with Shockingly Septic Ebola Cancer Flesh Eating Disease cells. These cells possess something anomalous that look identical to chloroplasts. These pseudo-chloroplasts produce fluoroantimonic acid, which is somehow transported outside the cell where it proceeds to dissolve the insides of the host. Magress promptly explodes as fluoroantimonic acid reacts violently with water, which has never been noted before in my attacks in both the future-past and the past-past for some reason.

After his reformation for the millionth time, he finally gets out of the attack... only to find that he is still in it because I broke the logic of this attack, allowing it to go on forever. This attack then repeats at 500x speed, 500 times.

After the attack is repeated 500 times, he is dumped back on the battlefield... only to find that he now has the mental capacity of a brick and the body of an atom, not ot mention that he cannot actually find that this has occurred because he is no longer in existence. Good job, me.
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I awaken.

"What the ... oh for ... OK, no more naps!"

From the empty air, I pull a jet black violin with neon blue strings and a bone white bow. With it, I begin playing a solemn tune. A tune of an epic journey, forgotten by both the sight of man and the earth's stalwart presence. A adventure that raged between a few men and women fighting for the common good, yet pushed down by the invisible, indescribable foot of evil. A quest both not unlike the one we fight now, and very, very different. A fight of glory and loss, of love and death, of gold and tragedy.

The tune boosts the next two attacks against the PZ forces.

1/50 Heavy Reload.
1/40 Moth of the Flame
1/25 Chromatic Dance Floor.
Walking Turret 9/10
Fancy Baby Velociraptor 6/7
After I'm done attempting to kill Lance I scour across the battlefield for another target to hurt. I hop onto a nearby random triceratops that seemingly popped out of nowhere and venture off towards the Pro-Zero side. I have the triceratops charge at one who could help end most entities, Magress. The triceratops attempts to impales him, but I quickly kill it before it can do so and hop of the carcass. I rush towards Magress wielding nothing but my fists and charge in headfirst. I then grab him by the hand and lead us together into a nearby wrestling arena that is having a cage match. I hijack the show and bring Magress out there to begin our duel. I strip him of all his weapons before, of course. The bell rings and I dodged a right hook he threw at me, and I summon a pteranodon to pick him up and throw him into the cage walls repeatedly. I tell the pteranodon to stop after 19th time and that's when I elbow drop onto him back. Then, I force him to stand up and perform a 619 on Magress burst him through the cage. Which means he won. Infuriated that he has bested me in combat, I decide to explode the entire wrestling arena all because I'm petty. I then decide it's best to get away in case any survivors fine me.
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Ultra Mega Uber Super Grand Hyper Terrific Dynamic Epic ????? Attack:
================================================== 10/50

name not found :
================================================== 4/50
+1 to Twin/Scribe
+1 to Cobalt
+1 to Talist

Gravity Magnagun:
Health: ?????/?????
Description: A gravity gun the size of a pyramid resting on a stand large enough to hold it. The gun seems to be releasing a purplish light. The whole thing seems to be immobile.
Purpose: Pull any attacks(entity or projectile, it doesn't matter) directed to Earth 2.0 and into itself, taking the damage. In other words, it's not a barrier but effect-wise, it acts like one.
Special: (If too not op) 10% chance of pushing attack away instead of pulling it. In other words, 10% chance to negate an attack.

Kusarigama && Handheld Dark Energy Generator && Kusarigama = Noctem Dreadmill 6/??
Arm Cannon || Supercharged Gravity Gun = Arm Gravitizer 4/4 DONE

Killing Selena is rude. Please don't do that.

I stared at Selena in a threatening manner again and before she could react, I have already grabbed her head...again.

Krill13: (insane voice) ready for round two?

I then FURIOUSLY used her head to FURIOUSLY kill 30 zombies, 30 skeletons, 25 creepers, 25 spiders and 3 withers who all just happened to be there for no reason other than to be my punching bags. Then, I FURIOUSLY proceeded to FURIOUSLY mine in a random open cave for 53 minutes, FURIOUSLY using Selena's head as a pickaxe. After FURIOUSLY mining, I then FURIOUSLY watched many sad scenes of cartoons, movies, animes, etc. on youtube, FURIOUSLY weeping and FURIOUSLY using Selena's head as a handkerchief. Then, I FURIOUSLY had the sudden urge to use the restroom and I FURIOUSLY found out that there's no more toilet paper. I FURIOUSLY looked at Selena's head in a menacing way and then I FURIOUSLY...used her head to chop down a tree and used its leaves as substitute toilet paper. Once I FURIOUSLY am done with that, I then FURIOUSLY cleaned my entire house, FURIOUSLY using Selena's head as an all-in-one cleaning tool. After that, I FURIOUSLY scribbled down the answers for my upcoming test on her head. But for now, I FURIOUSLY had a children's party to FURIOUSLY visit and I FURIOUSLY was supposed to FURIOUSLY come with a puppet to FURIOUSLY entertain the kids with, so I FURIOUSLY used Selena as my puppet since I FURIOUSLY forgot to buy one. I then FURIOUSLY performed my skit with Selena in front of the children...

...ok so I performed with so much fury that the kids found it weird so I guess I'll just quickly skedaddle out of the party.

Suddenly, I FURIOUSLY gained the need to assert dominance over Selena so with all my FURY, I FURIOUSLY RIP APART REALITY INTO HALV-wait that's a bit too much....I guess I'll just FURIOUSLY rip apart this unimportant mountain in front of her. It's so unimportant that ripping it apart won't cause anything significant to happen in the future

After being done with all of that, I FURIOUSLY pick Selena up with my new Arm Gravitizer and FURIOUSLY bury her under the ground by FURIOUSLY shooting her towards it.

If Selena is dead, same thing happens except replace Selena with Lance and replace any female pronouns of her into male pronouns.
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(This is Irecreeper. Hello!)

=Post (1/2)=

(7 / 20) Boost Ring
(11 / 50) Lightswitch Rave

+3 to... any AZ who requests it? I forget what was happening.

>Sleuth: Remember what happened.
The Sleuth thinks to himself for a moment. What just happened...?

Then, he vaugely remembers something. The Butterfly. It just came, and shattered the Zeroth Disk. And yet, something about that butterfly, it felt familiar. Sure, he had briefly experienced psychic visions of the Butterfly itself when that scale appeared, but that wasn't the only familiar part. Moderately unsettled, he quickly opened a floating code terminal; The Sleuth was aware of his presence as a computer program. He looked inside his code, and-

Yep. As always, ever since that day... IT was still there. Like a cancer, deeply rooted into his own code. Thinking to himself, he thought that maybe if he could meet the Butterfly, he could learn something about IT, and maybe destroy IT once and for all. But for that to happen, he'd need to survive the war long enough. After all, if he ever stopped fighting the Godmodder for an extended period of time, then...

Chaos. That was the only word to describe what would happen.

The Sleuth, totally forgetting how to play this game, attempts to /bran UserZero. A gigantic bran muffin falls out of the sky, and narrowly misses UserZero, instead crushing Lance. He then casts Augmentation on the Muffin, granting it gigantic mecha legs, reinforced plating and an armor-piercing chaingun. The muffin proceeds to impale Lance with one of it's legs, and flings him off into the distance, where the minigun proceeds to rapidly air-shot him. Once he's landed somewhere, the Muffin runs towards him and proceeds to John-Cena slam him, using its' plating to its' advantage. The Muffin then proceeds to offer itself to Richard as tribute, because muffins are delicious oh yeah
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Transporting from LoWaM to the Zer0th Server...

hey boys i came to the Zer0th SERVE- *BLAM* Ow... Nice to see you back AZs

Current Saga: The Person who blew up Earth (which started in Page 161 when UserZero blew up the Earth)

Current Arc: The Rebuilding of Earth (SAGA FINALE)


[AZ] Pricey12345: 14/20 HP. (Estimated 56,000 HP remaining from Player HP) (Thats my Vulnerability status.)

Echeladder-style Level 1: XP 107,000/200,000 (+30,000 XP for adding the Star-Charged Metallic Meteor (It has 30K HP) for the Earth)


This Action is the first post

Combo with Thartler: I join up by pouring the liquid acid on Walker while I transform myself into a Flame Acid Golem from my Gauntlet of Majyyks while I punch Walker in the face while I ensnare Walker so it cant get away from me then I set Walker on fire and I throw it at Lance.

Attack: I charge up my BoT, WoT Blaster,
Bad Times while I whip out my weaker weapon Dark Tao's Edge then I point at Atro because he has a Light Element then I create a dark edge ripple and it hits him on the body then I turn myself into a shadow while making a night effect on Atro, making myself impossible to see then I stab him on the back without notice and I kick Atro into a dark hole leading to a lot of hard of kill dark element monsters.

An Entity Summon 18/50 Claimed: +3 from Ire (just requested?). +3 from Thartler and +1 from Cyan


ChurgeAtk #1 7/50

Alchemy Creation:

Essence of Sp00p && CD of Halloween Howls 1996 && Speaker that plays Spooky Scary Skeletons && Curved Sword Mold = (Undercharged) Sp00pinat0r's Sp00py Slasher 7/8

Joke Alchemy: Nope
Project Telekinetic Line: Not started yet,
Storm Weapon Line: Not started yet,

REKT Cannon Line: Items in the First Alchemy Tree: Red Dead Retribution, ??? (Any Level), ??? (Any Level), ??? (Only Level 10 and Above Alchemy) If all the weapons I made for the first Alchemy Tree, I had to combine all these to make the part of the Extremely Powerful Alchemy

10 0rigin Hero Core Alchemy Line: Not started yet, but 2 of the essences collected for both Mid-Level Alchemies

Allies Action:

We will be return...

+1 to Thartler, +1 to Cyan, +1 to Talist.

Charge Bank: +7 from Toast +6 from Hezetor +4 from Talist = 17 Charge Points in total


Angelic Blessing [Power Rank V] Heals the target for very large healing

Best of Times, Worst of Times (Also known as BoT,WoT) [Power Rank X] Can be used for Damage or Healing and have forms of it's Weapons Current Form: Blaster Form. Current Time: Bad Times. After Attack Charges III (Used after 2 uses)

Tao's Edge/Twilight's [Power Rank VII] Deals Light/Dark (Based on Forms) Damage to the Foes however, You can switch Weapon forms for Different Elements Current Form Dark

Red Dead Retribution [Power Rank VII] Ranged Weapon and part of the REKT Cannon Alchemy Tree

Like a Boss [Power Rank X] Melee/Ranged Weapon Sadly it don't have the Damage up Buff against Bosses because of Balance

Madhouse [Power Rank X] Melee without charging and Ranged with Charge (Use the Imagination to fire something mostly Higgs bosons)

Black (MIDI) Flag [Power Rank X] Ranged weapon that shoots many notes at the target.

Broken Twist (One of the 10 Gatekeeper Alchemies i can make but it is undercharged) [Power Rank XV]

Blood Diamond Armor [Power Rank VIII]


Potion of Critmist: x2 (Used on the Target for Instant Crits) (I am saving these until another Big Boss/Gatekeeper appeared.)
Potion of Dire Nectar: x1 (Used on the Target for Healing + Instant Crits)


Broken Temmie Crown (h0I!)

Essence of Sp00p/Sp00pinat0r's Essence (Used for Sp00pinat0r's Sp00py Slasher (Level 15+ (+ is i want to make the Plusinator Crystal via the 50 post Charge.)) and Part of the 0rigin Heroes Alchemy Tree)

Heal Orb x4 (Used for Good Tier Alchemies but these are pretty rare indeed (Lunai orders me to use one of the Heal Orbs to create her signature plush (Magical Lunai Plush)))

Essence of the Heal Moon Dragoness/Lunai's Essence (Used for Magical Lunai Plush (Also Level 15+ but high healing and part of the 0rigin Heroes Alchemy Tree.))
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((super earth orb thingy)) AND zero point magic generator = ??? 2/11
Diluvium AND energy condenser 7/8
Levis Ignis AND energy condenser 12/8 COMPLETE!
18/20 for a space station
18/50 for an open deal?
45/50 for Initiation
+3 to Crystal

The OP King (who, some people might've noticed, was not actually in Aetheria with the Descendants. Instead, the King was. A random earth elemental just sort of wandering around. yeah.) seems rather perturbed about something.
What is back there?

While the OP King mutters to themselves, The King instead continues being completely unoriginal, and...
Launches a massive set of stone dentures. These dentures proceed to fly around the Planet in a large arc, attacking any entities that try to attack the Earth, stunning them and dealing minor damage.
They will, obviously, avoid trying to counter Uzi.

EDIT: In addition to the above, suddenly a powerful glowing core of fire spins out into the King!, who suddenly begins glowing with inner fire (literally!)
The King now has control over fire.
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You always forget something in a big move, don't you?

Because of the sheer time it would take to do so, plus the fact that we've just moved over, the Alchemiter Upgrades you got from defeating Chara previously now includes an Efficianizer! All Alcheiter projects now take half as many posts! Specifically, any alchemy's creation time is now their Level/2, +1, so a Level 20 alchemy takes 11 posts, for instance. This applies retroactively: Any alchemies that meet the new, lowered totals are now finished! The alchemiter section will be updated appropriately.


Skeletron Prime
I build a Perfectly Generic Wall around the Earth 2.0.

The Informant does a thing.

I do an alchemy.

Solar Flare && Japanese Flag && Red Sun Fuel Cell = Red Sun Rising (1/??) (hopefully this will work with the new upgrades)

I then change two of my charges.

Cascade: 37/50

The Clathrate Gun: 8/50

The Secret of the Gungeon: 8/50
That's Pretty Boss. 13/50
DOSH 9/25
Who gives a damn about paradoxes anyway? 27/50

(Void Shotgun || Light Sphere) && Magnifying Glass && Solar Flare = ???

1+ to Talist (should he post, otherwise Pricey), ninjatwist and crystal
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