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tModLoader Discord Hook. A Rod of Discord that goes in the hook slot!


I've just added a mod to the mod browser.

It's really simple, it lets you craft a Rod of Discord that you can put into your hook slot, meaning you can use it with a hotkey.

It's not a 100% the same rod though, the Chaos State debuff lasts 3 seconds and blocks all use of the rod while it's up.

I'm open to suggestions on changes.
If someone wants to post a code snippet that will deal damage to the player the same way the normal Rod of Discord does (removing health regardless of damage mitigation without invuln while still having the teleport death message), I'll put that instead of the total block.


  • DiscordHook.7z
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source file please
i wanna see the mod's source to make one myself for my mod adventure
bcuz i like dis mod
i wont make the source file public so dont worry :)
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