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PC Do you create multiple worlds to get loot?


Do you? I actually do it to get cross Crimson and Corruption stuff. (most likely seeds)
What about you?


Do you? I actually do it to get cross Crimson and Corruption stuff. (most likely seeds)
What about you?
I usually make new worlds for both crimson and corruption to farm vertebrae and rotten chunks for Mechanical worms (I suck at fighting the destroyer).


Of course. Why miss out on content?

I create new worlds just to fight bosses as well, since I don't want arenas all over my main world.


I do it so I can make it rain Starfurys

starfury collection ftw

Also because I'm too lazy to fish in sky lakes


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Generally, I try to keep 1 character linked with 1 world. I prefer keeping Corruption and Crimson separate and experiencing them both in 2 separate playthroughs with different characters.

However, if I'm having trouble finding an accessory that I believe is necessary (The Aglet for example which is very difficult for me to find normally, and is required for the Lighting Boots) I will create a "Stock world" just so I can get this accessory for my character. As well as other things like Flippers, Muramasa, Colbalt Shield, Dark Lance which have a chance of not being in a world on world generation. Other loot Isn't as important to me such as the Star Fury or Lava Charm. If I find them, I'm happy, but I won't go too far out of my way to search for specific accessories like them by creating new worlds to find them.


I think when you get closer to end-game the more you need to create other worlds, at least for Ebonkoi/Hemopiranha and also expert mode drop from Eater of worlds is pretty useful, more than the brain stuff


40 worlds for 5 characters. I take what I want when and wherever I want. Currently restricting one char to two expert world for playthrough though.


I get weird bringing my characters out of "their" worlds even though it's an established and very supported part of the game to change worlds.
It probably comes from getting well into pre-endgame on one world with my brother and then every time we introduce someone to the game we start a new one so we don't have a newbie fending off unicorn herds. Using all new characters lessens the temptation to just throw nice things at them to make them artificially better faster.


I made a second Corruption world where I went with a Sunfury and massacred 10 Eater Of Worlds for worm scarves, and to bring a bunch of corruption bricks back to my main world so I have a source of corruption crates and worm teeth.


Yes. It's an integral part of the game, anyway. Just fire up a new world and raid it for whatever kind of loot you need.

I kept remaking worlds until I got that darn Sandstorm in a Bottle.


Eye of Cthulhu
I created multiple worlds to find the perfect one to play through the update in. Receiving truckloads of loot was just a side effect. If you ever start to run dry on potions and ingredients just go world hopping, between herb bags and potions in chests you'll have a full larder before you know it.


Yeap, all my characters need to have lava boots and yellow horseshoe balloons, and water walking boots and sandstorms in bottles aren't exactly littering the world.


I don't do that. Always one character per world.

Although, I sometimes make a seperate world just to get trees. Also, sometimes I steal some accessories/tools from previous worlds if it's a common item that I stilll don't have. This playthrough I had to grab a Magic Mirror (I somehow survived until Hardmode with just Recall Potions) and a Magma Stone for a Fire Gauntlet.


I typically stick one character per world, aside from grabbing either corruption seeds / purple fluid to create a controlled mini biome in my crimson world.

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I always do one character per-world, although I have 4 main worlds (my main world that I'm trying to purify, was used by my main character), and 3 others I'll use for 3 different playthroughs that eventually will be fully Corruption/Crimson/Hallow respectively. Also I sometimes make and delete worlds to get resources I can't easily obtain/can't obtain at all on my main world, but not very often.


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Yep... I had a bad luck. When I make a crimson world it has only 5 vicious mushrooms. I need one more! Thats why :D


In 1.1 when mechanic was first added I was shocked at the price of wire, I created a new word dedicated to getting wire from caves/dungeons etc.... got over 20 stacks and it eventually became my main world (I needed a base to store my loot in, and soone enough it became my main world before I realized it XD). The map was callled Wirytrap. I wonder if it's still on my old laptop.. :eek:
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