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Story Downternet - A reader-driven story

Supeh Mario

What's this??? An update??????


now go read

CA: First, use COOLKID. Second, AGGRIEVE the :red: out of this STRIFE.


time to :red: :red: up, yo



You disregard the deactivated BATTLE ANIMATIONS and show off some sick moves.

check this :red: out


if only this happened in a single turn instead of five


The SHADEOS have taken 26 DAMAGE each! The SHADEOS have been slain.

You have taken 5 DAMAGE in the process.

You won!


You don't level up because you need to earn more experience. Something you will have to get used to in the future.

The SHADEOS dropped a total of 7 GOLD.

There is now 10 GOLD in the room.
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