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Story Downternet - A reader-driven story

Supeh Mario

Story status: Discontinued
Commands: Closed, obviously

Hello, fellow readers. Or should I say, fellow Players. You are about to embark in a journey of hilarious antics and chaos. Maybe.

This concept is heavily inspired by the MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie, and most specifically, Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth. While the plot itself is different, it works in the same way: Players enter commands for the characters to follow in order to progress and complete a series of puzzles. The goal of this story is to find a way to get back your internet connection, as it has been lost for a while. Of course it won't be as simple as it seems. This is a game after all, and ending the story so soon would be too easy and boring.

New panels will be drawn and posted from time to time. Some may be animated (do not expect professional animation), although such panels will take more time to produce. Some may also contain strong language.

Your role as a player is to enter commands to progress. You may enter what you wish, as creative, simple, complex or crazy as it may be. Use your imagination! I will not choose all commands and instead I will use one or two, since I have to draw a lot for new panels and I am not a wizard. There is also a few other reasons for this, such as: I do not want to lose control of what is going on and I do not want to be overwhelmed. Remember that there is someone who does most of the work.

Commands must always begin with ">".
>Go outside.

When new characters are introduced, they are often not given a name. They may only be named once the command ">Enter name." is entered by me and nobody else. In this case, instead of posting a command, you post a name. Names will be considered as suggestions and may be combined with others or be slightly modified. When a character needs to be named, the command status at the top of this post will be changed to "Character Naming".

-All Forum rules apply here, of course.
-You may post only one command after a new panel.
-Do not enter a command that was already entered by someone else.
-Do not enter a command if the Commands status is set to "Closed" or "Character Naming".
-Do not enter inappropriate commands or names.

Q: What program do you use?
A: FireAlpaca, Paint.NET and ASEPRITE.
FireAlpaca to draw panels, Paint.NET to resize stuff (FireAlpaca makes it blurry), and ASEPRITE for animated panels (although there are much better programs for this since this one was intended for sprites).

Q: Are you going to make Flash animations/games?
A: No. That would be overambitious.

Q: When do you usually close command entries?
A: It's usually when it gets late for me, or if I need to do some planning. When it's the latter, commands are usually closed for more than a day.

Page 1: Downternet
Page 2: Enter name.
Page 3: Try again.
Page 4: Next.
Page 5: CA: Quickly retrieve arms from wardrobe.
Page 6: CA: Call a friend.
Page 7: CA: Call "Loki Internet Service Provider".
Page 8: CA: Reset Router.
Page 9: Next.
Page 10: Next.
Page 11: CA: Locate router.
Page 12: CA: Press reset button.
Page 13: Next.
Page 14: CA: First, inspect family photo. Second, wonder why you're not in it.
Page 15: Next.
Page 16: CA: Keep pressing the reset button. Who needs to wait when you got impatience?
Page 17: CA: Turn on TV. Flick through random channels.
Page 18: Next.
Page 19: CA: Eat the pumpkin next to the couch.
Page 20: CA: Study kung-fu for when the revolution happens.
Page 21: CA: Make a sandwich and eat it in the least convenient way possible.
Page 22: Next.
Page 23: CA: Take lettuce and bacon.
Page 24: Next.
Page 25: CA: Open INVENTORY.
Page 26: CA: Combine ingredients.
Page 27: CA: Use sandwich.
Page 28: CA: Show off really cool feature.
Page 29: Next.
Page 30: Next.
Page 31: CA: Eat the sandwich.
Page 32: CA: Wait a little longer just in case and go scare the neighbors.
Page 33: Next.
Page 34: Next.
Page 35: CA: Investigate stump with harpoon in it.
Page 36: CA: Take harpoon out of stump and spear an animal with it.
Page 37: CA: Go back inside. Check router.
Page 38: CA: Try to talk to it.
Page 39: CA: Realize it's holding the router. Take it and then slap the elf thing.
Page 40: Next.
Page 41: Next.
Page 42: Next.
Page 43: Next.
Page 44: Next.
Page 45: Next.
Page 46: CA: Check the contents of the pot.
Page 47: CA: Pick up nearby sword and break the pot with it.
Page 48: CA: Just take the sword already.
Page 49: CA: Break the pot.
Page 50: CA: Quickly EQUIP SWORD and be done with it.
Page 52: Next.
Page 53: Next.
Page 54: CA: Take the CUBE anyways, you may find an use for it.
Page 55: CA: Search the crates.
Page 56: Next.
Page 57: Next.
Page 59: CA: Take the SKULL and try to wear it.
Page 60: Next.
Page 61: CA: Examine other parts of the room.
Page 62: Next.
Page 63: Next.
Page 64: Next.
Page 65: CA: STRIFE!
Page 66: CA: ABSCOND.
Page 67: CA: USE ITEM: Throw the CUBE.
Page 69: AUTHOR: Say you're sorry for the interruption.
Page 70: Next.
Page 71: CA: AGGRIEVE.
Page 72: CA: ABJURE.
Page 73: CA: Check for available BATTLE TECHNIQUES.
Page 74: CA: AGGRIEVE.
Page 75: CA: LEVEL UP.
Page 76: Next.
Page 77: Next.
Page 78: CA: Try to open that chest with your sword.
Page 79: Next.
Page 80: Break FOURTH WALL.
Page 81: Oh :red:
Page 82: ...
Page 83: CA: Salvage the chest.
Page 84: CA: Go back and check if the SHADEO dropped some sweet shades.
Page 85: CA: Look at the map and decide where to go next.
Page 86: CA: Go back to the previous room.
Page 87: CA: Go into the chest and sleep in it.
Page 88: Next.
Page 89: CA: Dream.
Page 90: CA: Realize you are dreaming.
Page 91: CA: Fly.
Page 92: CA: Summon a cat, 'cause why the hell not?
Page 93: CA: Summon a bunch of other :red:.
Page 94: CA: Wake up already, someone is tickling your feet.
Page 95: Next.
Page 96: Next.
Page 97: Enter name.
Page 98: Try again.
Page 99: Try again.
Page 100: Try again for real this time.
Page 101: Next.
Page 102: SY: Sit in the grass.
Page 103: SY: Wlak back the way you came.
Page 104: Break FOURTH WALL again and press TAB.
Page 105: Shut up, I just meant to press TAB.
Page 106: Next.
Page 107: SY: Try to EQUIP the AMULET.
Page 108: SY: Eat some grass.
Page 109: Next.
Page 110: Next.
Page 111: SY: Read that book.
Page 112: SY: Scan surroundings.
Page 113: Next.
Page 114: Next.
Page 115: Next.
Page 116: SY: Run over there and punch that mother:red:er in the face.
Page 117: Next.
Page 118: Next.
Page 119: Next.
Page 120: SY: Engage combat.
Page 121: SY: STRIFE!
Page 122: Break FOURTH WALL yet again and kill it using console commands.
Page 123: Cancel breaking the FOURTH WALL.
Page 124: SY: Slice that mother:red:er.
Page 125: Next.
Page 126: SY: You look like a skilled warrior, check BATTLE TECHNIQUES.
Page 127: SY: Use most powerful BATTLE TECHNIQUE.
Page 128: SY: Kick the door down like a badass.
Page 129: SY: Start screaming at anything in the next room.
Page 130: Next.
Page 131: SY: Contemplate the beauty of the rope for a brief moment.
Page 132: SY: Throw the rope down for the person, then when they're almost up, kick them back down.
Page 133: Next.
Page 134: SY: Fall asleep.
Page 135: Next.
Page 136: SY: Dream about that beautiful rope.
Page 137: Next.
Page 138: ???
Page 139: CA: Cautiously approach the feather.
Page 140: CA: Better fix your bow tie.
Page 141: Next.
Page 142: CA: Prod the feather.
Page 143: CA: Take feather. Who knows? Maybe it will be a great addition to a hat or something... if you get one.
Page 144: CA: Give your new feather a name.
Page 145: Tickles! Nev! Jonathan!! BOB MCFEATHER!!!
Page 146: :red: it.
Page 147: CA: Come up with an acronym for that inconveniently long name.
Page 148: CA: Equip your new feather friend as a weapon.
Page 149: CA: Clone the bow tie and give it to the feather.
Page 150: CA: Explore to the left... with STYLE.
Page 151: CA: Moving on.
Page 152: Next.
Page 153: CA: Use the generic object to distract them and kick their butts. If they have butts, that is.
Page 154: Look inside the pot for Rupees.
Page 155: Next.
Page 156: Next.
Page 157: CA: Backflip up the stairs and attack the Shadeos.
Page 158: Next.
Page 159: Next.
Page 160: Next.
Page 161: Next.
Page 162: Next.
Page 163: CA: STRIFE!
Page 164: CA: ABJURE until the DIZZINESS wears off.
Page 165: CA: First, use COOLKID. Second, AGGRIEVE the :red: out of this STRIFE.
Page 166: Next.
Page 167: Next.
Page 168: Next.

You can also read it on MSPFA.
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Supeh Mario

New pages! When multiple pages are in the same post, they will be put in spoilers.
Commands are now open for two hours starting from now.
Enter Name.



The name is too long. You gotta think of a shorter one or we'll just stand here for hours.
>Try again.
Try again.


Much better. You should have done that earlier.

Let's say "A." means Arnold.



Your luck has been KIND OF :red:TY recently, so this sort of thing does not surprise you. You still find this infuriating, however. To make matters worse, YOUR CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST FOR HOURS NOW, and you're TIRED OF WAITING.

What will you do?
>CA: Quickly retrieve arms from wardrobe.
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Supeh Mario

Okay just sayin' I forgot to update the OP so it says commands are open but now they're closed again because I must make panels.

Please wait patiently.

Supeh Mario

New pages!
Commands will be open for the night (well at least it's nighttime here). They will be closed when I come back tomorrow so I can concentrate on panels.

CA: Quickly retrieve arms from wardrobe.


You already have arms, doofus!
>CA: Call a friend.
CA: Call a friend.


You'd like to, but the only way you can call others is with one of your parents' smartphones, which aren't there since your parents have them and they're not home.

As much as you love your parents, they sure make strange decisions sometimes.
>CA: Call "Loki Internet Service Provider".
CA: Call "Loki Internet Service Provider".


You just said there were no phones.

The voices inside your head are pretty stupid sometimes.
>CA: Reset router.
CA: Reset router.


Oh right.

You haven't done that yet. Why didn't you think about it earlier? You sure can get forgetful sometimes.


You are now outside of your room, in the EERILY BLAND CORRIDOR. You always ask your parents why they don't add any decorations, and they always say that they'll decorate later.

What a bunch of lies.


You are now entering the LIVING ROOM. The router should be around here somewhere...
>CA: Locate router.
CA: Locate router.


Ah. There it is.

Now all you have to do is press that reset button.
>CA: Press reset button.
CA: Press reset button.




You have to give it some time to reset. This may take a while.

What will you do in the meantime?
>CA: First, inspect family photo. Second, wonder why you're not in it.
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Supeh Mario

New pages! Sorry for the wait, this was a lot of work to do. More so than I thought.
Commands will remain closed until tomorrow afternoon.

CA: First, inspect family photo. Second, wonder why you're not in it.


This is a photo of your parents with "FAMILY" written at the top.

Damn, just look how fancy they are. You've never seen them actually wearing these clothes, and sometimes you wish they did because they look dashing.

But wait... why aren't you there? Oh, right. The photo is older than you. You guess your parents wanted to add a tiny photo of you in the middle at some point but they forgot, as usual.

They never change. And you love them the way they are.


It sure is quiet in here. You wonder when they will come back.

You're really tired of waiting.
>CA: Keep pressing the reset button. Who needs to wait when you have impatience?
CA: Keep pressing the reset button. Who needs to wait when you have impatience?


You repeatedly press the reset button like a madman. It is totally going to make the router reset faster.

This is stupid.
>CA: Turn on TV. Flick through random channels.
CA: Turn on TV. Flick through random channels.


The silence is starting to creep you out. You decide to turn on the TV and choose a random channel.


Hey, it's your favorite show, HOMESTUCK. Too bad you've already seen this episode.

They're broadcasting older episodes since the show is currently on hiatus. You wonder when the new season will be released. What was it? Season 6.6.5? You don't quite remember.

Your bet is on 4/13.
>CA: Eat the pumpkin next to the couch.
CA: Eat the pumpkin next to the couch.


Pumpkin? What pumpkin? There is no pumpkin and there will never be.

Except during autumn. Your mother buys pumpkins during autumn.
>CA: Study kung-fu for when the revolution happens.
CA: Study kung-fu for when the revolution happens.


You already did that yesterday when you still had the internet.

It was alright you guess.
>CA: Make a sandwich and eat it in the least convenient way possible.
CA: Make a sandwich and eat it in the least convenient way possible.


Good timing, you were starting to get hungry.

And now you are in the kitchen.


You decided to look in the fridge for ingredients.

There's some lettuce and some bacon leftovers.
>CA: Take lettuce and bacon.
CA: Take lettuce and bacon.


You take the lettuce and some bacon leftovers.

Now you need some bread.


You add two slices of bread to your inventory.

Now it's time to combine it all into the ultimate sandwich.

>CA: Combine ingredients.
CA: Combine ingredients.


You combine the ingredients like a professional. People will get jealous of your combining skills.
>CA: Use sandwich.
CA: Use sandwich.



You'd rather show off a really cool feature instead, and then eat the sandwich.
>CA: Show off really cool feature.
CA: Show off really cool feature.




Okay, now use the sandwich.


Oh right.

Using it only places it in your hands. At least that's what it does for sandwiches.

The QUICK INVENTORY feature sure saves some time, though.
>CA: Eat the sandwich.
CA: Eat the sandwich.


You forgot to add butter. You also forgot to eat it in the least convenient way possible.

You sure can get forgetful sometimes.

Speaking of your forgetfulness, you almost forgot you were waiting for your router to reset. It should be done resetting by now. Maybe the connection is back?
>CA: Wait a little longer just in case and go scare the neighbors.
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