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Mac Duke Fishron


I have full nebula armor, the magic cuffs ,destroyer emblem (i cant get the sorcerer emblem), Mana flower and the Master Ninja Gear. My weapons are Nebula Blaze, Lunar Flare and a solar eruption (for random things). I made a Duke Fishron arena with asphalt ground for speed and it is a BIG open area. Ive beaten him once with a friend but by myself I cannot beat him, ive gotten him to about 1/4th health but then i die. He is REALLY fast and I need help. I tried using the Lightning boots but that actually made it worse (I couldn't even get him down half health.


Staff member
Hello Michael,

If I may guess, your arena for fighting Duke Fishron extends outside the ocean? Duke Fishron actually enters an "enraged mode" if attempting to fight it outside of the ocean, and that is the reason for it being extremely fast. Where even Lighting/Frostspark boots can't keep up with the Duke.

If your Arena is changed to fight Duke Fishron within the bounds of the ocean, it will be a lot easier to fight Duke Fishron that way. Your Lighting boots will outrun it. As long as you fight it in the ocean.

To show what I mean, I have a video of fighting the Duke on Expert Mode from long ago. It may still assist you, and you have better equipment than what I had at this point in the game. If you are not playing on Expert Mode, the 3rd stage of the fight (where Duke Fishron disappears) will not happen. I would recommend making your arena similar to what I have in the video to have a better time fighting the Duke:

There was a bug in at the time where Duke would not shoot out bubbles. This was patched in a future update. Hopefully this helps :)
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