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Early Game Summoner Improvements

Want this to be added?

  • Yes! I'm tired of being a Summoner with no weapons!

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Yes, so I can collect it

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • If you change <something>, I might decide

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  • No, we don't really need early game summons

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  • No, the weapons are dumb

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Duke Fishron
Seeing everyone has their fair share of early game Summoner suggestions, I'd thought I make one myself.

Hey, everyone! It's been a long time since I've made a suggestion, but none of you cares, anyway. So, as the title suggests, this aims to improve your Summoner experience early game! Now, let's get on with it!

Note: All the Staves use 10 Mana like everyone else.

Slime Staff - The Summoner Weapon You'll Never See Pre-HM
Ah, yes, the Slime Staff. A weak Summoner weapon suited for early game but you'll never get it by then.

What I suggest:
  • Previous Method for Obtaining:
    • 0.01%/0.014% chance of dropping from any Slime variant
  • Suggested Method for Obtaining:
    • 1%/2% chance of dropping from any Slime variant
    • Craftable (Any Wood (10) and Gel (30-50))
  • Doesn't take up a full Minion slot anymore, but half a slot (So, you can have 2 Baby Slimes. Neat, huh?)
Why a huge boost in drop chance and being craftable, you ask? Well, if you're lucky enough RNG decides to help and drops a Slime Staff for you early game, that's neat. But the stats are obviously inferior to anything by the time you get it if it drops late.

Soul Eater Staff
(Sprite by @lFTLOGodsl)
Damage: 15
Knockback: 5
Velocity: 15
"Traded a soul for a demon"
5 Vile Mushrooms
10 Ebonwood
25 (?) Rotten Chunks
@ Anvil
Yes, the Eater of Souls is now a summon! Summons a Little Eater that moves .5 times faster than any regular summon (I think) and attacks by ramming itself onto enemies. It can fly, obviously.

Crimera Staff
(Sprite by @lFTLOGodsl)
Damage: 20
Knockback: 8
Velocity: 10
5 Vicious Mushrooms
10 Shadewood
25 (?) Vertebrae
@ Anvil
Along with the Eater of Souls, the annoying Crimera is now your ally (Provided you remember to feed it flesh)! It summons a Little Crimera that moves .2 times slower than any regular summon (I think) but redeems that lost speed in raw power.

That's all for my little summon-gestion, feel free to suggest changes or anything!
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I really like this idea, I went ahead and made both staves! Feel free to use them ;3
Eater Staff.png

I believe you can tell which is which :3

Also, what does it mean by the summons have "Velocity"? If so, 10 and 15 are MASSIVE numbers, The Marrow bow has 11.


Duke Fishron
Every minion has a velocity of 10 (Well, I think that's what the Velocity thing means in the wiki for minions). If not, I have made the descriptions for the speed, hehe.

Ooh, reskinned Clinger Staves the Soul Eater and Crimera Staves! I'll definitely use them and put your name there! Thancc!
reskinned Clinger Staves
I literally have absolutely no idea how else a Soul Eater/Crimera Staff would look like lol XDDD
Didn't think I'd mention it, its pretty obvious hehe

And oh I never noticed they used...Velocity...hm, strange xD Perhaps it's their max speed? -shrug-
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