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Efficient AFK Dungeon Guardian Farm (kill time ~6min 30sec)


Brain of Cthulhu
I posted a Dungeon Guardian farm initially on the old forums, but I updated it after some suggestions from ZeroGravitas. Since the updated version was buried in a thread, I decided to post a fresh guide to the farm. First, the video:

The kill is not shown since it wouldn't be too exciting to show the same action over 6+ minutes. To achieve such a rapid kill, a dart trap battery is used and Tiki minions are summoned. The regular dart traps are capable of critical hits, so they are better to use against Dungeon Guardian than most other traps. The dart trap mechanism is a little different than the ones I used previously. Here is a schematic of the farm with and without wiring:



The top blue wire that goes to the right edge connects to a teleporter just inside the dungeon (not shown). The bottom blue wire connects to a teleporter at home base. To summon the Dungeon Guardian, the player must have dungeon walls behind him/her, and must be below 0 altitude.

The dart trap engine works as follows: a bird is summoned, and it passes over pressure plates that activate the dart traps in a row. The last pressure plate is connected to the bird statue to summon another bird, while the first bird flies up and is killed by a dart trap. The dimensions are very precise to ensure a continuous stream of darts. At the beginning the lever for the bird statue (middle lever) needs to be pulled twice in rapid succession, since the first pull actuates a block above the statue to allow the first bird to fly up and pass over pressure plates connected to teleporters for fast player teleporting during the Guardian fight. The second pull of the switch closes the top path, and summons a bird to fly left and pass over the pressure plates connected to the darts. The left lever kills all the birds and shuts off the dart trap engine and teleport engine.

Once the teleporters and dart trap engine are activated, the player summons 9 tiki warriors with the help of papyrus scarab, necromantic scroll, pygmy necklace, tiki armor, and a summon potion. Tiki warriors dish out the most damage to the Dungeon Guardian compared to every other minion. After summoning the tiki warriors the player teleports via the right lever into the dungeon, and immediately teleports out when the Dungeon Guardian is summoned. When the Dungeon guardian gets close to the player, the player then steps into the adjacent teleporter that is powered by the first bird that was summoned, and starts bouncing back and forth between teleporters always out of the Dungeon Guardian's reach.

Again, thanks to ZeroGravitas for a lot of his suggestions regarding how to make this farm most efficient (such as suggesting skipping the 1-sec timers and using a feedback loop for the dart trap, and suggesting a single bird statue to power the teleporters and traps).

Here's the world download for those wanting to try this for themselves:

http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/msUq7QZ3/file.html (new link updated Feb 10th)
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Brain of Cthulhu
Totes legit as always. How did you get the teleporter in the dungeon without having to fight the dungeon guardian?

You can place teleporters inside of dungeons at depths below 0 altitude so long as you don't have dungeon walls behind you. You can mine down and then sideways to where there is dungeon brick, and just place a teleporter down on the other side. Alternately, you can go inside a dungeon and use a depth meter to make sure you remain above 0 altitude. When you get close to 0 altitude, just place a teleporter below 0 altitude.

You can even mine dungeon walls very early by fishing up the insanely strong Reaver Shark from the Ocean in pre-hardmode. The chance of fishing up a Reaver Shark is 1:100 though. Here's a way of summoning the Dungeon Guardian without teleporters if you get the Reaver Shark:

The arena remarkably doesn't use any wiring, so this is a true pre-hardmode DG farm. All you need is a gun or a magic weapon to snipe at the DG as you hoik around.


this aint workin anymore? The setup works but the guardian doesnt follow me outside.

Nvm...took some more skill to pull him out^^ Guardian down!
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Its a long shot but, could you add the blueprints/world for the variation of the farm that is shown in the video? The one that only has one bird loop. Seeing as the old forums no longer exists I can't search for the original there.
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