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Are you going to participate?

  1. Heck yeah! Sounds fun!

  2. Nope.avi

  3. Nah, I will just watch.

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  1. Electroman054

    Electroman054 Steampunker

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen! I am currently hosting a Sprite Contest! I am needing some sprites for a new mod I am releasing and want YOU (the community) to supply some good ones. I don't want to request them from others as well... It is not even certain they will make them. So here are the rules and other info:

    1. NO STEALING OTHERS WORK! I know how to find out if you did, so don't try it... I want hand made sprites!
    2. NO RESKINS! Pretty much don't take the Excaliber and make it purple of something.
    3. DECENT SPRITES! Do something decent, don't just wipe your bum with the keyboard and say that is your sprite.
    4. NO POSTING IRRELEVANT COMMENTS! I mean it! I will get the mods!
    5. NO ARGUING OR CRITICIZING! All I want to see is a sprite and some info about it! Anything else is IRRELEVANT!
    6. IMPORTANT: Once someone post their sprite here, it is owned by me and the creator... Take any sprite from this Forum, I will be sure to have a moderator speak with you. :mad:

    How The Competition Will Work:
    There will be a few winners... No, I can not give you money or a free steam game... The most I can hand in is your bragging rights and a place in the mod! So here are the places...

    Only 1 Winner will be selected. Remember to give me a idea for a fight, it may change. ;) You will get a dev weapon of your choice in the mod!

    10 Winners! Tell me what the enemy will do and where it will spawn! Top 5 get a custom weapon ingame!

    Item Sets:
    5 Winners! Give me the material sprites, the armor, weapons, and stuff! All get a custom weapon ingame!

    Accessories, Weapons, Armor, Other Random Things:

    25 Winners! Everyone's item will have their name in the description of it! Tell me what it is and what it does. :3

    :kingslime:That is about all! Good luck have fun!:kingslime:
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
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  2. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    I'll participate :p I'll probably just do an item set though lol. I suck at everything else that is worth the prize there XD
  3. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    OCTOPUSEROO! Lol, also, I made an engine in Game Dev Tycoon earlier today called "iz a boonana". Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!
  4. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    Bone Knife
    Dropped from Hardmode Crimson Enemies
    I am guessing you can make some stats for it
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  5. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    SpikyBow.png Not sure what to call this, but I guess it looks cool
  6. Electroman054

    Electroman054 Steampunker

    So far we got good work coming! Keep it up!
  7. Tastypastry

    Tastypastry Plantera

    For personal reasons, these sprites and your right to use them have been revoked
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
  8. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    Tastypastry likes this.
  9. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    I know how I shall compete with it. Imma make the cinnabarite set (The mineral actually exists. It's the most toxic mineral on Earth :p)
  10. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    This is the Cinnabrite item set so far:

    CinnabariteHelmet.png CinnabariteChestplate.png CinnabariteLeggings.png CinnabriteKatana.png

    More sprites coming soon. That;s obviously not the entire set, I still need to do the drill, pickaxe, chainsaw, axe, shotbow, etc. lol. But for now I'm going to go to sleep, so you might see the rest of the sprites tomorrow :p
  11. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    Ok, so this is all that I'm going to do for this item set. If there's anything else that I need to do, just tell me because I feel like I forgot about something to do XD:

    CinnabariteBar.png Cinnabarite Bar
    CinnabariteOre.png Cinnabarite Ore
    CinnabariteHelmet.png CinnabariteChestplate.png CinnabariteLeggings.png Cinnabarite Helmet, Chestplate, and Leggings
    CinnabaritePicksaw.png Cinnabarite Picksaw
    CinnabariteTri-Shot.png Cinnabarite Tri-Shot
    CinnabariteKatana.png Cinnabarite Katana/Sword/whatever you guys wanna call it :p

    Once again, remind me if I forgot a tool or something like that. It's mainly a melee set, but I also added a ranged weapon for fun :p I'm not going to add a ranged/mage/summoner/throwing helmet though, because like I said, it's mainly a melee set. Anyway imma stop ranting now :p
    Tastypastry likes this.
  12. Tastypastry

    Tastypastry Plantera

    For personal reasons, these sprites and your right to use them have been revoked
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
  13. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    I didn't think I could defeat you lol. All I know is that there are multiple winners for the item sets, and I think I'm gonna be one of them (mostly because there are 5 winners, and only 2 people have posted any item sets yet XD)
  14. BenGallegos

    BenGallegos Skeletron

    Here is my submission: 1.png
  15. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    Dank memes. I'm going to submit something soon. When I can figure out a color scheme for something spoopy :mad: (Not sure if :mad: is an actual emoji or not... I guess we shall see lol)
    Edit: SO IT IS! I win at life
  16. Boonana

    Boonana Official Terrarian

    Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png FIGHT ME Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png Doughnut.png

    *Insert kappas here*
  17. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    Le Spoopy Sword
    Le sword that I don't have a name for yet (Thinking probably Bloodlust. @RexodinoLP came up with that name I think. Credit to him for the name because I was stumped and couldn't think of anything :p)
    Le True Bloodlust
    (It's glowing! :D)
  18. Electroman054

    Electroman054 Steampunker

  19. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    So, I guess this is for single item parts?
    Sand Set.png Remove the white background yourself, to lazy.
    I was originally gonna make this a full on set, but I couldn't make a good bow, so it's just this shotgun.

    Stats? It fires three shots at once, has a use time of 34, and damage is 17.
    Crafted? One Boomstick, ten Desert Fossils at an anvil.
    Modify stats how seen fit, as long as you keep it firing 3 bullets.
  20. Wingle

    Wingle Official Terrarian

    Whatchoo laffin 'bout, skrublord?
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