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Ery's... Ummm is this art?


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Not taking requests and stuff anymore for now.

Rules, Requirements & Guidelines.

  • These will likely be just doodles, maybe color, maybe not, depends on how I feel.
  • You must complete a certain secret task before Ery works on your request.
  • You must have toddler level art skills or better. Even if you can only draw crappy stick people, that's alright, I want your help for a little 'project' too.
  • Post your request and await PM.
  • 1 Request per person
  • Up to 2 characters per request
  • Characters can be interacting with each other. See most of my Tsuki & Ery drawings for examples.
  • Describe what you want. If you want a picture like a specific one I've drawn feel free to ask.
  • Post some reference pics of the characters and poses and stuff like that
  • Add the word "pepperoni" somewhere in your post to prove you read this tiny list.
  • Wait for Ery to figure out how to PM stuff to people
  • Don't pester Ery for when she's going to be done, is her first time taking multiple requests at once. Be gentle~:dryadwink:

  • The Ice Cube -completed
  • Xenocat {P}-completed
  • Aurora3500 -completed
  • Victorles -completed
  • Rastriavas -completed
  • Mihn -completed
  • MinieK -completed
  • King40606 -completed
  • DG-VR. {P} -completed
  • _XNickX_-completed
  • Timothy the Engineer -completed
  • linkboy84 -completed
  • ppowersteef -completed
  • Rampaging Treesmasher -completed

Completed Requests and Stuff


Not Requests, just drawings I've been doing on my own

This is the first thing I drew in years. I started off with this nice drawing of my Terraria character, who is kinda modeled after myself.

I colored it in and added a nice Nebula Pillar background, Stardust Guardian and Nebula Arcanum.


Added a Stardust dragon wrapping around.

Change the Stardust colors because they didn't really fit the picture well and was reminded that I want dyeable minions. Made a few other changes too.
I kinda liked the picture better before it had the minions though...

I love Plantera, I wanna hug it and grab it and sniff it and caress it gently~ But Plantera refuses my love!



It looks weird when your eyes are awesome but all the other coloring sucks.

I tried some new uhh... coloring techniques.


Tsuki and I were having a little fun. I decided to feed her a strawberry. She decided to like it~ And thus! Inspiration was born!

Sure it has a bunch of mistakes, but I really enjoyed drawing this one because it was for her.
Me, Tsuki, Flanny and Ghosty all sleep and cuddle together <3

Tsuki's so adorable when she sits on my lap and plays her games, I just can't resist holding her close.
I was bored waiting for the doctor in the clinic, so I decided to make a sketch of myself giving Tsuki a piggyback ride because I know she just loves being carried~ :dryadpassionate: Tsuki is precious to me. I'll carry her any time, any where.

A kiss for my love. A love who deserves it and so much more.


Even Tsuki's chibi form is the biggest. And probably the cutest too.

Made doodles, Tsuki & I will be together forevers. And Evers.

So, uhmmm, my true form is a slime girl, nice to meet you all~ I drew a self portrait :dryadsmile:
Start with the outline

Add some goopy bits

Color! I'm a mood slime, I change color/taste based on mood. Green is my neutral/happy color.

I come in many colors and flavours :dryadpassionate:
I turn black when I'm depressed, did anyone know that?
Wanted to make myself into a cute little ball slime and sit on Tsuki's shoulder.
Tsuki doesn't know how to smile or something, she's always like :| All day every day. So I make her smile the old fashioned way in the quick & messy doodle
I tried doing things in greyscale for once, I like it, it came out cute <3
That's all for now.
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I've been following your art through profile statuses and I'm glad you're showcasing your work in an art thread now. You should definitely do some more Terraria works, because this art is pretty.


Official Terrarian
That status is there for if you ever plan on taking requests, so by "On Hold" it would imply you're not taking requests but would take them in the future.

Real talk: your art is awesome. Keep going.


Nice stuff here. I've already stalked your profile and seen this stuff there, along with a lot of commentary on things, but just re-iterating here on the thread that I like this stuff and would enjoy seeing more of it in time.

and maybe request something somewhere down the line <3


Official Terrarian
I enjoy the delicacy of her as she sits upon the thing with probably the most aggressive name in Terraria. It's the beauty and the beast, she's looking at the probe to see even the beauty in it. That's the vibe I got anyway, I'm falling in love with your art.


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I. love. it, ever thought going professional?

I'm going to ask "The tired and old beaten" question. Do you take requests?

Uhmmm I'm not sure... I just started doing art stuff again a couple days ago after not doing it since my highschool days... and I was never really good at doing art on demand either. And I only just figured out how to color on the computer in a better way than just Paint bucketing everything.


The art is so good that i had to like it on the thread and her profile... What? o_O (Seriously though this art is something else, I love it.)
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