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tModLoader Even More Modifiers

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Duke Fishron
I've got good news to share: it's nearly done.

Today I spent a fair amount of time finalizing the back-end of the mod. (thanks to Chicken-Bones for very good insights and discussions on how to approach things) This work introduced a fair amount of changes but fortunately we hadn't gone really far yet into the migrating process ^^ That's all time I have for now, we should now cheer up @thegamemaster1234 because he's currently in charge of migrating all previous existing content to the new system.

When our friendly collaborator is done and everything seems to be working as planned, I will create a new thread and the mod will be re-released



Made an account solely so I could post here; Can you give an estimate of when it'll be up? I understand if you can't due to not wanting to make empty promises but if you could i'd appreciate it. I'm about to start a new play through with friends and this mod would really improve the experience. Thanks a lot for your time and contribution :)


Eye of Cthulhu
Oh! Awesome. I didn't know work was being done on this mod.

I love it and miss it. Give me some magic dice!

Unit One

Staff member
News: @Jofairden will be taking over maintenance of this mod. Should hopefully mean less time left out of date / broken.
Since Hiccup has placed the mod in Jofairden’s hands, and there’s been a relaunch, I’ll close this thread. @Hiccup251, if you should want this thread reopened when you return, please click Report on the first post and request it.

Everyone else, see the thread that Jofairden has linked: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/even-more-modifiers-relaunch-beta.68438/
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