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    Welcome to the Even More Modifiers relaunch beta!
    Yes, you heard that right, Even More Modifiers is back!


    Documentation (official):
    Github (source):
    To see changelogs:
    Automated Doxygen documentation:
    Discord (chat):


    Even though this mod is open-source, the default license is "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED."
    This means that despite the fact that the mod is open-source, you cannot use any of its contents in your own works.


    Table of Contents
    1. Table of Contents
    2. About
    3. What's New
    4. Your Job
    5. List of things to come
    6. Community Creation
    7. Credits
    8. Compatibility
    10. Changelogs
    11. List of Modifiers

    # About
    This mod adds an additional 'modifier' system for items, allowing them to roll modifying effects that can give various bonuses. These effects can roll on weapons, accessories and armor. (vanity is excluded) This system goes on top of prefixes, that means you can still use vanilla prefixes to full benefit.

    This one was only for testing purposes. It showcases changing the item name in the tooltip and adding various lines for modifiers dynamically. This was the start of reworking the mod (also those modifiers actually already worked)[​IMG]

    Old mod example: (will look similar to-date)
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    # What's new
    The mod has been remade from the ground up. This makes the code a lot more manageable, and also means it is a breeze to add new modifiers or change existing ones. That said, other modders can add their own modifiers! To learn more about that, see the creation section.

    Rolling modifiers has changed, but only slightly. Previously, rolling a 'line' (a modifier) on your item always had a 50% chance. This meant 3- or 4-lines were pretty frequent. In the relaunch, this has changed to decrease by 50% each continuous roll. This means you have a 50% chance to roll an initial line, 25% for a second, 12.5% for a third and 6.25% for a fourth. Modifiers roll up to 4 lines (as before) This change means 3- and 4-liners are more rare, and should become much more valuable and feel more rewarding to get. (for now, this is not the case in beta!)

    Every item has a chance to have rolled modifiers when it was generated, or when a world is first loaded. (this is present from v0.0.10.4 and onwards) To re-roll modifiers, you reforge the item at the tinkerer. Armors are also rerollable and can roll accessory-type prefixes and modifiers. You can place an item in an item frame and take it out to get a free roll. This is unintended, but cannot be fixed yet. Abuse it to your own will.

    You can also use the cubing system to reroll modifiers, and the sealing cube to lock the modifiers in place. See the above gifs.

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    # Your job
    As a beta user, your job is to play the relaunched mod and test it. If you find issues, please report them in this thread (alternatively on Github)
    I'd like to gather feedback on the following:
    • Strength of modifier. So, if a modifier is too weak or strong, tell me.
    • Frequency of modifiers. So, if a modifier rolls too often or little, tell me.
    • Functionality of modifiers. If a modifier doesn't work correctly, tell me. (it is likely some stuff works incorrectly in multiplayer, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)
    • Rarity (value) of modifiers. The rarity of your item (common, uncommon etc.) is based on the modifiers you roll, where Transcendent rarity is highest. If you feel like modifiers give too much or little rarity, let me know.
    • Obviously, bugs. If something doesn't work right, please tell me.
    Also tell me if you like that modifiers are re-roll-able through the tinkerer. Normally you have to use a magic dice, but I find this an inconvenience. A more elaborate re-rolling system is implemented called the cubing system. Each cube type has its own unique rolling mechanic. You simply put your item in the cube UI and off you go! (see above gifs)

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    # List of things to come
    • Modifiers on generated items, such as items generated in chests (available from v0.0.10.4 and onwards)
    • Making armors easily re-roll-able somehow like weapons and accessories (available from v0.0.10.7 and onwards) [previous versions: abuse item frames]
    Specific re-rolling dices
    This elaborate system gives more flexibility for re-rolling modifiers. Inspiration was taken from Maplestory's cubing system.
    This system will allow you to re-roll in various different ways, allowing more customization. Obviously the better ones would be harder to get, but also necessary for getting that one godly item. If you have a suggestion for this system, let me know. (available from v0.1.0.0 and onwards)

    - CHANGE Rarity change:
    -- Previously, the rarity on an item was very non-telling. It basically did nothing. Now, rarity is heavily influencing the power of the item.
    -- No longer determined by lines, but can be upgraded independently
    -- Higher rarity = higher power from rolls and more powerful lines available
    -- Rarities: Common-Rare-Epic-Legendary-Transcendent

    - NEW Tier changes regular cube:
    -- Common Rare Epic Legendary
    Up 30% 5% 3% n/a
    Down N/A 3% 15% 30%
    -- Every rank increases potency of lines by at least 10%
    -- Transcendent is a special rarity that can only be achieved late game. It is very potent by adding a 5th line to the item.

    - NEW Essences
    -- Essences are a new type of item that can be used to roll a specific line on an item
    -- Uniquely, essences can and will never increase or decrease the rarity of an item, only cubes can be used for potentially upgrading the rarity. (and essences do not need a cube to reroll lines)
    -- Keeping the above in mind, essences are a powerful means late-game to not lose legendary rank and allow players to access rerolling early game before cubes come into play

    - NEW Souls
    -- Souls are a new type of item that can be applied on an item that adds additional bonuses on top of regular prefixes and modifier lines. They are much rarer than essences, and can usually only be obtained from bosses or events.
    -- Bosses may drop a soul crystal, which can be filled with a certain amount of souls from soul influenced mobs. Once filled, the soul's power can be embedded on an item making it much more powerful.
    -- Note: souls are exclusive to weapons and cannot be applied to equips. They provide powerful combat bonuses

    - NEW Essence influenced mobs and Soul influenced mobs
    -- A common complaint is how this mod makes the game too easy. To offset this, more powerful mobs can start spawning with great rewards

    - Essence influenced mobs
    -- An essence influenced mob is a regular mob that deals more damage and has more health than usual. It is more common than a soul influenced mob. The mob will drop essences that can be applied to items.

    - Soul influenced mobs
    -- Soul influenced mobs are much more powerful than any mob, they can be seen as potential mini-bosses. These mobs dwell with souls and are much more powerful than a regular mob or essence mob. When damaged and killed, the remaining lingering souls can be collected by nearby player's soul lanterns or soul crystals.
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    # Community Creation
    With the new system, you can easily create your own new modifiers. I highly suggest you take a look at some of the existing modifiers first, so you can get a feel for how the classes are laid out. You can also create your own rarities and pools. Pools are meant to roll 'themed' items, so for example a pool could only exist of frost- or ice-like effects and only roll on a specific set of themed items (winter event anyone?) My hope is that people come up with their own addition mods, that make full benefit of the new system by adding new pools, rarities and modifiers. Of course, existing mods can add as well, such as big content mods like Calamity or Thorium. If the makers of such mods want to add stuff, feel free to contact me if you have questions etc. It wouldn't make sense for this mod to add stuff for other mods itself, because I am not the creator of those mods: they should unleash their own creativity (I am not them, I would not know what they'd come up with)

    How to make your own content is described in this document Documentation moved to the official site: here

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    # Credits
    Original creator of the mod: @Hiccup251
    Unfortunately hiccup has left the scene now almost a year ago, he kindly requested I kept the mod alive.
    Massive thanks to @thegamemaster1234 for migrating a lot of already existing modifiers to the new system!
    Thanks chicken-bones for some great insights how to approach things
    Thanks @O Bárbaro Desenhista for making the mod icon

    Thanks to WillSM for helping with some sprites. Thanks a lot!

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    # Compatibility

    The mod has bugged with accessory modifying mods in the past like Anti-social (but it should work since v0.1.0.5)
    The cheat sheet slots dont register properly yet, but will in the future I promise. (works since v0.1.0.7)
    All other mods supported from what is known.
    World load issue should be fixes since v0.1.0.9

    In and before v0.0.10.6 LOAD ISSUES with this mod (null error), but it might display another mod.

    Anti-social mod (or other mods that enable accessories' functionality in vanity slots) supported since version v0.1.2.0
    # Downloads
    Download on browser:
    Download on Github:

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    # Changelogs
    To see changelogs:

    For more information, to see the code, collaborate or open an issue, visit the github:
    # List of Modifiers
    More modifiers are added in the future!

    • +% crit damage (global)
    • +% dodge chance (global)
    • + fishing skill
    • + max life
    • +% damage vs max life foes
    • + immunity frames
    • immunity to knockback
    • + life regen per minute
    • + light (light around player)
    • + luck (for the player)
    • +% magic crit chance
    • +% magic damage
    • + max mana
    • +% of damage taken is redirected to mana
    • +% melee crit chance
    • +% melee damage
    • +% mining speed
    • +% minion damage (summon)
    • +% defense
    • +% move speed
    • +% ranged crit chance
    • +% ranged damage
    • +% chance to survive lethal blows
    • +% thorns
    • +% throwing crit chance
    • +% throwing damage
    • + flight time

    • +% chance to not consume ammo
    • +% crit chance (global)
    • +% damage, but you are cursed (gives life degen if not curse immune)
    • +% damage
    • +% damage during the day/night
    • +% damage, but adds x mana cost
    • +% knockback
    • -% mana cost
    • Up to +% damage based on missing health
    • +% use speed
    • +% damage based on player's velocity
    • +% projectile velocity
    • +% chance to inflict a debuff for x time
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    I have been waiting so long for this. Thank you so much.
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    Yw! Let me know!
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    Quick pitch to OP/future modders: Would it be possible to have similar rolling modifiers for hostiles as well? Enemy Affixes is nice; but additional shenanigans from a "Giant Legendary Burner of Souls" would amuse.
  5. Dnarris

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    Awesome to see this back! Thank you. I'm loading it up now and will be certain to give you feedback!
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  6. Jofairden

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    If you mean modifiers that alter enemy npcs: that is Prefixes for Enemies! It is the mod next on the list for me to rework

    Thank you! :3
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    I waited for this for a long time, let's test
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    Thank you very much for reworking this (and Prefixes for Enemies next?! It's April, not December. How can Christmas be now?)
    Anyway, I'm very excited about it. I literally just whisper-screamed "YEEESSS!" at my desk.
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    Yes, PfE is next. REJOICE!!!
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    This is already looking AMAZING
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    A legend returned...

    Thanks for relaunching! I'll use that one in my future playthroughs. xD
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  13. using Terraria.ModLoader;

    namespace Osmium
    class Osmium : Mod
    public Osmium()
    Properties = new ModProperties()
    Autoload = true,
    AutoloadGores = true,
    AutoloadSounds = true

    is this right?
  14. Burst

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    Two things:
    First of all, the Magic Dice isn't present, sadly.

    Secondary, when I have a sword in my hand (on the first place on the toolbar), the modifiers disappear after a bit. I crafted a new blade and putted it there again, but no 3 minutes later, the modifier was gone!
  15. MarioPower

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    I can't seem to use this mod in multiplayer. Gets stuck on "Loading player data".
  16. Jofairden

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    No, you need to override the Load() method. You should familiarize yourself with tModLoader first before attempting this imho.

    As stated in OP:
    You can reroll via the tinkerer (like vanilla prefixes)
    I have no ideas about modifiers disappearing. Please do some more testing. The best thing to do is open an issue on github with more details.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 7, 2018, Original Post Date: Apr 7, 2018 ---
    Highly likely the mod doesn't function well in MP, since I haven't had time to test it. Thanks for trying though! I'll let you know when I get it working.
  17. Alright, thanks.
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    Aw, well rip. Thanks for the quick reply, though. :)
  19. xXtemplar3Xx

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    I was just using this mod and for some reason when i used the prefix that takes mana away instead of hp it bugged out when i died so i had negative mana, when i took all accsessories with the prefix nothing was bugged, later i made magic cuffs and it had that prefix, so what happened was it regenerated the mana and i took mana damage equally so i never lost health or mana so thats broken please fix thats way too op.
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  20. S'AraisVanu

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    Odd behavior: Coins and Vanity can roll modifiers. Obviously a harmless bug, but they cannot be benefited from.
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