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Evening the Dungeon Walls


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So I bet we've all had that world where in the HM Dungeon that spawns pretty much just one kind of wall throughout the entire dungeon ( let's say, the kind that spawns blue Armored bones ), save for that small square room with a different type ( a small room with Rusty Company ), and pretty much no wall that spawns Hell Armored bones.

What I propose is as follows. During World generation, The game will use a 33.4% Slab, 33.3% Tile, 33.3% Brick check on the walls present in the dungeon underground, with a system in place that prevents stray walling in a majority area. What I mean by preventing "Stray walling", is so that the game will not create a Tiled wall in a Slab majority area, unless directly connected to the larger section of the 33.3% This will give specific enemies better chances to spawn.
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I had to travel across about 10 worlds to get a dungeon with slab walls so I could get the loot, but then I discovered the sniper rifle and spectre staff arent that good. facepalm. Totl support because of above.
support. also, maybe make each of the dungeon brick colors equally common, as i almost always get pink.
They are, but in your case it's like me getting Crimson for the majority of the first worlds I created in 1.2- really crappy luck.

But yeah, this is a great idea, however I feel the need to note that the game tends to generate normal brick walls behind the actual brick tiles, so that shouldn't be counted. (Otherwise all dungeons would have nothing but Tiled and Slab, with all the Brick walls being hidden behind the dungeon brick.)
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