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Hi everyone and welcome to the new forum! This is the new version of my old thread at terrariaonline. Just explain why do you use your current avatar. I'll start.

Since I was a child I always loved the Street Fighter series. I'm Brazilian, so I'm using Blanka for my avatar. Also, my little brother once told me that Blanka walking backwards looks like Dracula, so my Blanka is wearing a cape.

My avatar dates back to the old days of TO when it was me and my roommate sharing one account, since that time we are down a computer so its just me now, but I still like to keep the name (and username for that matter) for the spirit of it. Ah the good ol days~

Also my avatar is from the Terraria 4Koma I made with Fetalstar a long time ago.
Hello there count Blanka... .Blancula? COUNT LIGHTNING CROUCH!
My avatar is of Nito, from dark souls, and it's hard to explain anything about him without including ALL of dark souls' lore so... I'll leave it at: I wish i could claim ownership of this pic but i LOVE nito from dark souls so i just had to have him as an avatar.

This is a line-over of a screenshot from Blacklight Retribution. I played it a lot before it mostly died off. Soon I will be doing a freedraw icon though.
My current avatar is the kid version of the four Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon. It's amusing that Mako (the brunette) is comparatively "too damn tall" even as a child.

And I change my avatar a lot. Keep on finding good images to use.
Someone drew this adorable picture of my character. Thought I'd use it! I have many more of the same character, so I'll be switchin' it up every once in a while!
Georgio Manos from Roundabout, looking unsure on what she's about to be doing. Her facial expression from that one cutscene made me smirk the first time I saw it and so I made it my avatar for a short little while.

Oh, and this isn't permanent. I plan on changing it back to my regular one later this week.
My avatar is from the latest Zelda game (on 3DS). It's the crest of the Dark World in the game, which has a name this time, instead of Dark World. Oh, and the name of it is Lorule. And I love Zelda games. :cool:
Lorule and The Dark World are totally different. They're just geographically similar and have the same music for nostalgia'sorlaziness'ssake.
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