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tModLoader Extensible Inventory - Limitless, paginated inventory

Discussion in 'Released' started by hamstar, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Books aren't relevant if the API isn't being used to add new inventory contexts. It's all pages, for now.

    PagePositionX and PagePositionY let you adjust the controls position.

    You mean adding to item stacks on other pages? I could do that easily. There's a lot of things I want to add to this mod, but I haven't gotten around to doing so yet.
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  2. [eXponentia]

    [eXponentia] Terrarian

    Yeah adding to item stacks on other pages, but also, using items from other pages. For example I have a mod that lets me assign a button to "place torch" so that I can have torches anywhere in my inventory and place them with without having to mess around. If I'm not on the page that has the torches on it, it treats me like I have no torches. I assume crafting works the same (with that said I use magic storage so I 90% craft through that).

    And with the PagePositionX stuff, won't that move the whole control scheme, including the left and right arrows? What I'd like to do is separate the +- buttons and move them while leaving the page arrows in the middle like they are.
  3. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Yeah, I can't easily implement something like that. I could add buttons to quickly change pages, though.
    I can add that to the next version.
  4. [eXponentia]

    [eXponentia] Terrarian

    Awesome, looking forward to it, and yeah I figured it would be either way too complicated to add that feature, or downright impossible, but honestly if things can just get picked up and added to stacks on other pages then it'll solve the issue anyway, because I can do the reverse of what I wanted to do: Have my default page have all my tools, and just let the junk overflow onto the next page.
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  5. maxfield

    maxfield Terrarian

    wait so is anyone going to ask how to get the hamstar thing i cant find it in the mod browser
  6. Boxyfoxy

    Boxyfoxy Terrarian

    I was thinking of an idea for a mod to go along with this or an update that'd add something similar, taking items out of one slot and putting them into another is such a pain, wishing i could take multiple of different items in your "cursor"/"mouse" hand and placing them into the other inventory slots (not the individual slots for each item bad wording on my part is all thanks for you're time.

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  7. didacticAscended

    didacticAscended Terrarian

    is there a way to make this inventory act like the one in the kalciphoz rpg mod? where it puts picked up stuff in your other pages if you dont have room
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  8. [SQD] Kurato

    [SQD] Kurato Terrarian

    Hey guys I got a little question here.
    I'm currently trying to figure out which hotkeys enable me to scroll through my inventory pages without actually clicking on the left or right but I can't quite seem to find any. Tried out to bind the hotkeys to whichever key i prefer but nothing happens.
  9. Visarogo

    Visarogo Terrarian

    Don't know if it's anything that you'd be wanting to look into. TmodLoader 64bit that has recently come out is having some sort of issue with the mod. Loads fine, all the buttons are there, can add and remove pages as normal. The scroll buttons to change pages do not work.
    Just wanted to give a heads up if it's something you'd want to look into.
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  10. Monster Armstrong

    Monster Armstrong Terrarian

    I havent used this mod yet so I have a question before I do
    Some mod I use has an item that becomes active when favorited in your inventory
    If I have many pages of inventory, will I have to make that same item a bunch of times for it to work on all of them?
  11. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Most likely.
  12. AlainZv

    AlainZv Plantera

    Does this mod changes the npc selling interface?
    i have several mods, and i there's an issue that makes that some items cant be bought because he has full inventory, this mod could help with that?
  13. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    That issue sounds like it can only be addressed with code injection, which exceeds the scope of my mods (thus far).
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  14. Xablauzero

    Xablauzero Terrarian

    Hey Mh, the extensible inventory in this new version, when you try to play in multiplayer, it says "Receiving tile data: Complete" and stuck, i downloaded these old versions and it worked again, but please, fix it, i love this mod xd!
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  15. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    What version are you playing? Does reloading the mods fix this?

    Edit: Tell me if v1.2.2 fixes this.

    If you select and item and use the scroll wheel, you can scroll inventory pages quickly.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
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  16. Xablauzero

    Xablauzero Terrarian

    It' s the new version, my friend told me you updated the mod, i didn't tested this new but in the modloader new updated version, it's glitching a lot in multiplayer, but i will test later if it's fixed.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 16, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 16, 2019 ---
    I Just downloaded the 3.9 version of modhelper and 1.2.2 so worked
  17. Rylar

    Rylar Terrarian

    Very much looking forward to adding items to stacks on other pages.
  18. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Try it with Mod Helpers v4.2.1.3 and tell me if you're still having issue.
  19. Xablauzero

    Xablauzero Terrarian

    Sorry for telling this late, i updated all to the new version and worked well with the newer update of extensible inventory, thank you for fixing !
  20. alaswing

    alaswing Skeletron Prime

    Hello @hamstar , first of all, awesome mod as always, second, i want to know, if there is any possibility that the pages act like they where all from the same inventory, so when you craft something everything is taken to account and then when you get some items they stack in the page when the first of the same kind is residing. it would be super helpful, then this would be the mod i was looking for!

    thanks a bunch man, and sorry for my bad english.