Favourite biome?

I'm a huge fan of the snow biome as well, especially once you have ice skates and don't fall through the ice all the time :p Second favourite has to be the jungle, simply because you're forced to spend so much time there :p
Snow biome, partial immunity to crimruption and hallow makes it quite badass... And it's one of the calmer biomes in HM, too.
Underground jungle, I always find myself there either using the excessive amount of tunnels to find a quick way to the underworld, or I just farm there like a maniac.
Also I got me some tortoise there to kill
Dungeon - Most unique biome in terms of enemy types and design. The music is one of the better tracks as well. I always have fun exploring the dungeon, giving me a large sense of exploration and action, even in hardmode because of the large variety of mobs in the hardmode dungeon. Strong selection of items from the dungeon also.
I think mine would be the underground biome just because I love mining for resources. It's my main thing to do in Terraria.
I really enjoy the Jungle biome. The contrasting colors and all the dangers that await make it a favorite for me. Not to mention, the Jungle Theme is the best one on TCF. :happy:
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