Favourite biome?

The Corrupted Ice Biome for me. Since I love Ice, and the Corruption is my favorite overall Biome. Cursed Flame is pretty cool and I enjoy the Purple Theme of the Corrupt blocks as well as appearance of Corruption Monsters.

The Underground Hallow is also pretty high up there. Because I enjoy all the Crystals and Pink Light that Monsters have which makes the Underground Pretty.
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I'd go with the Tundra mainly as a sign of the times having first played Terraria on Christmas 2012 and all the fun times I had and plan on having in the future. In fact, watching subsequent updates give it more love and attention help make it stand as the coolest in the game thus far. `;)
you gotta love the snow biome's wood, the boreal, i think it is the best wood there is. so, my favorite biome would have to be the snow. (of course there are other reasons too, i'm just too lazy to name them. this post is long as is.)
I like the Corruption/Crimson/Hallow and their underground variants! they all have awesome music and i love how unique they are, like you don't see them in real life!!
Ooh, I like the Glowing Mushroom biome the best. I just think it looks so cool, and I built a great Chaos Elemental farm there.

I also like the crimson a lot, because Ichor Stickers.
1. Desert, it has cool backgroind and sandstroms, has fossils extracted to get stronger thrown weapons (they are my favourite thrown stuff), and even antlions
2. the Dungeon, it has cool weapons and chests, even the Skeletron Boss (he is my favourite) is cool and fun to fight
3. Lihzahrd's Temple, the music is ancient, the lihzahrds are cool, and even the Golem looks fun and (not so) easy to fight
Either the Jungle (just a badass biome in general), or the Surface Mushroom, or the Underground Hallow (cool music, fun enemies)
[doublepost=1519057355,1519057237][/doublepost]Or, the Hallowed Snow Biome. Pigrons are amazing.
#1 would be Ice Biome, it's not the most difficult biome and it's hard for corruption crimson or hallow to take over (besides when you first enter hard mode), the aesthetic and all that junk, i like the color white, it's sleek, it looks good, and it complements black and blue, two of my other favorite colors... I often end up making a lot of good and high quality builds using ice biome materials

#2 Space biome, ohh clouds, and sunplate blocks, it's one of the more difficult biomes but i like it reguardless of how lacking in content it is, building you're own space bases are fun as well as fending off against wave after wave of harpy and wyvern with friends (but sucks without them), as well as some of the benefits of low gravity and some of the fun you can have

#3 Now this is a hard one..... probably ocean biome because of palm wood's look as well as since most of the angler and ocean stuff was introduced in 1.3 it all has good sprites that all synchronize with that ocean look
I like the corruption:pslime:/crimson :brain:a lot because they have great music, amazing items, great bosses, and some sweet design, i don't know if i prefer one over the other. I like them both.
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