Favourite biome?

...also, chaos elementals :p
Yes, I too love twitchy enemies that chase you relentlessly with teleports and make any defensive structures completely redundant.

My favourite is the Underground Jungle. It used to be pretty much the ugliest thing in the game for me, but I LOVE its post-1.2 look.
i would have to say, i love the jungle, regardless of which portion of the game you're at. early game becomes an asset to mages, mid game ends up an asset to mages, end game unlocks the fury of the mages. what's not to love about the jungle?
Underground hallow, music is awesome and so many amazing mobs to fight! Plus, it's my most common place to find hardmode ores when I enter hardmode on a world.
Dungeon is was pretty intimidating, for the first experience. and again in hardmode. lol.

Jungle is awesome, along with with both surface/underworld hallowed. i have a hard time with hallowed snow though. not a good color for my eyes.
I love the Hallow biome simply because of how colourful it is. I love games and places that are so colourful.
The Jungle is my favorite because it always provides a good challenge during playthroughs and it's really fun to explore.
Above ground: I love the peacefulness of the snow regions. I love building houses in snow biomes and having my neighboring penguins pay me a visit. :)

Under ground: I'd actually argue that the "normal" underground is probably my favorite to explore. However, I like exploring all of the underground biomes except, interestingly enough, the snow. The snow biome underground always feels like there is nothing going on. I just feel like I'm exploring around for nothing to appear except occasionally a really annoying enemy. I wish there was something like the Bee Hives in the Jungle for the snow underground, as it lacks a lot of variety to keep exploring it interesting. (I mean we could have igloos that had little snow guys in them, it could be really cute! It could even have a building machine that made like leather rugs and stuff, that kind of stuff would go great with making an ice-themed house).

I guess when it comes to building houses, I the feel of a remote location, but when exploring, I like the area to feel a bit more full.
space (mainly console's space) then forest ( i love the night time music) and the desert because it was the first biome i discovered besides the forest(memories from 1.0.6)
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The blue mushroom place for the music.
The Underground jungle for giving me items I want.
I agree with all of the people who like the snow biome the most, the ice blocks I really like, the theme and it just feels really cool (get it?). My second runner up would be the dungeon. Especially post planthera
Mushroom, ocean, then jungle, then underground ice biome. I always build floating houses on the ocean.
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