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Fix Spears handling


I'm glad you all in relogic FINALLY decided to rework the flail attack animation, flails haven't seen any love since the launch of the game and boosts to there damage stats, to incentivise players to use them, in 1.3 and 1.4 are proof of that.

Now with that put out of the way and getting down to business, you need to do that again BUT for all SPEAR ATTACK ANIMATIONS..... They haven't seen any love since 1.1 when Gungir was still loved and that was many years ago....

Going cut this clean and short so you guys on the development team can handle all this, GIVE THEM A SECONDARY ATTACK...... That is it, all they need to be viable and player base to be incentivised to use them again. If you need examples of what kind of secondary attack they need look no further than the "Daybreak" , the problem that melee struggles with more than anything is actually in its name... Being melee, a.k.a., close combat. Granted yes, we have yo-yos, boomerangs & chakrams, swords with beams and now the revamped flails.... BUT WHAT THE HELL DOES SPEARS GOT NOW?! They poke, that is it. "Poink-poink!" You have two buttons on a mouse, left & right, seen it done with "Old man's Army" drops, don't see why it can't be done here.

Also,, give DayBreak a melee option as well as keep its old thrown animation, I think you could figure out something cool and creative for it like you did with short swords. Seeing a melee animation similar to "starlight" on the "Daybreak" would both be beast and LOOK BEAST! plus it would incentivise people to actually choose the daybreak over solar eruption.


I wish they'd at least update the old spears to have the same stabbing animation as the old one's army ones. Using classic spears just looks and feels so stiff.
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