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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 90~

Well, as cool as the Extractinator is, it also manages to be boring at the same time. It turned the Desert Fossils into Metal, Gems, Amber and Sturdy Fossils, which were much smoother~ She also got Coins, somehow.

Downside? It takes aaaaaaages! Each bit of Fossil needs to be individually fed through, and that is a slow process. I would have taken a nap... But I am afraid to sleep now.

Sif also got 3 weird peices of Amber, which had a bug stuck inside. She sold 2 of them, and put the last one away. Intriguing~

Finally through with that, Sif put the stuff away, except the refined Sturdy Fossils. Those she took up to the Anvil, and made into a neat set of Armor, and a whole ton of Javelins. 720 of them, if Sif counted right!

Since it was almost dawn, Sif went to the Dome, bored. She pulled out some of her many Bombs, and thew them at the Dome floor, which she had been meaning to finish digging out for a while.

many a boom later, the sun rose to a Sif finishing off the process with the traditional Pickaxe and Hammer, to smooth it out. Hehe, the Bombs made it quicker though~

As it started to Rain, a Traveler came. Nothing interesting, Sif went off to get Nathan a Fish.

Yaaawn... Maybe a little nap can't hurt...



Is it still Maxwell? Have any of the NPC's died during the play through?
A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 89~
Sif seemed a little dazed for a moment, which gave me time to recover from my Nightmare. She shook it off, and helped Maxwell soothe me... I calmed down quickly, once I nibbled on the Carrot.(Snip)
Well, seeing as the nightmare was only a dream, hehe~
And I can confirm that as of Y2:Day 89, everyone but Maxwell is fine, even in Nightmares.


A horrible day for Nightmares: Day 90.5...


Another nightmare came. 2 actually, but I will get to that. They were similar, and yet different... And both were close to the last one in what happened.

In the first of the 2, it started just before Sif went to grab Nathan his Fish. She went to grab it, as per what happened before I nodded off. But after... She grabbed the new Fossil Armor and put it in her Pockets, with all it's Javelins, and made the descent into that Hot Place.

She made her way across the Ash hills, and the Lava, until we reached that East Edge I have never seen. Looked identical. She took out a mini Maxwell Doll, and threw it in.

*It* appeared. Sif ran, throwing Javelins instead of Yoyos this time. She put on the Fossil Armour after she had thrown a few, as if she had forgotten to.

Besides the change in Equipment, not much else was different. *It* tore right through her, similar to last time. She kept trying to fight back, just like last time. And I wept at the sight... Just like last time.

The only difference was that the Moon was Red during one of her BAMs back to get patched up. The BAMs seem to drain her energy somehow, it ust be because of *It*...

And after all that came the worst part... I didn't wake up. Oh, the nightmare ended... Or should I say, that version. It aaallll started again, a fresh repeat to torment me.

This time, the Moon remained normal, and Sif did not grab Nathan a Fish... But she did remember to wear the Armor. The Water Walking Potion wore off at one point though, I remember her being cranky. Such an odd thing to remember.

When I did wake up at the end of that one, I was still crying. However I also was... Strangely calm. I cuddled Maxwell again, still compelled to make sure he was safe. And then I got up, and went to see what Sif was doing.

After all, it was just a nightmare.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 91~

Sif gave me a little kiss on the forehead, when she saw I was still a little unsteady. It was if she new what I had dreamed. I am glad she is around to help...

Turns out, she was laying down a Minecart Track underground... Right through the Dirt and Stone. Digdigdig, Clankity-clank, whoosh! Do some more.

That is how she spent most of her night, only taking a short break to harvest the Herbs, Deathweed included for the Full Moon. She also grabbed all of her Torches, she is placing a loooot of them in the MCT! (MineCart Tunnel, for those less in the know~)

She kept the MCT goin' until we reached the Crimson-y bits, and then stopped midway. She dug a hole straight up, and began a Mineshaft straight down as well. I wonder why?

Nothing else to report. A trip to Home-Tree to deposit stuff, and grab Nathan another Fish. Then, back to digging!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 92~

Well, that was creepy! That Crimson Mineshaft ended up going through that Spider Cave we rescued Meliyah from, except on a hidden little side-pocket. Sif cleared the Spiders out again, and continued digging.

Another Trip, another Fish, and still more Rain outside. It is much dryer down with Sif~ And then, more digging. We managed to make it all the way the Frozen parts, apparently the heat from the Hot Place keeps the bottom few hundred Feet un-icicled.

A quick detour down a different Minecart Track, and Sif was back to digging... For a moment. Then she ran into Lava, without any Water. Oops! Back to Home-Tree~

She waved at a Traveler, shrugged at his wares, and went to Dalek with her Frostspark Boots. A slight depletion of Coinage later, and she finally got the setup she wanted! Yay~

After that, she grabbed her Bucket collection, and set off once more. She filled them with Water using the puddles on the way, sloshin' around just as we made it to the Lava.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 93~

Turns out, that gigantic pile of Buckets held juuuust enough Water to get Sif through the Lava, down to the Hot Place. Handy~ She has a lot more Obsidian, now.

After takin' a peek around, she was back to Home-Tree, Mineshaft done. A quick pop for Nathan's morning Fishie, and it was back to the MCT to the East, apparently!

Ahh, the sound of digging is still so relaxing. I wonder what she is planning to do with the Mineshaft, and Track... Hmmm...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 94~

Sif got her MCT all the way through the Ice, and kept going through the dark tunnel as she dug.

After quite a while, it was back to Home-Tree, and a Fish for Nathan before she put everything away. Then, she went up to the Herb Garden... And harvested most of it! All the Daybloom, then Fireblossom, Blinkroot, Shiverthorn, and Moonglow.

After replanting, she sold most of her Harvest, and grumbled at the measely 2 Gold she got in return. Well, I doubt she will be trying that again!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 95~

Her Herb Harvesting Havoc over, she snipped a few more of the unpredictable Blinkroot, and grabbed a few other things before she sat down at the Alchemy Station.

Using the handy tools the Station provided, Sif made a whole bunch of those Mining Potions, and put the whole Stack in her Pockets. Apparently, she wants to go a little faster, hehe~

Back to the MCT, it was business as usual. Thunkathunkathunk, Clinkity-Clank, whoosh! We made it to the second batch of Crimson, the one further East. And then it was out the other side... And smack into a wall of Sand.

Sif experimentally dug out the first layer, and frowned as it took ages to stop just refilling with falling Sand. She seemed to get an idea though, and dug out another layer, crawling up the hole to set herself to the Dungeon Hut's Bed.

A long trip to Home-Tree on foot (You know where this is going~) and Sif fiddled around in the Chests, Mirroring back with a grin.

Ooh, this is gunna be good~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 96~

Bombs everywhere! BANG goes the Sand, blasting through the stuff with maniacal glee~

Ahem. Well, yes, Sif used her excess Bombs once again, throwing them riiight into the middle of falling Sand to blast as much as possible. And I gotta say, it did the job!

A quick run to Home-Tree for a back-to-back pair of Fishies for Nathan, and it was back to Bombin'. She used her Pickaxe to help level it off at the end, with the wide open sky above us~

Sadly, Sif seemed to like having the enclosed Tunnel, and used Hardened Sand Blocks to make a roof over the MCT, before using all that Sand to refill the massive hole. Awww!

Hehe, joke's on her though... She accidentally put some of the Sand away during her Trip to Home-Tree, and is now a bit short. I wonder how she will fix it~?



Eye of Cthulhu
I can relate to this. I hate mining sand soI just buya 40 - 50 stack from a demolitionist, make a new world, and go BOOM BOOM BOOM!


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 97~

Oh. Well, that makes sense. Just mine out some different Sand, up on the other side of the Dungeon entrance. Now I feel silly.

Sif managed to dig the MCT all the way to the Sand of the Ocean. This stuff she left alone, not wanting to flood the MCT! She even ran the MCT through the Dungeon itself, nothing will stop her.

She is in the middle of handing over another Fish to Nathan, I am curious as to where we will head next...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 98~

Apparently, back out East. And I'll admit... Being able to kick back in the Minecart as we roll along to the Dungeon was much nicer than going on the GreatBun, as majestic as he may be.

This time, it was another Mineshaft, right down through the Dungeon. It seemed... A little odd, just plowing down through those creepy Bricks. But hey, Sif will have her Tunnels.

A lot of digging through the Night, then Day, and she made it through the Dungeon parts. We are at Home-Tree again, waving goodbye to yet another Traveler, as Sif goes to grab Nathan a Fish.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 99~

Back into the Dungeon Mineshaft once more, after a nice and soothing ride down the Minecart Express. The fall through the dungeon was creepy, yet surprisingly safe.

Not much else to report for the night part, besides another Spider Cave. Smacky-whacky, and through we went. Then Sif realized she had just missed a Full Moon, and a chance to harvest her some Deathweed. Oops!

She checked her GPS as she fell through the bottom of the Mineshaft, moments too late. Dang. She stuck around for a moment, neatening up the end of the Shaft as another Demon delivered her a Maxwell dolly. Her, not me. Meanies!

The traditional Fish for Nathan as we popped back to Home-Tree, and it was apparently time to start on the Western half of the Minecart Express. I would stay behind... But then I might fall asleep again.

That, I do not want. More Carrot for me, thank you!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 100~

Sif ran smack into the heaps of Sand that make up that huge Desert, and got to diggin'.

In fact, that is most of what happened for a while. Digging up Sand, to make room for the MCT. All the way through the night it went, and she finally managed to reach the Antlion caves at noon.

Task not done, she knocked away the last few bits of Wall, and made a lil roof over the MCT out of Hardened Sand... And began putting all the Sand back, just like at the Dungeon! I'll never understand her.

Just as night is falling, she has finished refilling the Desert, with the protective little roof to keep it off the Tracks. Cool... But why all that effort?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 101~

More diggin' in the Tunnel, an occasional detour to grab Fossils... And then Sif glanced at the time: Almost dawn!

She rushed back to Home-Tree, and set off again to nab a Fish for Nathan. She frantically whipped that Pole back and forth, and Mirrored back to dash for the hand in...

A moment too late. Welp.

Resigned, Sif tossed the now useless Odd Fish into a Chest, and set of to grab the new one for today. Didn't take long.

Then, she refined her Fossils, and crafted them into even more Javelins, stashing them away. Needed to put them in a separate stack, even.

She made one last stop before heading back out, soon digging through to the other gigantic pile of Sand. This time she had a plan though...

She brought her Bombs. And thus, the day was a noisy one~

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