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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 102~

More explosions ensued, and then the Sand cleared to a little patch of bumpy dunes, to be cleared with the ol' Pickaxe.

Next came the Wall knockin', then the roof, then the refilling. It was all done shortly after dawn, and it was off to the West once more.

It was mere moments before we reached the Jungle, since it was so close. She did a quick run to Home-Tree, and smirked as th Fish to be found was in the Jungle. Convenient.

So, back to digging through Mud for her, with me chillin' in the Minecart... and making darn sure not to take a nap.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 103~

We had passed the first of the many Jungle Mineshafts Sif dug in her adventures, when sif surfaced to do her bit of Fishing. Then, after extending the MCT, it was back to Home-Tree to drop it off.

Since it was almost dawn, Sif decided to wall up the Dome a bit, from when she got bored a while back and cleared some more space for it. She hasn't been laying down more Chests... I guess she likes having room?

Another Fish for Nathan, and Sif was given a Golden Bug Net in return. Looks pretty! Then, back to the Jungle, and the MCT.

After continuing past the Central Shaft, Sif popped down to the Westernmost one and extended it up to the Surface, making it a bit easier to get around.

we are now facing a giant pond of water, on the other side of a thin sheet of Mud. Hmm... How to do this...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 104~

Sif's solution to the giant pond was the old fashioned way: Dig through, and let all water break loose!

Slightly damp as we continued on through that, Sif dried out slowly before reaching a mini Desert... Or more importantly, it's Pyramid! She dug the MCT right through it, coincidentally passing through the treasure room she had already looted much earlier.

Still more digging, not much else exciting. We must be approaching the Ocean, by now...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 105~

We reached another mini desert, which was not the Ocean shore. It was close, but not quite.

Said desert had been hit by a Meteor though, so Sif dug a Shaft up to it, before making a trip to Home-Tree to unload her stuff... And grab Nathan his daily Fish.

Back to the Meteor, Sif mined away at the hot metals, careful not to get burnt. She got BAMed back to Home-Tree right at dawn, which both amused and irked her.

A Fish for Nathan, a stopover at the Jungle Hut to activate it's Bed, and we were back! I am sitting at the base of that Shaft, just listening to what happens above. We have been BAMed back to the Hut twice so far, I hope she is almost done...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 106~

Another BAM to the Hut, a refreshing ride through the nightly sounds in the Cart, and Sif finally managed to mine enough Meteorite to fend off the Heads.

As she was mining the last few fragments, she managed to get trapped under some Sand, and had to BAM to escape. How embarrassing~

Back again after another Cart ride, and Sif made a little Hut in the gaping Crater. Apparently she felt the need for an extra Bed station.

Hut all set up, Piggy Bank, safe and Bed all placed, it was time to go back to the MCT. Almost done!



Soooo, only one week left until the poll closes! A reminder: Option 3 - The failure is now invalid. I can't actually do that option anymore! Please pick one of the others, this will actually affect story progression.

A little hint on what they do: The smaller numbers will result in darker endings for the series~


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 107~

We reached the Sandy Coast as planned, unable to get any further. Back to Home-Tree for us, with a small detour for an Odd Fish.

Turns out, Full Moon! Fish delivery done, Sif darted up to the Herb Garden, and plucked some Deathweed with the Staff thingy. Apparently, that was the last bit she needed, so she was quite pleased to have that finished.

A short attempt at Rerolling her Yoyo with Dalek (Failed, by the way), and sif was off at dawn to grab another fishie. This time, when she handed it over... she got this little Radio thingy. And Sif made such a ruckus, it took me a moment to realize it was a happy dance, not a flailing tantrum!

Scooping up other stuff from her Chests, she darted right on up to the Tinkerer's Workbench, and got to work. She started with the Radio, opening it up and fiddling with the Pocket Guide and Sextant as well. She got a Fish finder out of it, but wasn't done yet!

She then pulled THAT apart, and did so with the R.E.K., Goblin Tech and GPS too. And with much a fiddlin', she managed to piece together... A PDA! It had so many buttons and blinky indicators on it, I wasn't sure it came out right.

Sif thought so too... Because she still wasn't done! She then pulled it apart again, and took out her Mirror. And with a flash and a bang, and many a fiddle, she put together something she called a "Cell Phone". Looked much classier, and still had the info. Plus, still let her appear back at her Bed!

Tucking this mind boggling bit of tech in her Pocket, she hopped in the Minecart again, and set off West. Okay!



I'm starting to feel like this story is dragging on a bit; when are we going to see the Wof?
Sorry about that, an unfortunate side effect of making it follow an actual playthrough: Boring things that take a long time, also drag out the story...

As for when... Eventually <3


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 108~

Time for another of Sif's Mineshafts. Starting with the Crater, it was straight down wiith a rythmic thunka-thunka-thunk.

Eventually we reached Lava. woo.

Then eventually we reached the Hot Place, and it was done. All the Shafts complete, by my guess! Yay~

We didn't go back to Home-tree yet though, instead Sif started demolishing a Tower down there. she had a thing against them, for some reason. They have never given her any trouble...

Well, except in my nightmare, running away from *it*... But that was just a dream.

First Tower down, sif continued to the next... And saw it was made out of burny Helstone. Welp. Back to Home-Tree!

A quick trip for a Fishie, and Sif noticed a Traveler wandering around as she handed it over. Oops! She checked his wares curiously, but there was nothing handy there.

Next, it was time to get her Obsidian on! She pulled the Obsidian Shield out of storage, and made some more Skulls out of the spare stuff she had for selling. She used the money to pay Dalek, who managed to make her shield even sturdier!

We are off to the West one more, Shield held out protectively. It will protect her from burnies too, even on her feet!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 109~

A stopover at the Jungle Hut to set her Cell, and down we went. Sif got to work on demolishing the Helstone Brick Tower, stripping it down to clear the way for... Something?

That was all that happened, besides detours to yoyo enemies in the face. There was one BAM back to the Jungle Hut at one point too... To a Bat that appeared out of nowhere. Weird.

Not much else to say, really. I am starting to really dislike the Hot Place though... It reminds me too much of those nightmares... I still haven't slept since, thanks to the Carrot.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 110~

Sif started on another Tower. Woo.

Nearing dawn, Sif made a trip to Home-Tree. She set off to the East to nab a Fishie, and got it easily... Then got BAMed by one too many zombies. Oops!

As she rested in Bed, Sif handed the Fish over, and asked for the location of the next one, since dawn was breaking soon. Letting her body finish recovering on the way, she grabbed that one too, sorting away her bits of loot.

Back to the Jungle Hut, and down the Shaft. Back to the Tower, and a bored little Bun. Then another Tower after that.

I reeeaaally just wanna nap through this... But is it safe yet?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 111~

Another three towers happened. First the furniture, then the Walls, then the safe supports, then the supports holding back Lava. Rinse and repeat.

Soon after dawn, one too many an Imp got to her, and she had to BAM back to heal. Made for a good spot to go to Home-Tree as well, so she dumped off the stuff from the Towers, and got Nathan his daily Fish.

Back at the Towers, Sif got another Yoyo from one of the passing Demons. This irritated her for some reason, probably because it took her so long to get the first one, and now she is getting them by accident!

She looks pretty bored, too. I wonder if she really intends on knocking down every single Tower...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 112~

More of the usual drudgery... These Towers were bigger though, so she got through less of them.

A Tower down during the night, then a BAM from carelessly getting splashed with Lava once too many. That Tower done just after dawn, and onto yet another Tower still.

This one is big, and is taking a lot of the night as well... And I am incredibly bored.


One little nap can't hurt...



Just one more day now, and the poll is closed! And I must say... You lot have boring taste~

Also, regarding the grindy-ness, sorry about that once again. But hey, it stays true to Terraria: You aren't always fighting bosses. I have added little warnings in the Contents page, for future readers. That way, they can skip the Grind chapters if they aren't in the mood.


A horrible day for Nightmares: Day 112.5...

Well poopshin.

I laid my head down to rest once we got to Home-Tree, deciding to take a break from accompanying Sif on her demolition spree. I closed my eyes as she set off to grab a Fishie...

And opened them to her returning with one. Then she went to Dalek, and finally managed to get a good Cascade configuration. And then she cooked some more of those Bass, to stock up for when she needs a full belly.

The morning came, and she went to grab Nathan yet another Fish. It took a while to get caught, which was odd... Oh well. That part isn't as important.

It was afterwards, when she took out the Javelins and the Buffs, that I realized that I was in a dream, and hadn't gotten away with a good night's sleep. Sighing in resignation, I watched as Sif double checked her gear, Molten Armour her suit of choice as she hopped down to the MCT, and rode off to the Ice Hut.

She made a little tunnel to help get too and from the Hut easier, and set her cell to the bed there. That was new. she then checked her Potions one more time... And realized she forgot the most important, Healing.

A quick stopover at Home-Tree to fix that, and it was off to the Dungeon we went. It is much faster to use the Minecart Empress to get to travel, then going on foot in the Hot Place. Down the Shaft, and off to the Edge.


That can't be right.

It was the same as always, which is to be expected. Recurring nightmare, and whatnot. But I just realized... Sif hadn't ever reached the spot where the Shaft let out, except in my nightmares. Yet, when she finished the Shaft... It was the same. How?

With that freaky thought in mind, back to *it*. Same throwing of a dolly, same appearance of *it*. Sif ran, drank her Buffs, and began throwing. That part went the same as last time, at least.

The different point was at the BAMs. Before, she would jump down at Home-Tree, and try and run to it left or right. This time, she fell down at the Icy Hut, and had a shorter run, meaning more Javelins to it's face. Second BAM, un-set the Bed, and off to the Jungle using the Mincart Express, to land a bit in front of *it*. Sneaky!

This turned an uphill battle into a close struggle. On the third BAM, *it* was screaming and roaring in rage, hurtling along as tiny chunks kept falling off. She hurtled along in the Minecart, and checked her Map... And she shook her head with a sigh, and the dream ended.

I blinked, and I was back at Home-Tree. Sif was pocketing her reward for her morning Fish delivery, and went to grab the Javelins again. Strange, the dreams, the nightmares, usually start back up from when I nod off. It's nothing, I'm sure.

Prepped up again, Sif went with the Fossil Armour instead. Less durable, but helps her throw them Javelins better. Prep the Ice Hut, down the Dungeon Shaft, Same ol' scenery. Then the unearthly scream as *it* is summoned by the burning Dolly.

BAMed at almost the exact same spots as before. Ice Shaft, Jungle Shaft, too late. *It* had less chunks remaining each time though, which was good... Hmm.

Apparently my dreams thought so too, because ROUND 3. Huh. One round the first night, two the second night, and three this time... I really hope this isn't a pattern.

She started with Fossil Armour this time, and swapped to Molten after the first BAM. She also had to switch straight to the Middle shaft for the first BAM, as *it* got so far ahead... Still same result though.

We are now on the Minecart Express after the third BAM, trying desperately to finish it off if we can catch up. We won't. Sigh... Time to wake up, I guess.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 113~

Huh. Odd. I woke up properly, as expected... But again as Sif was putting away the Fish reward. and it was like blinking, like in the dream transition. But I went to sleep earlier, didn't I?

I was wary of it being another dream, but Sif went to the Dome for Lead this time, not Buffs. She clambered up to the Crafting area, and got to work making even more Minecart Track. Used up all of her Lead on it, even. Glad this isn't another nightmare...

Walking right past a Traveler that was stopping by, Sif headed down to the Minecart Express, and hurtled along to the West. As she rolled along, Jigglehs started Raining from the sky, and Sif just shrugged.

Sif went down the Westernmost Shaft, and fiddled with the Minecart Tracks to try and fins a good height for them. Apparently, we are to get a Subway Express, too!

Just as she figured out a good configuration, she got BAMed back... To Home-Tree. Oops, forgot the Bed! She went to the West again, and stopped over at the Hut.

She looked up at the raining Jigglehs, and decided to deal with them this time before heading down. I curled up on the Bed inside, nibbling the Carrot as Sif did her thing. Then, tucking away a Baggie and piles of Gel, it was down the Shaft again.

Still falling, and the sun had already set when we left. I hope this doesn't get too complicated...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 114~

Lots of clanking as Minecart Track was laid down, soaring through the Hot Place majestically like a Bat. A lazy Bat~

At dawn, Si had gotten the Tracks all the way to the West-most Jungle Shaft. Then she got BAMed by a pesky Demon, they just don't leave her alone!

She transferred to the Jungle Hut, then went down once again... To get BAMed 2 more times, not even managing to lay down much Track. Apparently, those Demons are reeeaaally mad at her lately.

This attempt is going smoother, Sif is just digging through any Ash or Towers to get in her way. I think she had given up on actually demolishing those, now.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 115~

Another Bat, another BAM. Then a bit more Track. Then another Bam. Then dawn came, and Sif realized she had forgotten Nathan's Fishie... She looked that worn out, she didn't really care though.

She soon got the Subway Express all the way over to the Main Shaft, and is keeping a wary eye out to Yoyo anything that comes near. She got BAMed at one point by accident, so she checked some things at Home-Tree while she was there.

She went to the Icy Hut to get Nathan his next Fish, when she got distracted in the middle of setting the Cell to the next Bed. With a huff and a swing, she got to adjusting the Pond yet again, on another Reshaping-spree.

She is really picky about her Huts, hehe~

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