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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 190~

Night came. Night also went. As well as Sif's sanity.

See, she BAMed 5 more times through the night, with still no apparent change. Just constant ouchiness. This made Sif get a little scary, giggling maniacally a she leapt out of the Pyramid, yoyo whirling for a few moments each time.

Sif gasped as she got BAMed back the 12th time, because we saw something new! (Yes, 12 times to get that far. This little bun counted.) That layer of protection around the pulsating Tower ripped apart, leaving it open for Sif to latch herself onto.

She did just that of course, the thick Tower not liking that treatment very much as she handled it roughly, eyes burning with hate. She forgot about the other nasties though... So a few more BAMs happened. Three, to be precise.

The last BAM was right at the peak of the heated battle, a mighty squelch resounding as the Tower burst open, much to Sif's satisfaction. She couldn't enjoy it long though... Being back the the Jungle Hut and all.

So it was off to the Pyramid one more time... As Sif had looting to do. Little specks had come out of the Tower, and Sif scooped them up for later. She would need them for things, and stuff. Apparently.

Then came Sif's usual form of celebration: Digging out the hills around the Pyramid! She obviously plans on coming back, which means she needs a good place to fight from.

... I have a suspicion there was more than one tower. Odd, you would think one would be enough.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 191~

A little bit of relaxation followed that night, with an Oddfish and loot sorting. Well, loot being dirt, sand and the Red fragments. But still calming~

After the Jungle came the Ice Hut. Figures, after all. Sif went on out to the East on her sweet Minecart, stretching in preparation as she pulled up to a bunch of caves... And the air went kinda green.

I heard a lot of things moving around on the surface, but there was no handy tunnel this time. Just the cramped spaces, and weird swirling vortex thingies, that spat out Alien Bugs right near Sif's head.

I saw a weird thing in a mask now and then, and grubby aliens, and bigger, meaner aliens.... But the swirlygigs kept on coming, so so did the Hornets. So that was how Sif fought!

She looked around the caves whenever she had a second to spare, running so the swirlygigs didn't give her facefulls of bug. Nobody likes facefulls of bug. Nobody I have met, anyway. Sif eventually found a good tunnel that almost reached the surface, so she set up in there.

With many a flailing, Potioning, and yoyoing, Sif lasted a while in those tunnels. Her Third BAM was after a good streak of squished bugs, and she had dug a little expansion to the tunnel as well!

And then the magical thing happened: We heard the ripping of the Protection failing, from Sif having too much fun in that tunnel. Just before the fourth BAM too! Sif was most proud.

Sif got BAMed two more times just trying to finished the Tunnel to the surface, but the next Pillar was there, ready and waiting. This one was less veiny, and more... Wart covered. Uhhhhhhh. Okay. Same gigantic moon, and everything was green up here too.

Sif quickly made that tower burst, collected her loot after BAMing from the leftover nasties, and began flattening the field. This one wasn't as easy though... She started at dawn, and is still going. Too many hills, and too many little caves underground she is filling in.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 192~

The night passed peacefully as Sif worked in the Dirt, just preparing her tunnel for the next Tower. (Well, I guess that's why.) Seemed important to her.

With the dawn came another Oddfish for Nathan, and Sif realized she missed the one for yesterday. Nathan only pouted a little, big meanie-head Sif, hehe~

Then, there were apparently more Towers! So it was off to the East from Home-Tree, going over land this time because it was already pretty flat. And so, she ran smack into Purple Brainy Things.

After two very quick BAMs from Brains floating around and teleporting, Sif began muttering battle plans to herself as she made her way to the Purpleness each time.

So, this time everything has Brains. Big floaty brains, mini floaty brains, jumpy brains that shoot glowy orbs, hoomanish brains that fire off crystals... Mostly the first two types though.

Mini's came out of the sand in bunches, and Sif would run from them quickly as she smacked them down. Now and then one would latch onto her face, but she wasn't fazed much. The biggies would annoyingly dodge every second swang of the yoyo, so Sif had to spend a lot of time playing tag with them...

Night is already coming, and Sif is getting herself patched up by Katie after her 8th BAM for this Tower. Seems the Green one was just something Sif could handle well!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 193~

Sif got BAMed two more times, before she went to check up on the Tower... To find it had already ripped through the Protection! Turns out, you should be careful, and keep a close eye on that. Not noticing can be quite bad! Must have been the crystal spikes on it...

Anywho, next came another Tower burst open, Sif retreating for safety, and then coming back for looting. And flattening of Hills, can't forget that. That area was already half done though, being so near the field of Piratey doom.

Then, it was off to the East, for the last Tower. (I think! And Hope!) She went via the Minecart Express, popping out right through the Desert Hive, currently empty of it's usual Antlions. Instead, it was full of weird blue worms.

Sif mostly ignored those though, and went straight up into a land of bright blue, to see the last Tower, in all of it's tentacle covered glory. Sif was happy to see this one, she had been saving it for the finisher. And so she began her master plan.

See, there were guys running around like usual, and the worms, and some squiddy things... Sif didn't care about those. No, she was obsessed with the blue orbs instead, for she had a sneaky idea...

There is this odd little thing where only so many nasties will be around at a time. And defeating each Tower-specific nasty seems to wear away at the protection. So you want to defeat a lot of the easiest type, right...?

So that is what Sif did. She would yoyo an orb until it split into lil versions, which would weaken the protection a smidge. Then she would ignore the lil ones, and hit the next big one.

And then all the lil ones would grow into big ones.

Sif soon had over a dozen big blue orbs following her, and little else nearby. She would yoyo at the mass, accidentally get half the lil ones in the process, then take a sec to reposition as the new wave charged. Rinse, repeat.

It was dawn when Sif finally got BAMed from a bunch of Orbs that grew too big, but she had gone through quite a few. Then it was a bit longer still before her second BAM, which she took as an opportunity to grab Nathan's daily Oddfish. Then back into the fray!

The Protection was torn off after Sif got covered in the third batch of blue Orbs, doing even better than she had with the Green. And then she stopped... and did something weird.

Remember the weird machiney thing from before? Sif had set it up next to the Forge and Anvil. Seemed odd. Now, she took her Red, Green and Purple bits to the machine, even though she had no Blue yet...

And she made half a dozen blue. MAGIC.

Turns out, that took a lot of the others though, so it isn't a good idea. But hey, it worked! She then went to the Alchemy Bench, and mixed them with her Healing Potions... And got even better ones! Awww yeah~

That was all she needed, for some reason, so she went off to the Tower again. Katie looked concerned for Sif, for some reason... Something about Voices, and a headache. Eh, she seems fine. Aside from being BAMed so many times, that is... But that is what potions are for!

Tower, burst, BAM oops, and then it was a quick run to grab the proper Blue bits. But... Things are shaking now. And it shouldn't be getting this dark at noon... Uhh... I don't like this...

Sif is... Um... Putting the stuff away, as expected... Buffs out... Yoyo sharpened... Everyone is hiding... People don't look so good... Air is... Funny... Too early to nap...

... Oh.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 194~

Well, that was dramatic. I only remember bits and pieces, and even those are blurry... But here I go.

There was a big... Thing. I don't know how Sif saw it, but it kept... Changing. Like the face was wrong, but I couldn't figure out how. One moment it had one eye, the next it had twenty, then it only had five. So, my head hurt when I looked at it. Sif seemed fine... Must have been because she fought those Pillars. They... Prepared her.

Oh, also, everything else was silent. No birds, no crickets, the Tree-Dwellers all hid and kept quiet. The sky went black. The... Thing made noise, but that was as chaotic as it's face. So I blocked it out. Again, Sif seemed able to react to it... But she's a tough one. I am not.

I will try and sum up what I could make out, between all of the different layers of craziness. Now that I put it that way, hopefully that wasn't all in my head... That would be bad. Anywho, the Thing came out, and Sif started fighting it, all casual like it was another big meanie. I guess it kinda was, to her at least. She used her Tunnel to fight it... Made things simpler.

I saw beams being fired that looked nasty, I saw bolts of energy, I saw eye like spheres being flung everywhere. I also saw it not attacking. Some of these attacked passed through Sif like they didn't even exist. Some were blocked by the Tunnel. Some were dodged. Some actually found there mark, and hurt Sif. Again, this would all happen at once, so things are fuzzy, and weird. I can kinda guess which ones... Applied. To this reality. I suppose, those other ones I saw... Were other Sifs. Other Things fighting her. Explained why she looked different now and then.

I keep thinking about the Others too much. Back to what Applied here. Sif just managed to down her Buffs as the Thing came out, and she began yoyoing it's hands. I think the Applied one had eyeballs in it's hands, but it's hard to tell. She would also yoyo at it's head now and then, but that was rare. I think it defended itself a lot there, or Sif was just being weird.

Sif stopped just before landing the final blows on the Hands, judging by their lack of change in tactic. Oh, I saw Eyes fly out, but I can't tell if that will happen in the Applied version. Mostly because I also saw the entire arm shatter as well. Very confusing. Either way, Sif tried to focus on the head after that.

The entire time she was dodging like crazy, and would sometimes go get healed up by... Katie? Abigail? Guh, these overlapping Nurses have gotten to me. Oddly, all I saw fighting were Sifs... I think...

Dias isn't here anymore, I think one too many of the Spheres went through Home-Tree. Which would also warp slightly, but only when I wasn't looking. Odd how I know that, if I never saw it happen... My head hurts... No more thinking on it! Anywho, we will be getting a ne-

... I think I just figured something out. But no more thinking!

Back to the fighting, Sif was whackin at the Head as she misjudged a run to the Nurse, and got BAMed before she could get there. At least... This version got BAMed. Some of the others, they just... Uh... Nevermind. They weren't so lucky. Seemed enough for the Thing though, because it went away, and took it's weirdness with it.

Sif then went and fiddled with her Bits from the Pillars as she was resting. Made a Grappling Hook out of them, and more Potions. About time she upgraded from her Ivy Hook, this new one is so much prettier!

Just as that finished, it was night. A red one. Meh, those are old news. I nibble mah carrot, Sif went out to the Ocean. I think. I stayed back... Got a grip on reality again. Magic, buh.

Oh, thinking back on the Applied reality, I remembered our Nurse! I feel bad about that now, but hey! It was Katie after all! Abigail was the... Previous one. And Maxwell... I wonder. Was there one, where he continued on? I wonder. I'll never know though.

Sif came back with 4 Maps at dawn, and went right into using them after a spot of fishing. already gone through 2 of them. Ahhh, the good old days, hearing Pirates scream and flail as Sif wreaks havoc.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 195~

So, after all of that excitement before, I can officially say: I have never been so happy to see Sif fight more Pirates (she spent last night on the other 2 Maps), then go out digging. Too much excitement for this bun!

A new Demolitionist came on in, and set up. Since the Thing, I have been bad at names... Ugggh... Head feels better, but it hasn't gone away completely yet. Oh well.

After yet more fishing for an Oddfish, Sif went out and explored some caves to the East. I had no idea what she was looking for... Until she came across a little pocket full of Rubies. Hehe, I know what she's up to...

Now, she is reshaping the pond in Glitter-Fart. That name ain't leaving me. Anywho, more digging, less meanie faces.

And a very relieved bun.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 196~

Sif finished smoothing out her little Pond, and then got an Oddfish elsewhere just after dawn. An entire night of reshaping nature, yay!

So, after that, she went and flew up to the Floating Island above the Ice Hut. Been a while since she went there, it's mostly been underground, or at Home-Tree... Oh well!

The weirdest thing was, as she was exploring, we saw a new thingie! It was small, looked weird, and scanned Sif. It did not like her. It flew away in a panic, and Sif grinned in a creepy way. Maybe that is why it ran off?

Well, Sif went back to Home-Tree (Hey, just after I thought on that...), then out to the Tunnel of doom. And we had guests! Everyone else stayed inside, except Dalek and Theo who watched from the Leaves like I did. It was weird.

See, there were a lot of little guys running around down there, and they were freaky. Some had shield things, some rode messed up slugs, some had robosuits with three legs. Some even laid down little turrets, and lots of them!

And best of all: None of them could touch Sif in her Tunnel. Well, except ones in little ships, which rammed into her through the Stone. They were rude, but rare. So, much of the easy yoyoing for Sif.

Oh, wait! Here comes a new thing. It's biiiig, and is firing a ton of lasers! OH MY. That is an even bigger laser! I hope Sif doesn't have too much trouble...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 197~

... The big ship was piloted by a stupid-head.

See, it could fly through the Stone. Did it a few times by accident, even. But it couldn't fire through the stone. And Sif could reach the ship with her yoyo.

She didn't even get hit once.

The ship's turrets each got whacked off, then it was thick beams of death all the way. Or, well, they looked deadly. Never got to test that though. With the Tunnel and all. Pfffft~

One ship went down, another came and started it all again. Then another. Then another. Took 6 Ships for them to get the idea to give up and just leave.

Sif rummaged through the mess that was left behind, and got a few cool weapons, and a lot of weird glowing blocks. She looked disappointed though... Like she was hoping for something else. So, to the Dome it all went!

Most of the morning was just sorting, then a quick Fishie. Then, it was back to jumping off Islands like a crazy person for Sif. She keeps flying off to the West, then Phoning back to try a different path. Maybe she is just checking for the rest of the Islands? She did find one! Nothing nice in there though.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 198~

Sif finished exploring eeeevery little bit of the sky she could reach with her Wings, jumping around merrilly. Nothing really exciting happened from that, though... Skies are pretty empty.

After all that, Sif set up camp on the island floating above the Ice Hut. And then there was waiting, as she stared at her Phone. People now days.

After enough staring, she jumped up, and leapt off the Island! Right into another one of those scanny things, too. Yay, another bunch if pretty explosions for us to watch~

And so that is what we did. As dawn came, Sif ducked into her Tunnel of doom, all the Tree-Dwellers either watched or ignored it completely, and I got my fur brushed~ A fun day for everybody!

Oh, as for Sif's fighting of the mob outside, I saw 8 of the big ships come and explode. There was a lot of cheering after the seventh one, hmmm... But besides that, just another calm day of yoyoing for Sif. She is out fishing now... Gotta catch em all for Nathan, obviously.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 199~

Oooooh, pretty~ Handy too!

So, I found out why Sif was cheering. One of the big ships had dropped a Key, for a lil version she could fly around! And not flying like her Wings, just wheee through the air, ignoring gravity!

Sif dug out her stash of Rubies she collected before, and made 28 Goopy Crowns. Someone has plans tonight~

After poofing over to the Dungeon, Sif flew past on her new ride. I got thinking... It has been a while since Sif rode anything other than the Minecart. It is faster long distance, and the teleporters better still... And for short distance, her Wings are just more convenient.

As much as I miss Greatbun, and his majestic rippling ears, I guess I can't blame Sif... Sigh... I hope he is having fun, wherever it is he disappears off to.

Once we were at the usual spot, the jigglehs started flying. Crown after Crown, jiggleh after countless jiggleh, the goop showered Sif in a rain of blue. And then it was dawn.

See, since she had only gone through 15 of her crowns, I was very confused when she retreated to Home-Tree. But then she used a Tablet from the Jungle Temple... And the sun turned all black. Ahhh.

As Sif put away her stash of Maps and Banners, the nasties started to come. She calmly went through the Dome, using a little side passage to get to the Tunnel of doom. And then it was time for some good old yoyoin!

Last time, there were a bunch of meanie head that caused Sif a lot of trouble. This time? Reapers got beat up quickly, when gigantic Uggerflies came Sif went outside on her lil Ship, and everything else was harmless. Welp.

After a long day of lazily beating things up from safety, Sif is now collecting her loot. She got a pretty looking Shell out of it... Seems she is still looking for something else though. Hmm...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 200~

Ahh, deja vu.

Guess what Sif did today? More Jigglehs, followed by another deliberate Black Sun! Woo...

So, after an Oddfish for Nathan, it was out to the Dungeon, then to the Ocean. Sif accidentally used one of the Crowns on the way, but still got a Map out of the Jiggleh chaos. Woo! Then came the rest. She has quite a few Maps, now.

Then, juuust like yesterday, there was the Black Sun. Uggerflies, yoyoing, etc. Sif didn't find anything exciting from the pile of loot this time, apparently... She sure is stubborn about this.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 201~

So, that was eventful!

Last night, I was wondering what Sif would do, now that she is Crownless. Turns out... Red Moon! Problem solved.

Quick(Ish) trip to get Nathan's Oddfish, and it was out to the Ocean. Nothing much exciting there, but at least it was a small change from the usual... Kinda.

Then dawn came... With a Black Sun! Sif didn't even use a Tablet, hehe. She went outside, and spotted a Vampire... And it dropped a little bracelet thingy when Sif whacked it. Turns out, it was what she needed... And on the first nasty today, too! She was, uhhh... Unamused at the irony.

She nabbed some stuff from the Dome, then it was up to the Tinkering Bench. The Moony thing from the Werewolves got fused into the Shell, and became really pretty~ Then the Yellow Bracelet and Blue Bracelet got smooshed together... Into an ugly stone-thing. Meh. Aaaand then those two got smooshed together, to pop out as a weird lookin Shell, that made Sif a little stronger. Cool?

As she was Tinkerin, and then loot sortin, some Reapers managed to sneak in... Some spiky orbs, too. They got to Fantasy, and Katie... She couldn't hold out long. They tried to get the cranky old man too, but he beat them off with his Cane!

Sif cleared out the nasties on her way through, and then opened all her Jiggleh Bags from earlier. 28 bags take a while to sort through. She sold most of it to Dalek... Was worth a fair bit.

THEN, Sif was silly... And called the first wave of Pirates over. In the middle of the Black Sun. Spoiler: Both types of Nasty came... And got yoyoed mercilessly. Yay!

She is most of the way through her second Map now. Looking at her stash... I might go and explore a bit~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 202~

Yup, Sif started plowing through her Map stash. Sooo, I went and had a look around Home-Tree. We weren't going anywhere, after all.

It's funny, really. Since she first built it, Home-Tree hasn't changed much. Same walls, same Leaves... It seemed so huge before, and now is small and cozy, just big enough for everyone. Sif planned that well.

The room full of Beds up the top is never used... I think it was for when Sif invited a lot of people over, but that never happened. Ahh well... They make handy trampolines though, hehe.

Then there is the Herb Garden. Sif used to take such careful care of it, harvesting and planting into the Planter Boxes... But she has plenty of Potions now, so she doesn't really need the Herbs as much. They just kinda sit there... Being pretty.

The other side has all of Sif's odd machines, for makin stuff. The collection has grown a little... And she could probably add more, from her various finds, and what she could make, or buy. But this is enough, for now... She only uses the Anvil and Forge now and then, Tinkerin Bench when she has a new shiny, and the Alchemy Bench when she has new Potions to mix. Oh, and the Ancient thingy... I dunno if she will use that again, hmm.

And then there is the Dome. It grew a fair bit by the end, but most of it is still empty... Though, with the amount of stuff Sif has brought back, she should probably sort it all better. That would take up more room... Most of the platforms just have various critters running around, ones that Sif has brought back randomly. Including a few Golden Buns~

I can still see the Truffle Worm staring from the corner, kept locked up for now. That one is... Creepy.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 203~

Another day, and more Pirates.

I decided to look at the Tree-Dwellers this time. Like, reeeaaally look. Some have come and gone... But not all of them.

Nathan has somehow managed to stick through everything, despite all the chaos that has happened. He is a bit... Quieter than he used to be. The sound of screaming outside on a regular basis does that to you.

Ahinadab has also stuck around, nestled in his little corner of Home-Tree. He talks with some of the Travelers when they come past... I don't really notice them any more, now that I think about it. They are rarer... And we are often out somewhere, doing stuff.

Dalek is a surprising one, with his room right near the middle. Then again, it is more the East side of Home-Tree that gets the worst of it. Abibe has taken to napping up in their room... they like the warmth of the sun, so they sometimes go up to the leaves instead.

Selene has been pretty safe, as high up as she is. Sif has gotten a ton of Wire from her over time, so she has a little stash of Coins, hehe. I wonder why she never buys much... Or sets up interesting doodads like Sif.

All the newest arrivals are so high up, they rarely see a nasty. Hireal, with his handsome beard of epicness. Some of the Buns sneak up to stare, when they get bored. Redbeard, who, uh, has invested in some good earplugs. He doesn't look outside often... Cornelia, who still looks awesome. Sif hasn't really hung out with her though, after getting her Teleporters... Sif spends more time fighting than talking now. Such a shame... And The last new guy is Theo. He, uh... He I don't know so much. Just kinda sits in his room, quietly.

And then there is everyone else... I have seen a few Merchants, I'm not sure if I have missed some coming and going in all the invasions. Then there are the Nurses... They have helped everyone so much. I miss Abigail... She was sweet... We don't have a Nurse at the moment. Probably been all the Pirates, not letting anyone new through.

Dias stuck around for quite a while, actually. He was a crazy one, trying out new Bombs now and then. But... He is gone too, and the new guy stays indoors a lot more. Home-Tree is a safe haven... Right outside it? Most dangerous place around. Wait... Maybe the huts are safer, now... So far out of the way...

Anywho, there are a few I never really knew, before or after. The gun guy was funny, but I never really paid attention to him. The Painter was so quiet, some days I wouldn't notice if he was there or not. The Old Man from the Dungeon... I remember him, but even he is gone, with a new guy in his place. I wonder... Did this one come from a Dungeon, too?

There are also some that I miss more. Tatiana helped keep everyone calm, and kept people smiling. The new Dryad though... Everyone is so still. There is no panic anymore, just... Acceptance. Her included.

Meliyah was sweet, and would quietly chat with people as she helped clean them up, make them look nice. Esmeralda, the new girl... She is a lot like her, actually. Just as quiet, just as soothing... Hmm.

The grumpy old man downstairs is just the same as the one before, too. I was... A little distracted before, so I never got to know him. All I know is that they are great at Cane-Fu! At least, one on one.

The sun is setting already... And there is only one last goodbye I need to make.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 204~

As I was reminiscing, Sif had gone through most of her Maps... Also made a side trip to the Jungle, got another Turtle Shell. She made a different version of Beetle Armour from it, one that made the Beetles that came out angrier... Made the Pirates go faster.

We also have our new Nurse, Kayla. No Pink girl though... I am sure she will come, in time. So, after the last Map, Sif spent the night sorting her loot, still grumbling on how she wasn't getting what she needed... And I snuck outside, and looked around.

If I think about it, maybe the stump became part of Home-Tree. The roots end around the right spot... And Sid used magic to make it. But Home-Tree is Mahogany though... Ahh, who cares. I like my idea anyway.

Half of the little places we would go to have changed. Caves filled in, hills flattened. Things are so much more... Violent now. Land for fighting on, more places with bigger nasties. Even the people. Sigh...

... I have never gone back to that old Cave, now that I think about it. The one... The one that had the fake Red Moon. Maybe we have gone through, and Sif dug out the Ruby... I can't remember anymore. Heh... That Ruby would have gone to more Crowns... What an end to that legacy.

Maxwell. I still miss him... And yet, I don't. I no longer look for him at Home-Tree, no longer run to him when I'm scared. I no longer think of him when I need to know something, no longer look for him when I'm bored. He was the kindest of us all... Right to the end.

Looking back, there were those nightmares... And now, there is the Thing that makes me see... Other places. Maybe... Maybe I was dreaming another place. Another Sif. Another... Guide. Maybe Maxwell. Maybe Garret. I don't know. I don't remember...

... Garret is okay. He helps people out, and spends a lot of time trying to read the Books Sif took from the Dungeon. Or the ones from Hireal. He is so similar at times, but different at others. Maxwell was more... Adventurous. More used to the outside, I suppose.

Sif finished off her sorting around dawn, grabbed the Oddfish for Nathan, and then we set off. I waved at Home-Tree, even though I know we are coming back. Just... It felt right. Like I wouldn't have a chance to snuggle onto people's laps again...

The Robed Guy came out after Sif yoyoed down the ones at the Dungeon, right on queue. I went to my spot to watch, even though I knew how it would go. I... I should watch Sif's journey. Even the boring parts... Those parts are kinda relaxing though.

The fight was similar to last time, except Sif went without her Buffs... And just used the Ship instead. Easy to dodge in that. Fire, Ice and Lightning flew everywhere, but Sif knew how to dodge already. And then it was done... And the Pillars came down in the distance.

Before she left, Sif spotted the Statue she had set up earlier, and forgotten. She took that with her, and the Wires too... Might as well. And then it was to the nearest Pillar... Which happened to be the burny one.

I would just stay clinging to Sif, as she would jump around a lot. She is back to the Defensive Beetles, but neither are doing much good... These nasties are just as bad as before.

It is just after the 7th BAM now... Sif is taking a moment to sort stuff out. Apparently a Pink girl had come, so that's everyone again. Sif is grumbling about how Dalek took 11 of her best Coins to make her odd Shell tougher. She has plenty, so unless she has more Wiring, I don't see the problem.

Sigh... Back out we go. Hope this run is a little smoother!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 205~

After the 10th BAM, and a few of her Super Potions used up, Sif decided it was time to make a few more of them. So, she dug out her Fragments from before, and made an entire pile! She still has a few Fragments left... I dunno what she will use them for, though.

After the 12th BAM, she had managed to get through the Protection at last! Also got a few good whacks on the Pillar itself, before the mentioned BAMage. She got BAMed yet again just whackin the rest of the Pillar, so she had to run back to grab her Fragments.

With the dawn, came the next Pillar, off to the West, past the Jungle. That's right, above the Pyramid again. This time is was the Bug Pillar, so Sif got squishin!

... Rather effectively too. She had gotten enough practice in last time, that she managed to get the protection down through Potions alone, and even Whacked the Pillar enough for it to burst before she finally got overwhelmed! Then, of course, it was a run back to collect.

So, uh, third Pillar today! This one was to the West as well, at the Desert. Brains everywhere... But the sun is setting, so let's see how this one goes~

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