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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 156~

Sif kept on trying to hollow out the Temple Arena without much luck. There were times when she barely made it to the part she had already hollowed out, just to be BAMed back. This rather quickly sent her into a screaming rage, yoyo flying at everything that looked at her sideways. Still more BAMs.

To help reduce the amount of rage inducing enemies, Sif took out the Goop-Zooka again, and sprayed everything she could reach. It helped... A smidge. I think she is just on loop now, BAMing so much.

The Arena is slowly growing, as is Sif's BAM count. The almost constant stream of Medusas isn't helping, since Sif needs to be careful about flying around when they are near... Turns out, Stone doesn't land so good.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 157~

A bit more attempting to expand the Arena (She like her arenas big, apparently) and Sif felt it was time for a rest. Off to Home-Tree for us!

Back to back Oddfishies for Nathan, one before dawn and one after. Well timed, I must say. Sif also stocked up on a few things, while she was there. Then, it was back to the Jungle!

Not to the Temple Arena though. She isn't that crazy. No, it was back to looking around, trying to find more of her stuff. Not as much Ore or Fruit this time, but plenty of those Pink Bulbs. Sif made sure to note where they were.

I am now very used to the colour green, by the way. Everything is just shades of green and brown now, except for Sif in her blue and red. Makes her easy to spot, thankfully.

Not much else to report so far... Sif has only found a dozen of those Fruit so far, and I think she needs 20. She needed a lot of those Heart Crystals, so that sounds about right... And the Ore isn't easy to grab now, with all the easy stuff harvested.

Ooh, we just came up to the Hut due to a BAM... And Jigglehs are raining! Maybe this will be a nice break~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 158~

Just after Sif found a good spot in the little remaining Jungle there was on the surface, a Turtle BAMed her back oh so rudely. Hurumph~

Once she was back, it was business as usual. Slimes formed a queue, with Jungle Bats ans Turtles mixed in. Sif gave each applicant their yoyo to the face, and then it was time to wait for the next one to come up to her. Proceed with the fun.

Not much else to report in the middle, except the odd Turtle here and there. One of them dropped a peice of it's Shell, which made Sif a little happy.

Things got a tiny bit more interesting when the Royal Jiggleh finally showed up, but not by much. Sif knows his gelatinous ways now, and carved through him pretty quick. It's amazing how systematic carnage gets boring, once it happens for such a long time. It will be weird, once Sif runs out of monsters though... Hmmm...

Back to the Temple Arena, and Sif got BAMed by a stray Mimic hiding amongst the mob. And then her plan finally formed... It will be an interesting one, I bet~

The first step, it seems, called for another Tunnel. This one led from the central Jungle shaft, and went all the way to the Temple. Makes the trip a tad easier, I suppose. She also Gooped any patches of Crimson she saw... One or two slipped past her from before.

That done, it was back to Home-Tree for Nathan's daily fishie... And to stock up. She got out 2 switches, bought a spare Teleporter, and 2 more piles of Wire... Hmmm~

Laying down a trail of Red Wire, Sif slowly made her way down the Central Jungle Shaft, leaving a new Switch in the middle of the Jungle Teleporter setup. And themn, it was into that tunnel she prepared earlier... Hehe, this will speed things right up~

Well, eventually. Getting ninja-BAMed by a Turtle rocketing down the Tunnel doesn't help. And then again by Hornets as she makes her way back.

Jungles are dangerous. Stay indoors, where people will pet you!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 159~

Slowly Wiring her way to the Stairs, and Sif began her climb. This was a fair bit slower, as she had to be careful about the zig-zagging as she laid the Wire down.

Just as her Phone was showing dawn coming, and after a few irritating BAMs, Sif made it to the top of the stairs. And once there, she spotted a little platform made of marble, just between the Arena and the Temple entrance... Hmm, convenient~

Sif laid the Teleporter down, and made a crude shelter out of the surrounding Marble. Makes it easier on her to get back here later! Then, ti was back to Home-Tree... To prepare.

First, Sif made a much bigger Work Bench, for some reason. Didn't end up using it, but hey. New one looked much fancier, with little tools to help her work laid out on it.

Next, came the refining of some Marble. Made it nice and pretty, much better for building with. She also made some of the usual stuff, doors, workbenches... And Candelabras? Okay, that was weird. Oh well.

Lastly, what you have all been waiting for...! A daily Oddfish. Then it was back to the Arena in 2 switch-flips. Awww yes, this is much better~

Suddenly, Bats.

Not, like, one or two coming at us. Not even half a dozen.

There was over 20 of the buggers. There was flailing, screaming, Bat death, and a BAM.

Round 2 was much better, only a small swarm of Skeles. Much more reasonable to deal with. Sif got to work on her new Marble Hut, humming contently as she worked with her tools.

Then, it was back to the Arena, trying to finish off the clearin it out. That's right, she still never finished! It's hard to work around so many nasties trying to lunge for you.

As was evident by Sif's continued streak of BAMage. Little bit of mining, little bit of yoyoing, BAM, Port back. Rinse and repeat. She was unamused, if less in a rage than last time. The teleporters made it much more soothing to get back.

Sif's solution was to firstly lay down a bunch of Campfires along the top of the Temple. They help brighten the place up, and she recovers better with them laid out like that. Because Sif + Fire = good times.

Then the next part was to condense her rage into pure force, and start hacking away at the Marble that was lying around. No Marble, no Medusas. This didn't count the refined Marble Hut, of course... That was too classy for the likes of them.

She is still going, retreating now and then to heal up in one of the Huts. This is a lot of effort, and she hasn't even been able to use the Arena for anything yet!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 160~

Many BAMs for poor little Sif, as she flies around trying to clear out even more stuff. This place never clears out, there is just a constant stream of Sif-hating meanies!

Just as she was starting to grow back into ball-o-rage mode again, she accidentally fumble out the Wire Cutters instead of her Yoyo in a blind panic to get rid of some enemies... And disabled her Teleporter as a result. With no Wrench on hand to fix.

She whimpered slightly.

Shortly after, there was a BAM, and Sif collected her Wrench as well as some Mud. Interesting... Then it was back to the Temple the old fashioned way, via super-Minecart and flying with Wings.

Sif fixed up the Wiring, demolished some more Marble, then began laying out the Mud in a series of thick ledges. Dunno what for, but hey. More nasties came flying for her, and more BAMage was had.

I miss seeing other other places. The Jungle gets... sticky. All the moisture everywhere, and everything is growing. Maybe I'll go to Meliyah for a brushing...

Anywho, Sif continued alternating her Mud lating and Marble mining, until none of the natural Marble remained, and then it was just making more ledges. The Medusas only stopped appearing after every last scrap of the Marble was gone, which certainly took a while!

A while later, and the Ledges are done as well. A Skele-Merchant came by as well, nothing interesting to sell anymore. Sif waved goodbye, and went back to Home-Tree.

Time to get me that brushin... I'll stay behind, for a bit~



You know what? This is the best day for announcements! So, lets get underway:

- Bunny Diary will eventually end, with Sif's disappearance.
- The poll was really about how long the story should be. Too bad you didn't vote for the shorter ones!
- Upon conclusion of the story, the actual map will be released for public use.
- The Moon Lord shall give Bunnikins a hug.

EDIT: Also, updated the poor contents page. I should really pay more attention to that!
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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 161~

Sif picked up some Green Seeds, and went off to the Jungle once more. I, meanwhile, was in paradise as Tatiana rubbed my ears, and Meliyah brushed my fur~ Luckiest little bun, hehe.

After that came a nap, with a bunch of us cuddling together for a nice change. It was nice and peaceful at Home-Tree, the sounds of Crickets chirping as they hopped about outside~

When I woke up, Sif had made a stop by looking rather ragged, and picked up more of her Seeds, leaving only half behind. Apparently ten wasn't enough. Good luck, oh crazy lady!

Another quick visit a bit after dawn, and Sif grabbed Nathan his Oddfish. Now, I don't know what he does with them... No aquarium to be seen, and he doesn't eat them. So where do they go? Oh, the mystery~

... Okay, starting to get bored now. I wonder how Sif's fighting is going? Maybe I'll go back with her, next time she visits.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 162~

I hopped on over with her when she came back to recover a bit, and took a look at what she had managed while I was resting.

Turns out, the fact the Desert nasties were continuing to pester her got on Sif's nerves, so she decided to clear out some of the surrounding Sand to try and fend them off.

I popped over with her just as she was finishing that off, then she made a little Mud platform to stand in on in the Arena, up on high. It was time to get yoyoing!

And that is how it went, with me watching from the relative safety of the Marble Hut. Sif would stand on her little perch, beating up any Bats that flew at her, and the odd Hornet here and there. She would jump down now and then, clearing out the Skeles and sometimes a Mimic, before flying back up to safety, and depositing her Coins in the Flying Piggy Bank.

Veeeery rarely, a turtle would leap up at Sif from the crowd. They would be yoyoed down without mercy, hunted with a burning passion. Hmmm.

Sif would occasionally BAM back from a misjudged leap, and make her way back calmly. She has a mission, and she shall see it fulfilled!... Or something.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 163~

Even Sif is getting bored of the Jungle now, I can see her fidgeting up on that platform. But she is a stubborn one she is, and she needs more Turtles.

She did decide to take a mini-break though, to go and use her Goop-zooka a bit more, cleaning up some of the patches she was noticing she had missed. And then the dawn had come, and with it, another Oddfish for Nathan...

And Sif decided to grab her Buffs while she was there. Oh my~

On the way back, she stopped near one of the Pink Bulbs, hmming over it. Then went "Eh, may as well!", and popped that cute little thing open.

The Jungle be mad. Reeeaaally mad.

Sif ducked and wove her way to the Tunnel, and inched her way along as she glance back continuously. And in the distance, at the end of the Tunnel, a biiig set of teeth glanced back, clawing it's way up towards us sporadically.

That wonderful product of somebody's nightmares followed Sif all the way to the Arena, to finally put it to a use other than Turtle-baiting... In the form of giving her more room to run and scream.

Yup, same old story. Yoyo a-flailin, Potions chugging away, and Sif darting around the room like Nathan after visiting Fantasy's room for a snack.

The fight went reasonably well at first. Not many owies, and the Big Bulb with Teeth was wilting away. I wasn't fooled though... There is always a round 2.

And round 2 had even MORE teeth.

It was then that Sif did BAM, and all went quiet. That was one terrifying plant! After resting up at Home-Tree, Sif put the Buffs in her Safe, and went back to the Arena, me taking up my spot in the Hut.

Sif inspected the Arena for something, and Gooped a patch of Wall that was still Crimson. Odd. And then it was back to waiting for Turtles. Tum tee tum. She has only managed to get one more piece of Shell do far, which I think is what she is aiming for.

Sun must be setting soon... Sif is chasing after one more Turtle right now, I wonder how many pieces she needs. Oh, wait! That dropped one as well! Now she has three~ She seems rather happy, too!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 164~

Back to town, to watch the setting sun as Sif went to her crafting. She took her 3 Shell pieces, and her stash of Leaf Bars, and soon came back with some ugly lookin armour. All bumpy and brown and hard, not cuddlable at all!

Sif seemed to like the new armour though, and decided it needed testing out. How you ask? Going to the jungle to break another Bulb, of course! She took her Buffs and went straight to it, little psycho she is.

Didn't go much differently to last time. Smash, run cautiously to the arena, and then it was lots of teefs. Kept spittin these seeds at her, and big spiky balls too! Sif managed to tear away the soft Pink layer again, and then the seeds stopped... And the mini-teefs started. Aaaall the way through the arena.

As you might have guessed, it was shortly after that when Sif BAMed back to the Jungle Hut. She took out the Fruit she found during her running and screaming, and ate that too. Seems that was the last one she needed!

Next item on the agenda? More Plant Teefs! Sif had her map out, with several likely spots to find one of the Bulbs marked out. Tonight was to be a night of BAMage. And so, she went to the next Bulb, broke it open, and ran...

A little to fast. The big meanie plant fell so far behind, it completely disappeared! Well, that was just rude.

Round 4 went smoother. Smash (While grumbling words scarier than the plant was), run slowly to the arena, Yoyoing whenever she saw it's face, and then back to your normal fighting tactics.

There was jumping, yoyoing, potion chugging and growling... From both of them, for that last one. The teefs exploded outward, and Sif began dodging even faster, just trying to focus on not being eaten. Refreshed her Buffs, too.

Just as the second layer of teefs looked like it was beginning to crack apart, BAM. Grumble. Sif went back down, to ignore the pretty dawn up above. Round 5!

Teef splosion equals BAM. More grumbling... And a resigned Sif. Time for a new plan!

She decided it was time to unwind to the sound of screaming Pirates, so she took out another Map. Good things she can get tons of the things, sheesh. An Oddfish while she waited for them to get their butts over here, and it was time to fight!

Sif fought them off with ease, got a ton of Coins for her effort, and little else exciting. She also dug out some more of the hills to the East of Home-Tree, seems like she wants to expand her Tunnel of Death... And the courtyard on top. It's not as pretty without the Trees, or the rolling hills... But she can beat things up real good now!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 165~

Sif stocked up on Green Goop before she left this time, and then it was time to get serious on cleaning out the Jungle! One of those super shiny coins bought a lot, but Sif is unsure if it will be enough... Seems she wants even more of that icky Crimson gone, something to do with the Jungle being better. Eh.

First, she got rid of small patches here and there she missed last time. Just getting around to them all took a while, so that took until dawn. I didn't mind, it was fun clinging to Sif as she leapt all around the place~

More cleanin up, mostly around the temple this time, and Sif got BAmed by one too many Hornets trying to interrupt her. She took the opportunity to go back to Home-Tree, and put stuff away, and grab Nathan's fishie. You know, the usual priorities.

More cleanin, and she finally managed to clear away all the Crimson near the Temple, except for the stuff in the Desert that stubbornly refuses to go away. That stuff will probably take a bit...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 166~

Twas a glorious day, running through the Underground Desert, cleaning up every patch of Crimson she could find. Then it was up and down the shaft she had dug for easy access to the Temple, and she decided she was satisfied with the result.

Then, it was time for some super serious business... Going over Sif's Buff stash. She sorted through them for a while, thinking deeply... And then went around the Dome, collecting supplies. Time to make some Potions!

First off, she filled up her stacks of Regen, Ironskin, Titan and Endurance Potions. She goes through those a fair bit, except Titan... Those are new, she just stored them away before now. Guess that will change!

Then, she wrote herself a big long list of things to do. Seemed incredibly boring, so I got thinkin... I saw lots of fishing on that list, so maybe I should go explore for a bit.

First thing on the list was the yellow Ick stuff from the Crimson though, so she went off to the Dungeon, picking out a spot deep underground to farm in. She Gooped a smaller patch on the way, too lil to make use of.

Yaaawn... Maybe I will go explore. That list sounds even more boring then this, and at least watching her fight Bats is slightly exciting! Fishing will just be... Meh.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 167~

I bounced over to Sif the next time she went back to Home-Tree, and she removed me from the Phone. Seems like she new I was bored, and let me go explore. It would be awkward if I got poofed back each time she did, I would get no explorin done!

And so, a quick snuggle with everyone before I left... Well, not so quick. It took all night, hugging such a collection of people, hehe. Especially Nathan, Tatiana, Abigail and Meliyah. They are my favorites~

Ahem. That done, I set out bravely, lil red bunny-butt shaking in excitement as I bounced off to the East. Taking a look as I make my way slowly across, I realised how different this place is now... Hmm. I say slowly, because I am used to Sifs leaping, and the Minecart of Ludicrous Speeds. I'm only a lil Bun!

Anywho, I can't even see a trace of Maxwell's stump anymore. I can't even remember where it was... Maybe it was on the other side of Home-Tree. It was cleared out so long ago...

Wandering along over the flattened field, I remembered all the things that aren't here anymore. My warren is completely gone, and so is the old one too. The bunnies have relocated nearby, and visit now and then... But they always look at me weirdly. Probably the red, which is understandable...

You know, I haven't seen an... actual red Bun in a long time. Either they have learnt not to come out, or Sif's presence helps them calm down. I... I think it is the first one. I am certain I only remain calm due to the carrot... Welp, I hope the sky remains clear as I explore, now that I have thought of that!

I just spent the rest of the day waddling around the clearing, thinking about how different this place is. For worse... And mostly, for better.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 168~

As I finally left to go to the natural hills of bumpiness, I kept on thinking about the other Buns. I used to go out and play with them now and then, back before... Before I met Maxwell, actually. Gosh, it has been so long. Since then, I have been too busy running around, seeing new things. I have spent more time with humans than with Buns, because of that...

Even before, I wouldn't play with them often. I would be busy chasing the butterflies, or watching something sparkle in the light. I was always an odd bun, hehe. And then I met Maxwell, and he became... My everything. My smile, my tears, my excitement. And my loneliness, when he was gone...

I have Sif now, but it isn't the same. She is always on the move, always doing something. Only human I have seen that never sleeps... Then again, I am the bun that never sleeps. How fitting... And probably related. Might be something in her Potions she chugs.

The humans in Home-Tree are nice enough, like a big new family for me~ We don't have that same level of connection though, but I don't get lonely there. Always someone to make smile, always someone to cuddle~

Maybe I should find a warren tomorrow, go and greet some of the other Buns. It can't go that badly... Not as if I will mind being shooed away. I have a home now, and that is enough. Just... A second one might be nice.

I would do it today, but I found one little problem with always clinging to Sif... This bun is out of shape! Hooo, I should not be this tired after going such a short distance. 2 Days, and I can still barely see the top of Home-Tree... In the good old days, I wouldn't even be able to spot the Island above Home-Tree after just 1!

This trip will be good for me, I just know it~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 169~

Well, I found a warren, and went in to say hi after sleepin under a log. It was... Different than I expected.

See, I was expecting fear, or confusion, or anger, or even a whole lotta meh. But that wasn't it.

They backed away... In awe. It seems I am now a legend among buns, and they all stared at me wide eyed as I waved shyly. And I only found out why when a little young bun came up to nuzzle my leg, to be pulled back shyly by the momma.

First, I am actually surprisingly old. We buns... Don't live as long as humans. Partly because we just age quicker, and also... Slimes find us tasty. Not good for bun health.

It's probably why I am so much smarter than I used to be, as well. Back before Maxwell, and I wouldn't be able to tell the Goop-Zooka from a fancy stick! Now, I could even guess a little on how it works! Seems listening to all his stories helped... And watching Sif closely, as well.

Secondly, Buns don't travel. At all. Even the trips I took with Maxwell went further than most buns see, and that wouldn't even be the length of a yawn in the super cart! And I have seen the entire island, something on other Bun has done, EVER! Oh, if only I could tell them my stories... But buns can't speak, sadly.

And third... Home-Tree. Only one or two of the buns from this warren have been even to it's edge, and they look at it like a paradise. No fear of Slimes, always nice and cozy inside, a whole bunch of Buns snuggled up in the Dome... It is the safest place around. The only place a Bun can feel at ease... That anyone can.

I left feeling rather bewildered, a little more... Grateful for Sif's company than I have been. And then it was off once more, and I reached the edge of Glitter-Fart.

This is a bad idea. A veeeery bad idea.

But I'm going in anyway. Wish me luck!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 170~

Hahh... Hahhhhh... Hooo nelly... That was scary, but for different reasons!

So, the Pixies, Unicorns, and other big things that try and murder Sif, they just kinda ignore everything else. Entirely. Cool, maybe they are friendly...?

BONK, whoosh! I went flying through the air, to land rather battered in a pile of flowers. Free tip, don't hug a unicorn's leg... They will kick on instinct, and they are strong!

And then, I knew that these things nasty. A passing Pixie almost singed my fuzz off, just from brushing gently! Still Red and fuzzy, for now... But not if that happens again!

So, it came to plan B: I ran for the Mineshaft leading down, trying to get to the Minecart Express. I have no cart, but a straight tunnel has it's uses!

I ducked, dodged and dipped around a series of big scary monsters, each blissfully unaware I even existed, and finally fell down the hole... and realized gravity would hurt, without a Sif. Whoops.

I quickly bounced back and forth between the walls, and managed to land mooostly okay... Slightly bruised, on top of the burns and bruises from before. This is not what I was wanting when I explored on my own!

I am now hobbling slowly along the Minecart tracks, and can see a pot to nap in under a section up ahead... Hopefully tomorrow will be better.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 171~

Worms are terrifying, and also like the taste of Buns!

So, I got some sleep in... and woke up to a big, round, teeth filled face staring at me from deeper in my little hole. Well, poopy.

Whimpering as I ran, I bolted down the Minecart Tracks, getting good speed after walking these past few days. The Worm leapt after me, screeching as it glared at it's escaping meal... And saw I was headed for the Dome, and decided against it.

I ran for a while, just in case the worm was being sneaky and chasing my through the Dirt. I have seen them do that to Sif before! I eventually collapsed just on the edge of the Dome, home at last... And got to thinking as I faded off into another nap.

Sif won't always be here, so what will I do once she leaves? I can;t be like this forever, just running blindly... But trouble seems to follow Sif, so maybe it will go away if she does, and Home-Tree will be fine on it's own. Very little can get in now after all, and the others can at least scare things off...

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I sat down to make my decision. do I continue exploring, trying to become a better, fitter bun? Or do I go back to Sif, where it is safe and snugly...?

... Knowing her, she isn't even done yet, hehe~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 172~

Well, I caved. My bruises and burns still stung, so I decided no more adventuring for me. I went up the Central shaft, and got a nice view of Home-Tree's leaves high above... I forget how big Home-Tree is. Then I made my way inside, just as Sif was making a stop off to hand over an Oddfish.

As I got re-connected to Sif's Phone, and treated for my injuries by Abigail, I listened to the Tree-dwellers about what happened while I was away. Not much, but there was some interesting stuff...

Sif went out to the Crimson a few times, only taking a break in the middle to deal with uninvited Pirates. Free coins, I suppose. After that, she started going off to Glitter-Fart, to smack more Pixies. And that took over 2 days just for that! Only other exciting bit was she found a Bunny statue, heh.

Next thing she did was go to the Underground Glitter-Fart, and fish a lot. I mean tooons. A whole day down there, just for fish. Sheesh. The sparkly fish she got from it were nice though, and she made some fancy Lifeforce Potions from them.

THEN the next thing she did, for all of yesterday... Was fish in Lava. She had gotten a neat new Fishing Pole from Nathan while I was gone, which she was both glad and frustrated to see. She needed it for her next round of fishin, which is probably why.

I slept through last night, and she is still going with her Lava fishing. Turns out, it takes a lot longer to fish in Lava, even when you have a Basin all ready and prepared for you, in a safe spot. She made a new Potion from that, one that looked like fire... I wanna see what it does~

She got 3 types of fish from that, one was burny yet awesome! The next was hard and cool to touch, which was interesting. And the last was a cross between the hard fish, and a swordfish. She sold all those, and was mad that she kept catching so many. Hmm.

Anywho, 6 days of Sif doing very little, and one tired bun. Back to clinging to Sif for me... Sounds like she is back to the interesting stuff once dawn comes~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 173~

Back through the Jungle Sif went, looking around for another Pink Bulb of doom. There was one growing right in the middle of her Arena... But she wanted that to be the backup. Need a test run first!

She quickly found one, splurch, and off we went, running through the Jungle as big ol' teefs cam chasing after us. That went fine, and Sif was soon at the Arena, chugging down her menagerie of Potions. Makes me wonder how she fits it all... Probably magic.

Anywho! Things went as per usual. Running, screaming, yoyoing and potion chugging. The big meanie plant spat out the balls of ouchies and some seeds, before giving up and ripping the petals off, going for aaall of the teefiness!

Turns out, Sif forgot how much those hurt, and was promptly BAMed back to the Jungle Hut. Whoops. Well, lesson learned, it was time to return! She had a nice and convenient Bulb, after all.

Next round went a little smoother, with Sif remembering how to dodge all the seeds and balls. Then it was back to McTeefs, and she had to focus mostly on dodging the huge crowd of mini teefers! She kept a close eye on her Potions as well, chugging them whenever she could. Those things hurt!

The fight dragged on, wit Sif carefully whittling away at the main body, sometimes picking a mini-teefer with her Counterweights or fancy new ring of Fire. Inferno Potions are awesome, if hard to make use of! She aaaalmost got BAMed here and there, barely getting a Potion down in time, and then it was back to dodging like mad as she yoyoed.

And then, with a great amount of grumbling, mister teefsalot crumbled into a pile of mulch and leaves... And Sif scooped up the lil Baggy, and bolted for the Marble Hut's Teleporter, sighing once she had reached safety.

Turns out, that took up most of the night! She went back to the Dome, and put away most of the contents of the Bag. She only kept one thing, which is probably what she was after: A dorky looking Key. Couldn't she have just made one out of stone? Wierdo. Oh well~

After putting everything away, she went back to the Temple, and opened it up with her new Key... And just turned around and left. She had other plans, and didn't want to lug the Key around for ages.

Seems she was now rather fond of the Teleporters, so she bought 4 more piles of Wire! Cost her 2 of the super shiny Coins, but oh well. Probably worth it.

The rest of the day was spent cruising to the East in the Minecart, laying down Green Wire from the Central Hub. I didn't get it until we passed by the Ice Hut... This one is for the Dungeon~

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