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Forum Censorship.

Not open for further replies.


Headless Horseman
Lol, let me try it too, big :red:-ing :red:.

Also, I had to disable my profanity content first before seeing the censorship xD.

Tunnel King

It's not censorship, it's a filter; the words you type are there. Hiding profanity contents is an option that each user can choose for themselves.

Some words, and some uses of words, are not going to be tolerated on this forum, whether the filter will hide them or not. The staff will be very strict on that, so be careful; don't assume that the filter will hide your content, or excuse it.

eta: And that includes this thread. "Just tryin' it out" is not an excuse.


Am I the only one who finds this both offensive and funny?
Like... if I refer to s-h-i-t, and Red's face is replaced, I assume that :red: = s-h-i-t, and it just doesn't look right...
I don't want to say something like that every time I say a naughty word :dryadcry:

What if that is exactly what the mods want us to think to prevent these words from being said!


Evading the censor too much will get you warned though. As the censor was made toggleable (the only site ive ever seen to do this btw, some sites are so strict that basement is a censored word) I choose to respect those that leave it on and not fool around with the currently flawed profile page censor.

Sharanga Duck

Damn, this :red: is funny (with the filter on). Red will be watching you.

:redmunch:I will be watching forever:redmunch:
:redmunch:for :red:ing ever I say:redmunch:


Headless Horseman
OK, I can't decide weather to leave the filter on or turn it off.
What the :red: am I gonna do now!


Staff member
Let me be totally clear.

If this thread exists for the sole reason to discover ways to circumvent the filter, account action can be expected to follow.

The profanity filter is an OPTIONAL feature for any member that doesn't care to read curse words. If you choose to try to find a way to make them read curse words anyway, you can expect warnings.

Respect the preferences of your fellow members. This isn't censorship, it's customization.

Not open for further replies.
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