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tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod


I'll look into that mod, and see what I can do.
I must've not tested the snowball staff, I'll fix it shortly.
I can't promise anything from the old mod, most of it will not be coming back. It just wasn't designed as well as it could be, and I'm much better at making stuff now. Hopefully that is good enough?
I understand, what you mean. I liked some parts of your old mod: Globe and the World had just fun and original ideas, more floating islands made sky more interesting to explore and easier to build you base in, mimic's loot just was fun (especially I liked that water boomerang), Currodite armor set was fun because it wasn't general boring damage plus armor set (in my opinion, terraria should have more variety of armor sets because most of them just increase damage). Also idea with fishron armor seems cool to me because you always wait for more drops from bosses, when play modded, but fishron doesn't have enough affection in mods, sadly. (Also I liked those bows, because I like slow, but powerful weapons). I wrote this post to let you know that old content was good, but not good enough. But if you tweak and improve it a bit, it will be very good!


Official Terrarian

I can't really find where I can download your mod, is it have been taken down?
If not, can you give me your mod name or a link I can download it?
I'm not sure if it's on the browser anymore, but I don't intend to keep it updated. It's been effectively taken down, sorry.


That really sucks, but thank you for telling me, GabeHasWon. I hope someone reuploads this mod with plans to update it, so that we may have a– Terraria Mod, if tModLoader is still being worked on to update to Journey’s End.
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