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General Art Carnival


Lunatic Cultist
Those that are familiar with the Spriting Carnival thread will know what the deal is, those who are not, let me explain.

this is a place where you can post your art to show off your skills, or receive advice to improve your work.

on the flip side, you can also come here to observe a variety of art styles to see what artists you will like, and or ones you may not be a fan of, and or give them advice to improve.

essentially it's what the title says, a carnival, a large gathering.

the art doesn't have to be Terraria related, it can be any of your art (so long it falls within the site rules)

with that said, here's a few samples of some of my art. since I have a ton of it floating around, I'll leave my selection here brief, but diverse.

Terraria, and forum suggestion related stuff
Wisp Avatar 2.png
Cuber Logo.png

some of my fnaf art
Pirate Cove Flag.png

some OFF style art.


other stuff
Giygas 2.png

Peace Giant

i was thinking of making something like this myself!
i guess i'll just follow what you did and introduce myself or whatever

pics big so putting them in spoilers



it would be nice if i could get some CC


I would post art, but the fact that I cannot draw a circle, a straight line or even a stickman properly will make people want to burn it.


Skeletron Prime
What digital tools do yiu use to get the shading so precise, scarecrow? I usually just use a chunky birder and then paint it to whatever i want.


Duke Fishron
I may as well post some stuff from my own Pencil Drawing art thread (link in my sig). This is stuff i decided to draw myself, not for requests.
(There's a lot more on the thread itself)
My TCF char

Well... this is my first drawing on gimp and on the computer.


More or less, I just felt like drawing something and this is what I drew. Right now I have an interest in drawing what is staring at you and into your soul there.
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