Sprites Hallowed Expansion! New enemies, a miniboss, and more!


The Destroyer
Alright, so, the Hallow is a hardmode biome with quite a bit of content. But it always felt...lacking to me. It's just a quick visit - Souls of Light, Crystal Shards, and the grind for the Rod of Discord - and not much else. The only people who really return there are Rangers getting their Holy Arrows, and even then its not very frequent.

As the counterpart to the Hallow, I feel it should have a bit more to encourage more visits. More cool enemies. A little more items useful for early HM. So here they are!

On the surface, there are a few changes.
(sprite to be added)
Brightbulbs, a hallow herb, will spawn upon Hardmode, and will grow on Hallow Grass. They are like any other herb, and will bloom when there is artificial light at night.

Health: 200/400/650
Damage: 55 (both melee and ranged)/110/155
Gastropods (with a new look!) will now fire a little faster than normal and can spawn in swarms up to five. They still only spawn at night, however. They also drop
Gastropod Scales, which can be used to craft a summon weapon...


Lil' Gastro Staff
Damage: 19
Knockback: 1.5
Mana: 7
Behaviour: Lil' Gastro fires small lasers at enemies, staying near the player. Lasers go as far as a full screen. Lil' Gastro only cost half a minion slot.

The underground hallow has more changes. There is a new
Crystal Grove minibiome that generates upon defeating the Wall of Flesh - it is around the size of an Enchanted Sword Shrine, but smaller. It is scattered with crystal shards all around, In the middle lies a single
Crystal Chest. But be warned, it is locked, and guarded by a group of fearsome enemies....


Crystal Drake
Health: 245/500/755
Damage: 65/110/165 (Contact) 15/30/45 (Crystal Breath)
Defense: 20
KB Resist: 45%
Behavior: The Crystal Drake flies about, searching for prey. When it finds the player, it stops midair, and breathes out crystals almost as fast as the Crystal Storm. These crystals inflict Bleeding for 6 seconds in Expert and 12 seconds in Master.
Spawns: Anywhere in the Underground Hallow.

Health: 600/1100/1800
Damage: 65, 60, 55/110, 100,90/165, 150, 140
Defense: 25, 20, 10
KB Resist: 100%
Behavior: Jormungandr prowls the crystalline depths, ranging from 12-25 segments. It is fast and strong - however, its approach is always heralded by a deep roar - and a bright pink glow, enabling it to be easy to catch and strike on sight.
Spawns: Anywhere in the Underground Hallow.

Now with a shiny new look and instead of a boring fighter AI, it now gets a caster AI and is a miniboss with meaty stats. It spawns only when you try and open the chest that lies in the Crystal Grove - so you went get attacked out of nowhere by it. Once it is summoned, the exits to the Crystal Grove are sealed by crystal blocks, allowing no escape.

The Chaos Elemental will teleport around the Grove. It can float midair. It has three attacks - Chaos Blast, a homing ball of energy that will inflict Confused for 2 seconds, 4 on Expert, 10 on Master - Crystal Rain, a variant of the Drake's Crystal Breath, except it comes from the top of the Grove, and lastly, Light Call, where it will summon either
a Pixie,
an Illuminant Bat or
an Illuminant Slime. The Chaos Elemental will cycle between these attacks randomly until it is killed.
Health: 2500/5000/7500
Damage: 85/125/170 (Chaos Blast), 20/40/60 (Crystal Rain)
Defense: 20/25/30
KB Resist: 100%
Drops: Crystalline Key (100%),
Rod of Discord (5%), Chaos Offering (100%)
The Crystalline Key you obtain can be used to unlock the Crystal Chest, and the Chaos Offering can be used to resummon the Elemental only if the Crystal Grove is left untouched.
In the Crystal Chest, you will find:
1 Explorer Emblem

1 Crystal Pickaxe
1 Blade Staff

Explorer Emblem

Spelunker buff is applied at all times
+25% mining and block placement speed
10% chance to not consume a block when placed
5% to double mined naturally spawned ore
+20% life and mana when in the Underground or Cavern layer, and no boss or invasion is active
+30% increase to the damage of axes, pickaxes, and hammers

Crystal Pickaxe
175% pickaxe power
Exponentially faster than other pickaxes
Right-click to block an incoming projectile

And....that's all for now folks! Opinions? Thoughts? Don't be afraid to share them! Thanks for reading!
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