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PS4 Hardcore Terraria Series


Hello, I am DarkTruths16 I am a Twitch streamer who has been going at it for about 6 months. Now I want to start my own little Hardcore series after my Far Cry 4 went down the drain with me raging into oblivion. Now I wanted to state some basic things about this series.
  • Currently, I am debating on either it being on both Tuesday and Wednesday or either day a week.
  • If you die, your character is done bt you get three characters.
  • Current goals of this will be to kill all the bosses, get all NPCs, and get to the center of the world
The series will continue even if the people that are scheduled to be a part of it are not available in order to keep it going.

UPDATE #1: Due to some issues and realizations, this will be changed to a normal Terraria Series and all rules and such will apply still

UPDATE #2: The series will be ending at the end of the month thanks to all who joined this adventure!

Now If this seems something you are interested in, you can contact me through these social media sites and such

Gmail: [email protected]
Twitter: DarkTruths16
Discord: DarkTruths16 #4023
PSN: DarkTruths16​
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cthulhu fhtagn

So I have never played with hardcore characters on multiplayer. How does that work if the host dies? Also I wont be available until atleast 4pm mst.
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