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Hardmode Ores and Hammers [Sprites]


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don't worry they added warhammers just not the jack and normal hammers
They didn't add any warhammers :/

The only warhammer in existence is still Chlorophyte. I'm hoping they reconsider implementing the other fragment combat tools as well.

Insanely Default

the best one is unobtainable as of it being a lunar one
[DOUBLEPOST=1444531605,1444531483][/DOUBLEPOST]i still like the ideas really would like beetle tools especially a hammer its my dream


Dungeon Spirit
Ll, commented on your Turtle Hammer thred in the morning, may I have permission to use these as well?


Official Terrarian
Can I use this sprite in my mod?


Skeletron Prime
It seems that the game really cuts down on the abundance of hammers during hardmode, so I'd love to see this added!
Also, I've made a Pwnhammer sprite to replace the original one (Uses KO Cannon's palette).

Meanwhile, renaming the new, higher tiered hammer to 'Mjolnir' seems like a good idea, considering how the hallowed sword/spear are also named after weapons in mythology.


Official Terrarian
I want to make jackhammer counterparts for the Hammers of the Tremor mod can I use your jackhammer sprites?
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