PC Homage to Castle in the sky (movie)

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    I've seen sky Islands and thought oh cool close enough...
    I recently became more inspired.

    Homage to the Robots of the sky kingdom
    Version one. A npc sort of like the robot we already have... meh...
    Version two. a summoning weapon that brings that fighting force to our side. Need I remind everyone it can fly, shoot lasers and do contact damage?
    Version three. A defender npc that only moves within a fixed area. A home defender.

    Homage to the crystal worn by female protagonist Sheeta.
    Version one. A magic weapon ( I'm REALLY BAD with making stats.) Give it a left click and a right function please.
    ( I'm very bad at actually thinking of weapons) hmm, fire laser beams or heal?
    Version two. Some sort of accessory. hmmm, have negate fall damage by creating an aura shield thing like from the movie...
    Anyone else have better ideas?
    Version two and a half lol. It could used as a component in creating a mount that flies...

    Homage to the airships.
    Only one version here, An airship mount. Sort of inspired by Treasure Planet as well...
    Um... maybe both a prehardmode and hardmode version...
    crafted from meteorite, fallen stars, wood? and cloth? Include martian plating?
    (I'm awful at crating recipes)

    Homage to crystal being resource from mine. Only one version.
    A minibiome made up of "crystal ore". You would be able to refine it to make a crystal item(s)

    Homage to garden on castle.
    Version one. Special walling made from crystal allows plant growth but no enemy spawns.
    Version two. Crystal speeds up plant growth of say trees.

    Homage to Storm protecting Castle
    Some sort of way to keep most enemy npc from entering home/area. A lot of people have wanted wraith protection etc so...
    Here it is. A magical field that protects people from enemies.

    Watch the movie if you haven't already. I'm sure a lot of people can come up with better ideas.