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Base Home Sweet Starlit Heavens


Home Sweet Home!

Welcome to the 1.3 version of the Home Sweet Home series, Home Sweet Starlit Heavens. This time you will find yourself the proud owner of a base in the space layer and the most detailed system yet. As you explore the world you will find a series of small homes scattered through the various biomes. Inside each is a teleporter which you may connect back to your main base using the wrench and wire provided in a nearby chest. Most of the wiring is done - complete the circuit and you are in business!

The main base, complete with one end of the teleport connections. Six NPCs should be able to make their homes here, the rest may be assigned to homes throughout the world.

Map Contents:
  • Fully equipped base in the space layer with built in teleporters
  • Mushroom farm
  • Herb farm
  • Teleport network
  • Slightly improved desert loot
Map type: Large, Corruption

The mushroom and herb farms are currently empty - you will need to provide the seeds for yourself. I have also taken care to ensure that no NPC other than the guide has spawned on this world so far.

These are just a few of the buildings and areas you'll find scattered through the world!

I think the original owner seems to have abandoned this place. In the meantime maybe you can use it to display your favorite outfits and armor?

Your NPCs won't care for this place, but it makes a convenient waypoint!

This is... not the safest place.

Gone fishin'

Feedback is appreciated!

Terraria version is required. If you wish to play on expert mode please see the other downloads tab and select the expert download.
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thanks for the great map! i realized a little too late that if you mess up your dungeon the cultists won't spawn... so i had to start a new world but i didn't feel like building and all that. this was perfect - not to mention very nice looking :)
now i just need to work out the kinks in defeating the moon lord for the first time.
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