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How Did You Come Across Terraria?


I'd heard about it here and there across the interwebs, as well as the occasional Minecraft Splash art. Didnt care, saw a pic or two was like meh, then about three or four nights ago was just googling games for older computers (mines not old per say, just a cheap laptop) and one article was about it. Checked out a few vids, was interested, and now here I am. Am happy with the purchase. Great game


A friend told me about it and gave me a chance to try it out, and after about 30 minutes of playing, I said dude, this game is better than Minecraft and when I got home I bought it. In fact, I think Terraria is the best sandbox on the market.

BTW I got it during 1.1 and I use the same character every day.

The Snagglepuss

A friend of mine introduced me to it earlier this year; was something all four of us played together for a few months on end. I've been stuck on it since. :D

theclownfish II

some of you may know but when i got minecraft on my xbox it had a selection of similar titles one of which was terraria. i tried the trial which kind of frustrated me but when i got the actual game i loved it

Hie the Badger

The Destroyer
I was in minecraft dusting off the machinery in my doom fortress to the tune of mobs getting blasted into their base components a floor below when a friend said "A minecraft like game just came out called terraria." I said "What the hell are you talking about?" Clicked their link and here I am today.


I saw one of my favourite youtubers PaulsoaresJR playing Terraria with his children. It looked interesting, so I bought it. It was worth every single cent.


Official Terrarian
I saw a guy selling it on TF2Outpost for 2 TF2 Keys, so I decided "Why not?" And had alot of fun.

Only found out about Terraria youtubers like 2 months ago ;P


It was in 2012, when I was full on Minecraft. I've been playing MC in my desktop PC, but one day I got really sick, so I couldn't use the PC because I needed to stay in bed all day.
I got an old laptop that couldn't run Minecraft, so I searched a similar game that I could run. The Laptop could barely run Terraria, but it was overall playable. Got a BLAST with it


I watched Yogscast, they made a video on it, I started researching it back when it was in beta and started watching people like PaperBatVG until launch, I bought the hell out of it and haven't regret it since.


came across it while looking for minecraft alternatives and found terraria. downloaded it on IOS and it was fun. later bought PC. i must thank terraria for getting me out of the minecraft fandom. goodness was i an idiot...
Jack (a friend) talks about Minecraft with one of his other friends.

Like, a ton of months later- "Hey Jack, finally got Minecra-"
"That old game? Terraria FTW."
"Isn't it just a 2D Minecr-"
"Shut your face. It has a WAY better item system."

Even more time- "Hey Jack, I finally got Terr-"
"I don't give a :red: about that game anymore."

EDIT: I call Jack a friend, but he's more of a "dude who tolerates you that is part of a group of people that hate you".
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