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How to get started on your texture pack

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Hello Everyone!

Chances are, if you are reading this, you want to make a texture pack for Terraria. That's great! Texture packs are an underappreciated aspect of Terraria that I personally believe need a bit more spotlight, so trust me when I say that I am more than excited to get you started! Perhaps one of the most daunting parts about making texture packs are the sheer amount of textures there are. However, if you take each part step by step, you can plan out a method on how to accomplish this mammoth of a task.

Setting up your work Station

Before you pull out your nearest Paint.net, Aseprite, GIMP, Photoshop, or MS Paint and start working on all the radical hairstyles you saw in that anime you watched a few days ago, we need to set up a workstation. I am going to share the workstation I use to create my texture pack (Shameless link here). Your workstation does not have to be just like mine, you can switch it up to your liking.

You are going to want to make a folder containing everything in your texture pack. I recommend naming this folder whatever you decided to name your pack, because calling it "Texture Pack" will most likely lead to some confusion. Your folder should contain the following folders:

  • An uncompressed folder containing all the image sprites in the game. While not completely necessary, it is immensely recommended that you have one so that you can 1) copy and paste an image file and replace the texture, so as to avoid typos in the naming of the file, 2) use the original texture as a form of inspiration or to generally give ideas on how you will adapt the texture, and 3) to ensure that you have not glossed over any specific texture. (For example, creating stone, ebonstone and crimstone, but forgetting pearlstone.)
  • A folder titled "Images" containing all the sprites you plan to release in a specific update. This is the file that you will compress into .zip and share to your users. Please take note that once you compress the folder, you will want to rename the compressed folder to "Texture Pack". Since compressing the folder places the uncompressed folder into a compressed folder of the same name, you will already have the proper "Images" folder inside the "Texture Pack" folder.
  • A folder containing all the future sprites you plan to add in an update. If you are anything like me, you may have gotten an artistic revelation on how a specific sprite should look like. That's fantastic! Waste no time on making that sprite so that you can hold on to it when your release schedule calls for it. You can place this texture in the future folder to be kept until it is moved into the "Images" folder for your new release.
  • A folder containing concept art. Of course, this is not required, but it's great to have so that you can go over ideas that may have come in the form of concept art.
  • A folder containing tools, guides, and what not. This is also not required, but you make end up creating some sort of shortcut that can help you out, for instance, you might have an image that maps out where certain variations of a tile go.
  • A file containing your forum page branding and artwork. If you wanna sell you texture pack to other people (figurative, not literal), you will want to make you page look pretty. While it's not required, having a folder where you can keep your branding artwork is a great way to keep your work space organized.
Having an organized work space makes it easier to work, and thus, makes it easier for you to keep on going without getting burnt out.

Pixel Art Resources

The process of making Pixel art is quite complex, however, fortunately, there are all sorts of great tutorials out there. Here are a few to check out!
If that's not enough, there are a huge collection of tutorials on Lospec. Check it out here!

There are plenty of free programs you can use to make pixel art, my personal favorite is Paint.net. If you have some loose change sitting around, you can buy Aseprite. It's very cheap and it comes with all sorts of cool pixel art related tools such as animation (though you will not be using it in this case).

The Images Folder and You

Before we get started here let me just say this. The nightmarish dungeon that is the Images folder is know far and wide among us texture pack artists as the most convoluted, disorganized, complicated thing in the game. You think getting to and defeating the Moon Lord is bad? Ahh...those young innocent minds.

In all seriousness, the Images folder may look pretty bad on the surface, and the fact that it's closing in on 10000 files does not help. Fortunately for you one of us took a hit or the team and will share with you how to navigate the folder. First things first, it's good to know that everything is in alphabetical order. You can thank the lovely people who programmed the file explorer for that one. While most files can be found in their own subcategories, there are some files that sit there without a place to call home, and will hide among the thousands and thousands of other files.

Now, from the top of the folder to the bottom of the folder, this is where everything is. Ahem.

Color Guide:

1-9 Sprites
10-99 Sprites
100-999 Sprites
1000+ Sprites

  • Underworld (5 Sprites) (Underworld background sprites)
  • Explosion (1 Sprite) (Moon lord death animation explosion)
  • Head (1 Sprite) (Moon death animation skull)
  • Shoulder (1 Sprite) (Moon death animation shoulder blade)
  • Spine (1 Sprite) (Moon death animation spine and pelvis)
  • Torso (1 Sprite) (Moon death animation rib cage and shoulderblade)
  • Background (1 Sprite) (Nebula sky background)
  • Beam (1 Sprite) (Nebula beam)
  • Planet (1 Sprite) (Nebula planet)
  • Rock (3 Sprites) (Nebula rocks)
  • Background (1 Sprite) (Solar sky background)
  • Meteor (1 Sprite) (Solar meteor)
  • Planet (1 Sprite) (Solar planet)
  • Background (1 Sprite) Stardust sky background)
  • Planet (1 Sprite) (Stardust planet)
  • Star (2 Sprites) (Stardust stars)
  • Tiles (36 sprites) (Smart cursor tile outlines)
  • Background (1 Sprite) (Vortex sky background)
  • Bolt (1 Sprite) (Vortex bolt)
  • Flash (1 Sprite) (Vortex flash)
  • Planet (3 Sprites) (Vortex planet)
  • Noise (1 Sprite) (Noise effect sprite)
  • Perlin (1 Sprite) (Perlin effect sprite)
  • Ripples (1 Sprite) (Ripples effect sprite)
  • Sky_Slime (5 Sprites) (Slime rain background sprites)
  • water (12 Sprites) (Water tile sprite)
  • Outer Corrupt (1 Sprite) (Outer corruption loading bar)
  • Outer Crimson (1 Sprite) (Outer crimson loading bar)
  • Outer Dirt (1 Sprite) (Dirt loading bar)
  • Outer Lower (1 Sprite) (Lower loading bar)
  • Achievement_Borders (1 Sprite) (The border of the achievement icons)
  • Achievement Categories) (1 Sprite) (Achievement category icons)
  • Achievement_InnerpanelBottom (1 Sprite) (Bottom achievement inner panel)
  • Achievement_InnerpanelTop (1 Sprite) (Top achievement inner panel)
  • Achievements (1 Sprite) (Sheet of achievement icons)
  • Builder Icons (1 Sprite) (Wire and Builder indicator icons)
  • Button (7 Sprites) (Main menu icons)
  • Camera (8 Sprites) (Camera menu icons)
  • Craft_Toggle (4 Sprites) (Crafting menu toggle icon)
  • Cursor (17 Sprites) (Cursors)
  • DisplaySlots (11 Sprites) (Display slot icons)
  • Divider (1 Sprite) (Divider)
  • Glyphs (1 Sprite) (Game controller icons)
  • HotbarRadial (3 Sprites) (Hotbar radials)
  • Icon (4 Sprites) (World status icons)
  • InfoIcon (14 Sprites) (Accessory information icons)
  • InnerPanelBackground (1 Sprite) (Inner panel background
  • LockOn_Cursor (1 Sprite) (Cursor lock on indicator)
  • PanelBackground (1 Sprite) (Panel background)
  • PanelBorder (1 Sprite) (Panel border)
  • PlayerBackground (1 Sprite) (Player icon background)
  • PVP (3 Sprites) (PVP indicator icons)
  • Radial (1 Sprite) (Cursor tile radial)
  • Reforge (2 Sprites) (Reforge icon)
  • Scrollbar (2 Sprites) (Scroll bar)
  • Settings (7 Sprites) (Settings icons)
  • Slider_Highlight (1 Sprite) (Slider highlight)
  • Sort (2 Sprites) (Chest sorter)
  • UI_quickicon (1 Sprite) (UI quick icon)
  • VK (2 Sprites) (Keyboard icons)
  • Wires (12 Sprites) (Wire menu icons)

  • Acc_Back (13 Sprites) (Accessories that appear behind the player sprite)
  • Acc_Balloon (17 Sprites) (Accessories that appear to float above the player)
  • Acc_Face (8 Sprites) (Accessories that appear on the player's face)
  • Acc_Front (4 Sprites) (Accessories that appear in front of the player sprite)
  • Acc_HandsOff (11 Sprites) (Accessories that appear on the player's off hand; the hand behind the player's sprite)
  • Acc_HandsOn (19 Sprites) (Accessories that appear on the player's on hand; the hand in front of the player's sprite)
  • Acc_Neck (9 Sprites) (Accessories that appear around the players neck
  • Acc_Shield (6 Sprites) (Accessories that appear to cover the player's on hand)
  • Acc_Shoes (17 Sprites) (Accessories that appear at the player's feet)
  • Acc_Waist (12 Sprites) (Accessories that appear around the player's waist)
  • Actuator (1 Sprite) (Placed actuator sprite)
  • AntlionBody (1 Sprite) (Body of the grounded ant lion sprite)
  • Arm_Bone (2 Sprites) (Arms of the skeletron and skeletron prime sprites)
  • Armor_Arm (209 Sprites) (Armor that covers the player's arm sprite)
  • Armor_Body (209 Sprites) (Armor that covers the male player's body sprite)
  • Armor_Head (215 Sprites) (Armor that covers the player's head sprite)
  • Armor_Legs (160 Sprites) (Armor that covers the player's leg sprite)
  • Background (207 Sprites) (Sprites that appears in the non-interactive backdrop. Does not include the underworld)
  • BackPack (7 Spites) (Objects attached to the player)
  • Beetle Orb (1 Sprite) (Set bonus of the Beetle Armor)
  • Black_Tile (1 Sprite) (Blank white sprite)
  • Bone_Eyes (1 Sprite) (Eye glow of Skeletron Prime)
  • Bone_Laser (1 Sprite) (Laser glow of Skeletron Prime's Prime Laser)
  • Bubble (1 Sprite) (Bubble meter that appears when the player is submerged in a liquid)
  • Buff (205 Sprites) (Buff icon)
  • Chain (40 Sprites) (Chains that appear in grappling hooks, flails, ect.)
  • Chains (17 Sprites) (Chains that appear in grappling hooks, flails, ect.)
  • Chaos (1 Sprite) (Chaos Elemental Glow Overlay)
  • Chat (2 Sprites) (NPC chat icon)
  • Chat_Back (1 Sprite) (NPC chat menu)
  • ChestStack (2 Sprites) (Chest stack icon)
  • Clothes (4 Sprites) (Clothing icons in the dresser)
  • ClothesStyleBack (1 Sprite) (Dresser menu)
  • Cloud (22 Sprites) (Cloud Backgrounds)
  • Coin (4 Sprites) (Rotating coin animation)
  • ColorBar (1 Sprite) (Color selection bar)
  • ColorBlip (1 Sprite) (Overlay effect on color bar)
  • ColorSpider (1 Sprite) (Color slider icon)
  • Confuse (1 Sprite) (Confusion icon appearing above NPS with confused debuff)
  • CoolDown (1 Sprite) (Icon appearing over healing item in the inventory while potion sickness is in effect)
  • Crimson Cactus (1 Sprite) (Tile sprite for cactus in the crimson)
  • Dest (3 Sprites) (Destroyer glow sprites)
  • DukeFishron (1 Sprite) (Duke Fishron eye glow sprites)
  • Dust (1 Sprite) (Sheet of particle sprites)
  • Evil Cactus (1 Sprite) (Tile sprite for cactus in the corruption)
  • Extra (91 Sprites) (Collective, un-categorized sprites)
  • Eye_Laser (1 Sprite) (Eye glow overlay)
  • Eye_Laser_Small (1 Sprite) ((Eye glow overlay)
  • fade_out (1 Sprite) (Fade out)
  • Female_Body (209 Sprites) (Armor that covers the female player's body sprite)
  • Firefly (1 Sprite) (Firefly glow sprite)
  • FireflyJar (1 Sprite) (Firefly in a jar bottle glow sprite)
  • FishingLine (1 Sprite) (Fishing line)
  • Flame (1 Sprite) (Flame meter that appears when the player is submerged in a lava with lava charm equipped)
  • Flame (17 Sprites) (Glow effects)
  • FlameRing (1 Sprite) (Animated inferno potion ring effect)
  • Flying Carpet (1 Sprite) (Animated flying carpet sprite)
  • Frozen (1 Sprite) (Frozen debuff effect)
  • Gem (7 Sprites) (Large gem effect)
  • GemChain (6 Sprites) (Gem hook chain sprites)
  • gemChain-2 (1 Sprite) (Gem hook chain sprite)
  • Ghost (1 Sprite) (Postmortem player sprite in hardcore mode)
  • Glow (252 Sprites) (Glow overlays)
  • GlowSnail (1 Sprite) (Glowing snail cage glow overlay)
  • GolemLights (3 Sprites) (Golem glow overlay)
  • Good Cactus (1 Sprite) (Tile sprite for cactus in the hallow)
  • Gore (1086 Sprites) (Postmortem gore sprites for NPCs)
  • Grid (1 Sprite) (Tile grid)
  • HairStyleBack (1 Sprite) (Stylist menu)
  • HealthBar (2 Sprites) (NPC health bar)
  • Heart (2 Sprites) (Player health bar)
  • House (2 Sprites) (NPC housing icon)
  • House_Banner (1 Sprite) (NPC housing indicator banner)
  • Hue (1 Sprite) (Hue selection bar)
  • IceBarrier (1 Sprite) (Frozen turtle shell effect)
  • IceQueen (1 Sprite) (Ice queen glow sprites)
  • Inventory_Back (16 Sprites) (Inventory icon sprites)
  • Inventory_Tick_Off (1 Sprite) (Accessory visibility off)
  • Inventory_Tick_On (1 Sprite) (Accessory visibility on)
  • Item (3929 Sprites) (Inventory items)
  • ItemFlame (21 Sprites) (Inventory item glow overlay (mostly torches))
  • JackHat (1 Sprite) (Jack 'o lantern mask glow overlay)
  • jellyfishBowl (3 Sprites) (Jelly fish bow glow overlay)
  • Light_Disc (1 Sprite) Light_Disc glow overlay)
  • LightningBug (1 Sprite) (Lightning bug glow sprite)
  • LightningBugJar (1 Sprite) (Lightning bug in a jar bottle glow sprite)
  • Liquid (12 Sprites) (Calm liquid tiles)
  • Lock (2 Sprites) (Inventory lock icon)
  • Logo (2 Sprites) (Terraria menu logo)
  • Logo (8 Sprites) (Terraria startup logo)
  • MagicPixel (1 Sprite) (Magic pixel)
  • Mana (1 Sprite) (Player mana bar)
  • Map (1 Sprite) (Map frame during fullscreen map mode)
  • Map (8 Sprites) (Map icons)
  • MapBG (15 Sprites) (Map background during fullscreen map mode)
  • MapDeath (1 Sprite) (Previous death map indicator icon)
  • MiniMapButton (3 Sprites) (Mini map icons)
  • MiniMapFrame (2 Sprites) (Mini map frame)
  • Mini Minotaur (1 Sprite) (Minotaur pet eye glow overlay)
  • Moon (3 Sprites) (Moon)
  • Moon_Pumpkin (1 Sprite) (Pumpkin moon)
  • Moon_Snow (1 Sprite) (Frost moon)
  • Mount (27 Sprites) (Player mounts)
  • Ninja (1 Sprite) (Ninja sprite in king slime)
  • NPC (579 Sprites) (NPCs)
  • NPC_Head (25 Sprites) (NPC icons in minimap)
  • NPC_Head_Boss (37 Sprites) (Boss icons in minimap)
  • OneDropLogo (1 Sprite) (One Drop logo appearing next to yoyos in the one drop store)
  • Player (76 Sprites) (Player sprites)
  • Player_Hair (134 Sprites) (Player hair sprites)
  • Player_HairAlt (134 Sprites) (Alternate player hair sprites)
  • PlayerPully (1 Sprite) (Device appearing when player climbs ropes)
  • Probe (1 Sprite) (Destroyer probe glow overlay)
  • Projectile (714 Sprites) (Loose, interactive game objects)
  • PumpkingArm (1 Sprite) (Arm of Pumpking sprite)
  • PumpkingCloak (1 Sprite) (Cloak of Pumpking sprite)
  • PumpkingFace (1 Sprite) (Pumpking head glow overlay)
  • Rain (1 Sprite) (Falling rain sprite)
  • Reaper_Eyes (1 Sprite) (Reaper eye glow overlay)
  • Rec (4 Sprites) (Rec directional icons)
  • Reforge (1 Sprite) (Reforge icon)
  • Rudolph (3 Sprites) (Rudolph sprites)
  • SantaTank (1 Sprite) (Santa NK1 second phase sprite)
  • Shroom_Tops (1 Sprite) (Underground giant glowing mushroom top)
  • Silver (1 Sprite) (Full silver armor sprite)
  • SmartDig (1 Sprite) (Smart dig indicator)
  • Spike_Base (1 Sprite) (Base of the dungeon's spiky ball enemy)
  • Star (5 Sprites) (Twinkling night stars)
  • Sun (3 Sprites) (Sun and sun variants)
  • SunAlter (1 Sprite) (Sun alter glow overlay)
  • SunOrb (1 Sprite) (Sun glow sprite over sun alter)
  • Team (1 Sprite) (Team indicator icon)
  • Text_Back (1 Sprite) (Text box background)
  • TileCracks (1 Sprite) (Tile breaking animation)
  • Tiles (481 Sprites) (Tile and tile variation sprites)
  • Tree_Tops (19 Sprites) (Tree top tile sprites)
  • TreeFace (1 Sprite) (Mourning wood face glow overlay)
  • Wall (230 Sprites) (Wall tile sprites)
  • Wall_Outline (1 Sprite) (Wall outline indicator)
  • WallOfFlesh (1 Sprite) (Wall of flesh wall sprite)
  • WaterCandle (1 Sprite) (Water candle glow overlay)
  • Waterfall (23 Sprites) (Aesthetic waterfall tile sprite)
  • Wings (39 Sprites) (Wing Accessory appearing behind player sprite)
  • Wires (4 Sprites) (Colored wire tile sprites)
  • WiresNew (1 Sprite) (Extra wire variations)
  • Wraith_Eyes (1 Sprite) (Wraith eye glow overlay)
  • Xmas (5 Sprites) (Christmas tree decoration overlays)
  • XmasLight (1 Sprite) (Christmas tree light overlays)

This took hours to create for the purpose of cutting the hours wasted browsing the folder, and overall, making it easier to make texture packs.

Good Luck on the Road!

Making texture packs can be a fun and rewarding experience. There is so much potential here that I feel is wasted because of the lack of information from tutorials such as this one. It's my personal mission to ensure that this community is growing and thriving! So, good luck on the road, aspiring texture pack author!
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