How To Get The Original Tutorial World From Mobile/Console

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As many might not know, within the very early years of Terraria, there existed an official "Tutorial World" created by the developers. This world was accessed via a tutorial button and could not be saved to a file. Over the years, terraria has switched to ingame tooltips. After many years of people wishing there was a way to save this world and or have a public download, I now bring to you a way how!

My Process (Step 1):
The first step Is to download Bluestacks. This is an android mobile emulator for the PC. You will also need to access Root. To do this with Bluestacks, I suggest a tool called bluestack tweaker. You will want to download version 5.16.1. This version has file explorer.

(Step 2 - Downgrading Terraria):
The next step after everything is installed and you have rooted your device, is to download a version of terraria that still has the tutorial option. For this, any version below mobile will work. Make sure to do this legally.

(Step 3 - Extracting
Using bluestack tweaker, navigate over to the FM tab and navigate to android directory /data/app/ and copy com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid-1 to your desktop. Using a zip archiving tool called 7-Zip go ahead and open the .apk file. Navigate to base.apk/assets/ and extract

(Step 4 - Updating
In order to have terraria convert .world into .wld (1.3+ / PC Format) we need to first run the world inside this version of mobile. To do this we need to put this .world file into the games world folder. Using bluestacks tweaker, navigate to 1.3 < worlds folder (/data/data/com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid/files) and copy here. Simply run the world file from within the game and re-extract this updated world file back to your desktop.

(Step 5 - Converting
Using legal means, update your game to 1.3+. Using bluestack tweaker, navigate to Android/data/com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid/OldSaves/Worlds
and drop your updated file inside this folder. Then run your game and play on the selected world. This will drop a copy into Android/data/com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid/Worlds under the new file extension of .wld. Using bluestacks tweaker copy this to your desktop.

(Step 6 - Playing Tutorial.wld):

The final step is to take this Tutorial.wld file and drop it into your PC worlds folder. This is located at \Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds.

In final this concludes this tutorial on how to extract the file and make it playable on PC (Or other mobile/console versions).
Below is a list of items that the original tutorial world / gamemode gives your when starting.

• Copper Shortsword (x1)
• Copper Pickaxe (x1)
• Copper Axe (x1)
• Shine Potion (x5)
• Spelunker Potion (x3)
• Wooden Fishing Pole (x1)
• Worm (x5)
• But Net (x1)
• Rope (x100)


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