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Console How to kill all pre-hm bosses ez pz

pro gamer

  • First, eye of cuthulu I would say you need armor with 15 defense or more so I would pick the platinum/ gold set and the weapons u will need are the enchanted sword, boom stick, and a weapon that sets the boss on fire. The potions u will need are lesser healing potions and an iron skin potion. The accessories u will need are the shackle (all strong) Hermes boots and anklet of the wind. Now the eater of worlds. The eater of worlds has to have blocks to move through to go anywhere if u have a platform about 20-25 blocks high and use a ranged weapon it will die quickly and it won’t be able to hurt u. Now the queen bee the queen be is a very ez boss all it takes is silver/tungsten armor and a sword like the blade of grass or a katana and that’s it but u probably should stand in the hunny for the health boost. Next, the king slime the king slime should be the exact same height (25) of the eater of worlds so it’s not that hard. Brain of cuthulu the Brian of cuthulu is a lot harder then the other bosses except skeletron and wof (wall of flesh) this boss has minions it takes a weapon that does a lot of damage like the enchanted sword, water bolt, and the boom stick. The armor u might need is full gold/platinum set. And the accessories u MIGHT need is the shackle, mana flower, and Hermes Boots. And u will need some healing potions and mana potions. Skeletron skeletron is a hard boss u will need molten armor a space gun mini shark and a weapon that can set him on fire. And u will mead healing potions and thorns potions and regeneration potions. NOW WALL OF FLESH u will need a water bolt molten armor space gun mini shark with meteorite bullits and a type of Yoyo. U will need the obsidian shield and lava walking boots and specter boots. And many healing potions and regeneration potions. And now u have it how to kill every pre hard mode boss ez pz.
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