Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality

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    Hello Terrarians!


    Like having access to the entire internet? We are at real risk of losing it. The FCC and ISPs could potentially change the way we access the internet by enacting paid prioritization (choosing apps and sites for you), blocking sites, and throttling sites they don't benefit from you accessing. You can help save the open internet by completing and submitting this form to the FCC *Use Proceeding 17-108 "Restoring Internet Freedom". If you would like more information on Net Nuetrality, visit The form does require a quick comment, and if you'd like help on what to say, check out this article.
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    first xdd!!!11!
  3. ArmyFrog

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    Well. This could be quite an issue.
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  4. ppowersteef

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    ...This sounds bad...
    What's worse: I don't know my proceedings, and my country doesn't have a state either.

    While I would love to help, I don't understand how I can fill in the required files if they don't apply to me..
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  5. The Omega

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    A BIG issue.:(
  6. Tunnel King

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    I'm pretty sure that the filing part only applies to US citizens. Actually, anyone can file.

    The issue applies world-wide, though, to varying degrees. Even in so-called 'free' countries, business and political concerns have sought to leverage the power of the internet for their purposes and impose some level of control to what people can access.
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  7. ppowersteef

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    I sucks that there's a worldwide issue and half of the world can't even participate their opinion to it. :sigh:
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  8. Necrius

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    That's an interesting activity, I hope I won't get to watch it on 64 kbit/s just because corporations decided so.
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  9. puffepuf

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    it's not a world wide issue, an american government organization can't change laws of other countries or make them pay a fee for anything when the law that they change in their country doesn't apply to other countries, if this is wrong then it'll still probably just blow over like everything else of this sort does, this has been attemted before.
  10. Arkhayla

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    They may not be able to change the laws of your country. The impact however, is worldwide. If a website can't afford to pay a premium to be seen by consumers, they will shut down or go out of business. Then NO one will receive the benefits of that page or web address, whatever it may be.

    Imagine it this way. MMORPG games hosted in the US could be blocked from consumers unless they subscribe to the "gaming" internet package. Fewer people would play their games, they would make less money, then the servers shut down world-wide as the game company goes out of business.

    This is only a single example, the overall impact is far greater
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  11. puffepuf

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    that i could see as a problem for a lot of people, but i still won't worry till it's actually in effect, as of right now we have no idea if it'll actually even happen and it usually ends up not happening when things like this come up
  12. Arkhayla

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    That's exactly what this post is about. Informing those who CAN make a difference of HOW to do so. That is all.

    It "blew over" last time because we all helped stop it. I have done my part to stop it this time as well :)
  13. Tunnel King

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    The point is to voice opposition now so that it doesn't go into effect and become law.

    There are also immense privacy issues involved with this, allowing American companies to gather and sell information about you without your consent, regardless of where in the world you are.
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  14. puffepuf

    puffepuf Terrarian

    yes i do like when a community comes together to achieve something and i greatly appreciate anyone who helps, sadly i can not help the cause myself even though i want to.
  15. ArmyFrog

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  16. Mintbut

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    And what to do if I'm not from US? Or it doesn't concern me?
  17. Arkhayla

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    Unfortunately, the only thing I know of you can do if you live outside the US is to help spread the word

    Here are some ideas to help if you are interested:
  18. Kazzymodus

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    Oh, the hegemon is at it again? What a surprise.

    Good luck in the fight against this. I'll be in the Netherlands, watching the West screwing itself up and being powerless to stop it.

    As usual.
  19. Terrathomas

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    Having looked at the replies I suspect this doesn't concern me.
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    Hey how's it going fellow dutchie
  20. Tunnel King

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    That's how your rights disappear, by waiting until they are gone before becoming involved.

    Right or wrong, the world follows the lead of America in many things. If the US heads down this path, then these corporations who want to control the Internet will soon be coming for the rest of the world.

    eta: to clarify - whether or not there is a specific action you can take today as a non-US resident, you should still be very concerned about this.