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Huh... I wonder if anybody still wants these old mods...
Ahem, anyway.
I'd like to tell you what's been happening with Jordan's mods (More specifically jExo), in a spoiler.
Well, it's quite simple really. We were working on jExo in short bursts, but slowly interest, and motivation began to peter out due to the incredibly repetitive nature of jExo would have been coded. (Which I've discovered recently is an incredibly inefficient way of doing things...) jExo was burning us out, we wanted to do something new and exciting but it was just slowly and monotonous making upgrades for exo armor. Eventually all interest petered out and the project was essentially abandoned. Jordan went to uni, and I've lost touch, he barely gets on Skype, let alone TCF anymore. HOWEVER, this is where the twist comes in. I recently accrued interest in jExo again, and thought of a way to make coding it HUGELY less tedious. I went to work, and as of now I have a working prototype of jExo (With only the armor in a working state) Jordan happened to login to Skype so I was able to show him my progress. Another twist came in, when I was looking at the source of another tAPI mod, I realized... (Not to get technical here) WE WERE DOING JEXO IN A COMPLETELY INEFFICIENT AND BASICALLY WRONG MANNER. I haven't been able to contact Jordan with this news just yet, but if he puts the time in, we'll have a playable beta for jExo, and all will go smooth sailing in the addition of the exo tools.


Updated second post on the thread! Check that for some information on a new mini mod I have released known as Liquids +. Download (can also be found in second post).

Once again guys, sorry for my absence/inactivity. Neal has worked hard on jExo the past week and has it ready for testing. I will be uploading it in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!

Edit: Made a slime recolour mod with download for an art thread http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?posts/452213/
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New liquids? How is that possible? I thought the game engine could only handle 4??
Not new liquids as TerrorPenguin said, they are alternates to lava based on biome (as you would normally see with water in vanilla Terraria). They have functions but also serve to create a nice atmosphere for the different biomes. Why does water get to be the only fancy one, right? ;P

I am planning on making some interesting uses for the different biome lava; crafting recipes for ichor and cursed flames and some new tools/weapons based around them. Also bottles of each liquid for some new potions. Still tossing around ideas, but I think I may do two separate downloads, so people can choose whether they want extra content or just liquid changes.


Updated thread:
- Added jThrowables; has been released over at the social forums!
- jExo has been released!!
- Added icons!
- Fixed some information

jThrowables is a mod that was pretty much created entirely by @nealpd. There is quite a bit of content added to the ranged consumable 'class' that helps to flesh it out a bit more, making it feel almost like an actual class. Armour will be added alongside some additions to current armours in Terraria, filling that void.

You can find the mods over at the social forums in my signature or in the OP!
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