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PC Journey's End Suggestions


Yo that Master Mode idea for The Eater of worlds its WAY to Op don't you think?, Like how are you even going to defeat him if he can regrow, That would make the fight impossible, And this would be Ok for any other Boss, But the Eater Of world its one of the earliest bosses in game, And I don't think that he should be that op, Just my opinion.
And I agree with the Pyramid thing xd


Blazing wheels and spiky balls would spawn more often in the dungeon, right now they're really rare.
This would be more fun (in a painful way). In that case, they should also have their damage increased for hardmode. Spikes too.

All DOT debuffs would be buffed, and less enemies would be immune to them.
I agree. The amount of enemies that are immune varies wildly between debuffs. The ichor debuff? Hardly anything is immune. The confused debuff? Why bother. Yet nanite bullets come later than ichor bullets.

You would be able to break walls even if they're surrounded by other walls, so you wouldn't have to make a huge gash in the walls to change one block in the middle.
1. I'm guessing this is a pre-1.4 problem since block swap works for walls.
2. If you're referring to naturally placed walls, yes that is ridiculous. Especially if you're building something underground and don't yet know you can't remove natural walls except from the edges.

For master mode, i would first suggest not increasing enemy damage from expert mode. Instead, all enemies and bosses would have the same damage they have in expert mode, but more health. Alternatively, making enemies have 2.5 times the damage of normal mode, but making defense twice as effective(2 defense blocking 2 damage as opposed to 1 in normal mode and 1.5 in expert) so effectively enemies' damage level would be the same as expert, but it would be easier to see how much your defense is protecting you. I'm pretty sure i fudged the math there, but hopefully you get my point.
I'm up to Lunatic Cultist and I've been enjoying the challenge so far.

Zombies would break down doors instead of just opening them during blood moons.
Please nooo that's so annoying, it would mean having to use an alternative to doors, which isn't fun if you like doors visually.

[various boss abilities for master mode]
Many fun ideas, and I would like to see that kind of stuff in Master Mode especially for people who are replaying the game. Perhaps some of the increased abilities might mean decreased damage for the boss, depending on how hard it already is.
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