Game Mechanics Let's hear your best suggestions for seed combinations!

zenith + drunk = upside down world
just flip the layers upside down no players no liquids and for extra cursedness dont flip background over either
A seed or a combination that disables NPC Happiness mechanic, they should still be able to sell pylons though

That'd be cool for people who don't want to care about it (and i personally just want to build a giant house with random shapes and materials, like i did in one of my first playthroughs), without the need to get 75% more money for everything you buy
A seed or a combination that disables NPC Happiness mechanic, they should still be able to sell pylons though

That'd be cool for people who don't want to care about it (and i personally just want to build a giant house with random shapes and materials, like i did in one of my first playthroughs), without the need to get 75% more money for everything you buy
dont dig up already does that
dont dig up already does that
Didn't know that, but still, it won't let me build a big enough tower, and having the entire world and some other stuff basically upside-down just so that you can have items neither 25% cheaper or 50% more expensive doesn't sound that great
hmm, I think that it would be really nice to be able to play Legendary Mode without starting at the bottom of the world, as if you selected it as a difficulty on the main menu. I love the difficulty of having to work your way up but it might be interesting 🤷‍♂️
As you all might know by now, we are adding a new special seed selection menu that will allow you to combine the special seeds of your choosing.

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Along with this change, we will be introducing special effects when you make specific combinations. We already have quite a few in-game, but now I want to hear from you! What are your best ideas for what these combined effects could be? A small example of what we have done so far is combining "The Constant" with "Celebrationmk10," which will start the player out in the center of the world again, while retaining most of the effects from "Celebrationmk10."

I'm looking specifically for changes to world generation and in-game mechanical changes, not extravagant additions like new bosses or overly complicated new items.

You can find a list of special seeds and what they do on the Official Terraria Wiki.

Let's hear your thoughts!
No traps + not the bees could add
1: beehive boulder traps
2: bee geysers (geysers that spawn bees)
3: pressure plates that toggle actuators under queen bee larvae
I have an idea for drunk seed and for the worthy combination

NPCs will become opposites of themselves:
-they can now live in evil biomes (new pylon?)

-they're now hate those, who loving usually (painter hates dryad)

-they're hate biomes, what loveing usually (armsdealer, for example, hates desert)

-everyone's behaviour like while blood moon. And while blood moon, their behaviour is normal

-guide will not help the player

-dryad wants evil biomes and hallow rule the world

-their price is always at 2x (unnessesary)

-they're arriving to the city shimmered

-they have lesser spawnrate decrease (33%—>16%)

I like this seed combination on my breakfast
Made in abyss inspired seed

Seed mechanics:

World gets more difficult the deeper u go

World also is layered like a sandwich (for example, Overworld, classic usual starting biome, under that would be desert, under that is the ice biome, and under that the crimson, then corruption, and so on)

Take 1 damage per block traveled upwards (after reaching the evil biome(s) layer)

Hell is only Hellstone buildings and not Obsidian Hellstone, and is covered in countless traps.

Pitfall traps and more (think like the dungeon bricks that break for pitfall traps)

It is possible for some hardmode enemies to spawn outside of hardmode (they cannot drop their loot pool if not unlocked)

Gitfixedboi mixed with some others like Dont Dig Up/Drunk.
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The Constant + For the Worthy/Drunk World: Adds the sanity mechanic from Don't Starve. Things like being on the surface during the day, eating food, sleeping, wearing Garland, etc. increases sanity. Things like being underground, being near tombstones, being near a boss, being attacked by Charlie, etc. decreases sanity. As your sanity depletes the screen warps, eyes appear in the dark, and nightmare monsters begin to spawn.

Don't Dig Up + Drunk World: Flips the entire world upside down so the underworld is where space normally is and vice versa. You could make the player start at the top of the world in the underworld or at the bottom of the world on a sky island.

The Constant + Not the Bees: Not the Spiders. Turns the entire world into a spider nest. I remember someone else sharing this idea but I couldn't find it. If I do find it I'll link it here.

Celebrationmk10 + No traps: A world with actually no traps.

All the seeds together: Empty world. Combining all the seeds "breaks the game" and you end up with a completely empty world with no special traits. However, doing some sort of secret thing (for example, naming the world something specific) causes the world to inherit the traits from all the other secret seeds creating the ultimate sky-block challenge. We’re getting a sky block seed so this isn’t necessary.
Fishing for angler quests should lower sanity
I want to see a seed that randomizes the "spawn point" everytime you die. And if you use a Mirror or recall potion with an unbound spawn, you get teleported to the last place you respawned. And once you have a bed, I wanna see the spawn point have to be rebound eveytime you die, or teleport back to it, otherwise, you get teleported to the "current spawn point".
Not the bees + no traps: world turns into a giant beehive full of beehive traps and larvae in the most inconvenient places possible
a new seed siltland (all stone is replaced with silt and all ise is replaced with slush) the seed: sitland also all modifiers you find are defintivley the worst (like ignorant for mage broken for melee and and many others) you start at the dungoen entrance with the painter as your starting npc
A for the worthy+ drunk seed + Celebration mk10,called "it's the opposite day! in which the npcs appear in the opposite order, with the princess appearing first, and the guide last, there will be a princess doll to summon the wall of flesh instead of the guide, At the beginning of the game, the enemies will be very strong and have as much health and damage as if it were the end of the game, and then at the end of the seed progresion, the enemies would do the same damage as at the beginning of the game.Instead of being buffed with each game change, enemies will be nerfed to do less damage, making for a very difficult start, but a super easy end.The objects to obtain do not vary, it would be like this (the princess appears at the beginning, with 50 silver coins the cyborg appears...)
Drunk World + For The Worthy = A Terraria: Otherworld inspired seed. The beginning NPC would be the Dryad and the world evils would be able to spread to non-grass blocks immediately (though at a slower pace than in Hardmode). The Steampunker and Mechanic would swap places, allowing you to get the Clentaminator before Hardmode (or just have the Mechanic sell it instead). The dungeon entrance would always spawn in a Corruption pit or a Crimson cave, depending on which world evil is selected before generation. The Terraformer would be obtainable post Plantera or Golem rather than post Moonlord, and the biome spread wouldn't slow down when you defeat them. The Cultists wouldn't be able spawn until the world is 100% pure, meaning that you're required to cleanse the world in order to beat the game.

The Dryad could also give you daily quests like the Angler, but to kill a certain number of evil biome enemies or collect a certain amount of evil biome items like Rotten Chunks and Vertebrae, after which she would give you Purification Powder in return. This would be the only way to get it before Skeletron, after which she'll also sell it for a moderate price. Then, once the WoF is defeated, she'll give you Green Solution instead.
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