tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more


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I can't find the auto builders in the Recipe Browser. Is that normal? I'm using tModLoader v. with Terraria v. with a couple of other mods
Edit 1: Also in singleplayer
Edit 2: And I can't craft it I just checked
Edit 3: I just found out it was one of the mods I created a new player with just lui afk recipe browser and hero's mod So I'll just get them switch back on my modpack and put them in my main world
Edit 4: Turns out SGA Mod breaks many Luiafk items like the hellevator or the arena builder for me.. Rip
Any Idea how to fix it?
Use pbone's Utilities + Fargo's Mutant Mod. (You also need pbone Lib for pbone's Utilities)
Fargo's Mutant Mod has some builder items like the Mini Instabridge.


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There's a hotkey that will put a nice little horizontal bar somewhere on the screen with the toggles. You can define that hotkey in the Custom Key Controls area of Terraria as normal.


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Nope. The original developer has long since fallen off the face of the earth, sadly. It's a shame. Consider whatever this mod deals with to be in its final, final state.
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