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PC Master Mode Boss Ideas

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by Lord Ecramox the Almighty, Jul 8, 2019.


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  1. Everyone who pays attention to 1.4 progression will know what Master Mode is. I have decided to make a thread for it. I’m leaving the stats for the devs to figure out, this is mostly thing for boss AI.


    Now can teleport to you midair. Slowly changes from blue to purple back to Blue again. When blue, summons blue spiked slimes. When purple, summons purple spiked slimes.

    Servants of Cthulhu do 2/3 dashes when they die (after losing all their hp they make the dashes and then disappear).

    When Creepers die, they dead body floats for 3 seconds. It then explodes

    Vile spit bounces, head segments shoot worm tooths which are much slower but deal more damage and inflict bleeding.

    Now charges 1.5 times faster, has a new attack which summons 2 Giant Bees. these are the twice the size of Big Spikey Hornets (There are many variations of hornets, I believe this is the biggest one), are slow, inflict poison, attack at medium speed, deal low damage, and have high health.

    He throws bones at you. He can only do it when he has hands. Increased Head Spin movement speed.

    Hungries have increased range, the mouth now has its own health bar.


    Now can fly through air whether on screen or not. This means that even if your using Dedalus Stormbow you gotta deal with this :red:.

    Fires lasers out of his eyes. Here is the timing for them:
    When all four arms are alive, he fires no lasers.
    When 3 arms are alive, he fires low-damage-lasers every 15-30 seconds
    When 2 arms are left, he fires medium damage lasers every 15-20 seconds
    When 1 arm is left, he fires high damage lasers every 10-15 seconds
    When no arms are left, he fires high damage lasers every 5-10 seconds
    Aims a little ahead in the direction the player is moving.

    Spazmitism does super charges like EoC, Retinazer has a 20% chance to fire 3 lazers instead of one. Retinazer goes the direction and speed of the player, shooting a little ahead in the direction the player is moving.

    Tentacles can now shoot green poison seeds.

    Can go through player placed blocks, Lasers have bounce chances.
    50% for 1 bounce
    30% for 2 bounces
    10% for 3 bounces
    5% for 4 bounces.
    The amount of bounces is calculated when laser is fired.

    Always uses Cthulhunados instead of Sharknados.

    When below 50% HP, can summon a portal. The portal 3-5 Cthulhu-like tentacles come out of the portal that grab the player and pull them into the portal, dealing massive damage. The player is shot right back out of the portal.

    Gains a new attack, it makes stars fall from the sky! These stars go through blocks, are fast, and are a true danger. They are 3x3 blocks in size, move 40 mph, go down at a slanted angle, and deal massive damage.

    Of course, constructive criticism is encouraged and I hope you guys like this idea! (Tbh I’m hoping to learn to code soon and if I make a game, I want the final boss to do what I suggested for ML if the devs don’t add it.)

    Credit to: My friend for lunatic cultist idea
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  2. Added EoW idea
  3. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    These are all pretty well-thought out ideas, and I'm normally pretty skeptical about people suggesting these kinds of things. So high support.

    That said, a few things that stuck out to me:

    EOC - Before anything else, Servants of Cthulhu would need to be buffed. They have such low hp they'd never get to flex that second stage.
    EoW: Once per minute is so slow that it wouldn't make much of a difference in the fight, unless the master mode stats are buffed to the point of the player scarcely being able to damage the thing. Worm-type bosses are unfortunately just really squishy and the way the EOW is set up can't mitigate that. I would almost verge on giving the worm more hazards, like dropping tooth-mines or other things to complement the vile spit.
    Queen Bee: I'm not sure what this would actually do other than just create a mess. It also might be asking a lot of the liquid engine, considering how quickly she dashes towards the end.

    Destroyer, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron Prime, Golem, Moon Lord, and Lunatic Cultist are all superb ideas for making those boss fights more challenging.
  4. JanyG

    JanyG Steampunker

    I like all of these ideas but I’d make a few changes:

    EoC: i feel like making the little eyes more powerful wouldnt change much (if you made their hp much higher the fight would be harder than skeletron) as EoC doesnt spawn them in its second phase. For that I’d make the little eyes do 2/3 dashes when they die (after losing all their hp they make the dashes and then disappear) and make the EoC do a little “shake” during its second phase and spawn 3/4 of them. Kinda like the way it spawns the eyes when going from phase 1 to phase 2

    EoW: 1 segment a min is basically nothing so I’d just make him a “bullet hell” boss, adding a few different projectiles (some would bounce, home, etc) and make him shoot them faster (It’d become a bullet hell and be very fun to dodge)

    Skeletron: also increased head spin phase movement speed (the phase where his head spins)

    The twins: retinazer would use the speed of the player and the direction in which the player is moving to know where to shoot (his attacks are easy to dodge even if he shoots a billion times faster)

    Skeletron time: faster lasers (retinazer aim thing on them aswell)
    4 arms = 0 lasers
    3 arms = 15-30 sec lasers
    2 arms 15-20 sec lasers
    1 arm = 10-20 sec lasers
    0 arms= 5-10 sec lasers

    Golem: lasers have bounce chance percentages (4 bounces 10%, 3 bounces 25%, 2 bounces 40%, 1 bounce 25%)

    Everything else is great

    I especially love the idea of the cultist spawning cuthulu tentacles
  5. KaPa6aC_PaCKOJI6aC

    KaPa6aC_PaCKOJI6aC Terrarian

    Slime King:

    Now the Slime King periodically shoots fireballs of red stone on its crown, which are destroyed by one blow; if he after three jumps did not cause damage to the player, then he is teleported directly to the player (regardless of the location of the player); now he can summon the flying blue slimes.


    Now the EoC has a new attack: sometimes it attacks with quick tears in all directions until second phase; during the second phase, his servants start shooting tears, which are (tears) slowly fly to the player and disappear after 6 seconds if they do not touch the player; to destroy servants, you now need 3 hits.


    EoW can now fire a cursed flame that chases the player, which are destroyed by one blow; vile spit now imposes a new debuff that does not allow receiving treatment from a nurse, during the average time.


    Now creepers do not return to the BoC after taking damage, but continue to fly to the player; the BoC is now immune to knockback.

    Queen Bee:

    Now makes charges 1.5 times faster; creates 4 royal bees that fully protect against damage until they are destroyed. (royal bees fly around her and shoot poisoned stings.)


    Uses the death ray from the mouth in a straight path, destroying the blocks, but at this moment it cannot move vertically; now the WoF has a new attack: WoF shoots three demon scythes from his eyes on the moment, one of which is directed 5 blocks from the player’s back, the second flies straight at the player, the third is directed 5 blocks from the player’s face.

    The Twins:

    Retinazer is now attacking with lasers that impose an ichor debuff and in second form he always rapid firing and instead of a death laser he now has death ray, during which he can only slowly turn; Spazmatism, while he makes charges, rapid firing with cursed flames.


    In the first phase makes charges, like The Twins; in the second phase makes super charges, like EoC in expert mode; tentacles can now shoot green poison seeds; now plantera is trying to “catch” the player with hooks.


    Now he has not two hands, but six; has two extra faces (like demon Asura), that also shoot lasers; if the battle takes place outside the dungeon, during the day the golem deals 3 times more damage, and at night attacks 3 times faster, as well as day and night, the chance of critical strike increases by 25-50% (only outside the dungeon); if it is day outside, then sometimes it releases a mini-sun from its chest, which, when in contact with the ground or a player, explodes and causes a tremendous damage in a radius of 10 blocks, if it is night outside, then sometimes it releases a mini-moon, which, in contact with the ground or the player, explodes and, in a radius of 10 blocks, inflicts average damage and imposes on the player blindness, confusion, blackout, weak and horrified.

    Instead of the standard music theme plays: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Awaken (not really)

    Lunatic Cultist:

    Now his pace has been increased by 25%; An ice ball shoots 3 times faster, but its projectiles fly more slowly; Now the electric ball no longer emits lightning, but it flies towards the player, reaching the goal, it stuns for 0.5 seconds, and you also need to strike the ball with 15 hits to destroy it.

    (google translation used)
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  6. These are my favorite ideas suggested so far. These will be added.
    NOTE: 1st one isn't quite a suggestion, but I'm changing the original post because of it.
    NOTE 2: they may be changed a bit
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  7. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    The BOC's new effect makes swords even worse. Maybe there could be a small period of time before they go?
  8. Now you have enough time to get away if you have good movement speed and you don't kill too many at once.
  9. TerrarianGamer0527

    TerrarianGamer0527 Skeletron

    What's a Cthulhunado?
  10. Laluzi

    Laluzi Skeletron

    Duke Fishron has two distinct Sharknado attacks - Cthulhunadoes are the harder one. Larger tornado, more Sharkrons.
  11. JanyG

    JanyG Steampunker

    OP, you made two typos in your post

    The EoC one is doubled and the skeletron one should be “Increased head spin movement speed”

    PS: I like the changes you made
  12. Typos fixed.

    My friend was mad at me because the Lunatic cultist Idea was worded in a way were it didn't sound good so I fixed that too.
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  13. Acamaeda

    Acamaeda Terrarian

    That King Slime one seems really unfair... If it didn't hit you it hits you unavoidably?
  14. KaPa6aC_PaCKOJI6aC

    KaPa6aC_PaCKOJI6aC Terrarian

    Before inflicting damage, he plays teleportation animation. During this animation, he cannot deal damage and this moment is enough to dodge.
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