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tModLoader Mecha Mayhem (Mod)


Official Terrarian
Welcome to the official forum of Mecha Mayhem!

This a mod that adds Mechanical Themed Content to the game!

Boss Sneakpeak.jpg

This mod adds a total of:
7 Items
1 Buff/Debuff
10 Enemies
1 Boss

The Wiki:
Mecha Mayhem

Hmm... The Mechanic seems worried about something...​


Official Terrarian
this mod is broken

i cant spawn the massive lava sline and everytime i summon him he enrages already even in the hell world
1: The massive lava slime might spawn in a nearby cave that is out of the underworld.
2: The chat says that enrages, but he actually didn't, this is due to AI not getting your player's biome checked the first tick he spawns. He still has normal stats even though the chat says he is enraged.


Official Terrarian
Next Update is coming soon! Below are some highlighted things.

A new boss is incoming! Here's a sneakpeak image:
Windows are transparent but forums does not allow transparency.

Better Sprites!
Metallic Plating (Formally called Metallic Shard):

Metallic Forge:


Massive Lava Slime:
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